High Tech Fitness Program in Mississauga



our high tech fitness programs are based on connections that are established between our machines & your app account.

PSB Fitness is a new gym offering a fresh new approach to fitness. Our gym implements our mobile application to help guide you through your fitness plans. We are providing members with the first ever high tech fitness program experience. Our gym will be offering affordable memberships for students as well as referrals. Also a free app will be included that synchronizes with each member personally. This way you will be able to track track your fitness data & progress. Initially we plan to have 2 locations available to our members at both campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. For further details please visit our info page.


About PSB Fitness


We are presenting a new way of carrying out your fitness activities. At the same time making it easier to track the current progress of your goals. At PSB we invite members to take advantage of technological aspects that we have chosen to implement into our facility. Our facility has also been equipped with the latest weight  &  cardio equipment. By making our app part of your workout you will be able to get live feedback as you exercise.  Apart from in gym features such as scheduling of machines, and cumulative fitness data reports, our app can also recommend you meal plans, and workout routines you can do at home if you wish to maintain your efforts outside of the gym as well. We are building a strong community comprised mostly of students & health conscious individuals who share a common goal.


Benefits of PSB fitness


  • The aspect of virtual reality gives a video-game element in the aspect of exercise, which will result in higher retention rates
  • Do-it-all app that automates gym procedures including the availability of machines.
  • PSB Fitness introduces an online network, where people with similar networking interests are put together. This will form similar groups under the concept of “health buddies”
  • Several subscription options (flat or recurring fee plans)
  • Tech based fitness program alleviates the need for costly personal trainers


Connectivity through app

Using our integrated fitness app, we can provide members of our gym with a unique experience, unlike other gyms before. Not only does our app boast features such as live tracking of fitness data, or simplified status updates of your fitness goals, but it can also be set up to accommodate third party apps such as Apple Music, & Spotify to play your music while you work out in a streamlined fashion. Our app will also recognize which members have similar preferences based on their playlists & exercise patterns to push further collaboration between gym enthusiasts.




Tips for an effective workout

The PSB app will also be able to provide advice on how to do certain workouts correctly. This is useful in ensuring you are getting the full benefit & range of motion from your exercises. This will also help members avoid any possible injury, or discomfort during or after their work outs.

This can help to provide information on the following:

  • Lifting weights
  • Proper stretching
  • Water break reminder
  • Correct time between sets
  • Making sure to maintain proper form







COVID-19 Screening


  •  Masks will be mandatory for members walking around the gym
  • Social distancing protocols will be in effect, & all members will submit mandatory pre-screening.
  • Members will use provided antiseptic wipes to clean off machines after use
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene in facility

For further information please visit this page for details on screening  https://www.cdc.gov/screening/index.html






Our pricing will be based on a subscription rate, and a pay-as-you go rate. We will offer customers the option to customize their membership plan to best suit their needs.



Brampton Davis Campus


Mississauga HMC




For all questions or concerns, please contact customer service at PSBfit@sheridancollege.ca  or visit our info page here 





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