Sheridan Brainwave Café ( Unique Menu Concept )

“Indulge your senses and awaken your palate with a  unique menu concept symphony of flavors at PSB Café,

Set sail on an intriguing journey where many cultures collide and the art of culinary magic is revealed. This is a place where flavours, fragrances, and the very essence of food come to life to tell enthralling stories. Immersed in this unique world, every sip, bite, and scent has a narrative waiting to be discovered, urging you to embark on an exciting voyage of taste and adventure.

Oscar Wilde, the famed writer and humorist, once said,

“After a delightful feast, one can pardon anyone, even their own kin.”

This gourmet universe has such power that it can form friendships and forgive crimes, leaving a lasting impact on your spirit.

Welcome to a world where cultures merge, culinary magic happens, and every visit promises an unforgettable adventure of taste and discovery.

Happy young people having coffee and tea.
At PSB Café, we strongly believe in the extraordinary power of exceptional food and beverages. Our mission goes beyond merely serving delicious meals and drinks –
we strive to create experiences that bring people together, bridge gaps, and generate moments of pure joy.
So, come and immerse yourself in our delightful haven of flavors.
Discover the artistry of our coffee, the expertise behind our pastries, and the wonderful fusion of global cuisines that await you.
As you step into PSB Café, prepare to be welcomed into a world where diverse tastes from around the world harmonize, resulting in a symphony of culinary delight.

At the heart of PSB Café

PSB Cafe

We understand that a great cup of coffee is more than a mere beverage; it is a masterpiece. That’s why our skilled Creamy Latte, Chilled Latte takes pride in meticulously crafting each coffee with precision and passion.

the perfect balance of chill and thrill
Chill and Thrill: Dive into Frosty Coffee Bliss with our Captivating Coffee Bowl!

Every sip is an invitation to savor the intricate layers of flavor, as the beans from diverse regions unite to create a harmonious symphony in your cup.


Our offerings extend beyond coffee

Jessie brings her family’s baking legacy to life in our mouthwatering selection of snacks and cookies. Whether you prefer timeless favorites or crave the unique flavors of Indian-inspired treats, each bite is made with love and pairs perfectly with your favorite beverage.

Speaking of drinks, get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we proudly present a diverse range of tea flavors, influenced by different cultures.

Our aim is to offer a refreshing twist to traditional tea by embracing the rich tapestry of cultures within the Sheridan Campus community.

A Menu Crafted to Challenge and Delight Your Palate

What truly sets PSB Café apart is our extraordinary unique  menu concept

A harmonious blend of exotic cuisines that will ignite your senses and expand your culinary horizons.

Discover the alluring aromas of Mexico, savor the delicate nuances of Japanese tea, and relish the robust flavors of India.

With each visit, PSB Café becomes a gateway to a world of culinary exploration, where every bite and sip takes you on a joyous adventure of taste and culture.


Sip into Bliss: Coffee’s Irresistible Journey of Pure Delight

Experience pure coffee bliss with every sip

As the rich and aromatic flavors of your favorite brew transport you to a state of pure delight.

Unique menu Concept Indulge in the warmth and smoothness that caresses your palate.

Awakening your senses and bringing a moment of pure bliss to your day.

With each cup, you embark on a journey of taste

where the magic of coffee unfolds and uplifts your spirit, making every moment a cherished coffee-infused escape.

So, take a pause, savor the pleasure, and let coffee become your daily source of pure bliss in every single sip.


A Feast for the Senses

Savor the Flavors

A  unique Menu concept of Epicurean Delights

Indulge in the extraordinary at PSB Café. Our unique menu concept blends innovation with tradition, creating a tantalizing dining experience. From Wrap to fusion-inspired delights, our diverse offerings cater to all tastes. Fuel your day with our breakfast classics or savor our expertly crafted sandwiches and special Bowls for lunch. Immerse yourself in the magic of our fusion blends and signature pastries and cakes



Vibrant and savory wraps - a burst of flavors in every bite
 Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options ensure everyone finds their perfect dish. At PSB Café, we celebrate unique menu concept, creating an unforgettable culinary journey where tradition and innovation intertwine.
Artfully crafted sandwiches - a feast for the senses
fresh, flavorful, and tempting






Choose from our selection of freshly

Baked Cup cakes, satisfying Crispy Bacon Wrap, Tortilla Wrap,  or the delectable Melted Cheddar cheese

And don’t forget to treat yourself to our mouth-watering Pastries that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

photo by alexey androsov

Explore our full menu and satisfy your cravings

PSB Café ( Unique menu concept )

Embark on a captivating journey at PSB Café, an alumni-owned gem brought to life by the visionary duo of Jessie and Matt.

Nestled on the vibrant campuses of Davis and HMC.

Our café exudes a modern charm that is as enticing as it is welcoming.

a hug in a mug

Immerse yourself in a world where quality reigns supreme. With an unwavering commitment to using the finest, all-natural ingredients.

we curate a  unique menu  concept that caters to your discerning taste buds. From the moment you step in, prepare to be captivated by the irresistible aromas and flavors that await.

Indulge in the epitome of wellness-conscious indulgence. Our customizable  unique menu concept  empowers you to tailor your experience to your exact preferences.

Ensuring that every sip of our latte is not only a moment of pure pleasure

But also a conscious choice for your well-being.

unique menu


At PSB Café,  we invite you to savor the healthiest latte in Sheridan College, where passion meets quality.

Every visit is an opportunity to delight in the perfect fusion of taste and nourishment.



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sheridan coffee House
Step into a Coffee Lover’s Paradise at Sheridan Coffee House





Mental Health

Mental health

..and my mental health

5 mental health tips to help you tackle 2022 - Los Angeles TimesMental Health

Overwhelmed.  That’s how I’m feeling.  And I know many other students who are feeling the same way.

With the start of a new semester and new schoolwork load on my shoulders as well as my job I’m feeling it.  I didn’t feel it as much last semester, but I am definitely feeling it this semester.

Trying to fix that feeling fast enough or if I just need to work through those feeling right now. I know that I have too to persevere through this semester and the last few courses through my program.  A lot of college and university student feel that way and know exactly what I am talking about.

Mental health concerns and issues are on the rise, and I am feeling that these days.  I think we must remember that we all go through this and that we all share some of these feeling and we need to remember to be kind to not only ourselves but to those around us.  You never know what someone is going through and/or what thoughts might be swimming around in their heads.

After covid especially, these past few years and now going back to school and the new work load it is definitely getting to me.  It is hitting me and has been hitting me hard these last few weeks and months.  Knowing that mental health issues are on the rise and that and that I’ve dealt with mental health in the past, I know the key resources and things to help me in these break downs.

What Help Me

Breathing and meditation helps a lot. With the nice weather finally here going out doors and enjoying the sun and fresh air has also helped me.  Playing with my dogs is also the key in helping.

If you do not have a pet ask a friend to go for a walk or listen to some positive music.  I know the best thing for me is to get outside and plan out some thing that will help me get over this bump in the road.

There is some positive to this however, that there are places for us to go and/or people that we can talk to, to help us through these feeling.  Whether it is through our school or our personal teams at home.

Is the Instagram media world even real?

In a world where people only post about the happy things in their lives, others create a life for themselves thinking that others’ lives are better or more happening than theirs. But the question is, ‘Is the Instagram World even real?’

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay


The world of social media or as we call it the ‘influential world’ has a major impact on people’s lives these days. Influencers are well aware of their target audiences and they bring out the versions of themselves that people want to see. But what we actually see is the polished lives of celebrities or influencers on instagram. 

They have created a fairytale world which is perfect and has an effect on young minds leading to mental health issues. The allured minds try and imitate these unattainable bodies and lifestyles which have been created by means of filters or fake editing. 

How travel influencers edit their images to make it look unrealistic. A comparison between the real skin and what it looks like with instagram filters.

But is the modification with the photos really that important? Nobody in this world is flawless or Nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody has bad days or bad photos which very few people are willing to share with the world. 


The point is comprehensible that people are on Instagram to show the best versions of themselves. Their lives while having a good time on a vacation with their friends. The world of travel influencers which they show on the platforms is unreal. They have struggles they deal with, while travelling, which are not portrayed to the real world. You might pick up on a restaurant by watching an influencer’s instagram story. But, after going there you realise it actually tastes like disappointment. 

Reality of restaurant food and the real post
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

After the rise of the pandemic, there is a relatively high explosion of people wanting to choose to be an ‘instagram influencer’ as their career path. But what they don’t realise is the harsh truths of invasion of their privacy in the world of fame. 

The need to use social media to keep updated about what’s happening around the world is quite arguable. But the best way to use it positively would be not to obsess too much over these things and miss out on all the amazing things in life that are right in front of you!

– By Amisha Bhatia

Custom fitness program near Sheridan College Mississauga

Company Logo

Health is Wealth. Get Back On Track with Our New Custom Fitness Program That Is Perfect for the Busy College Life

The New Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga

PSB Fitness has implemented a custom fitness program for college students that is available in Sheridan College Mississauga to make sure all our clients reach all of their fitness goals without having to sacrifice too much time or money. Moreover, PSB Fitness understands that many of you have a busy schedule with juggling school and work. With this in mind, we deliver a custom fitness program that is accommodating to your budget and schedule.

Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga offers flexible operational hours and online services so that you can get a quick workout session in between classes or meetings. Our custom programs are carefully and perfectly designed to ensure it has everything a gymgoer needs so that you don’t have to stress about searching for a piece of certain gym equipment, a specific fitness program or a service. Whether you are a total newbie or a gym fanatic, this custom fitness program accepts all clients of any form of talent and is willing to help you at any stage of your fitness journey, making PSB Fitness the perfect place to be!

Meet Our Team

Jessie and Matt, are the two co-founders of PSB fitness. Both have graduated from the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College and have accumulated extensive knowledge in all things fitness-related. In fact, Jessie has 7 years of valuable experience to bring to PSB Fitness from being a physical fitness instructor at one of our main competitors, GoodLife. Moreover, Matt specializes in one-to-one personal training with over 5 years of experience and has a loyal clientele list of 15 clients where he provides personal recommendations and tips on nutrition, wellness, exercise, customized workout diets and plans, and many more!


Custom Fitness Programs for College Students in Mississauga
Custom fitness trainer working with a client
Custom Fitness Programs for College Students in Mississauga
Custom Fitness Training Program

Custom Fitness Training Programs for College Students

What sets PSB Fitness apart from regular gyms is our personalized fitness and wellness training programs that are well-organized and satisfaction-guaranteed. For instance, Matt is one of our reputable personal trainers’ who cater to many different fitness needs and goals. Due to his patience and expertise, many past clients had a positive experience with his personal training session. Depending on your online questionnaire results, PSB will recommend a service package that will help you reach your desired goal including muscle gain, weight loss, cardio endurance and many more, while also taking into consideration of your budget.

Services and activities in our Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga range from low-intensity to high-intensity workout routines so that you can feel confident that your personal time is spent wisely and productively. Throughout this program, you can track your progress and results online and there are in-depth tutorials, feedback and instructions available digitally and you can access all of them through our mobile app. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen today!

Why College Students Join the Custom Fitness Program?

We completely understand and empathize with how draining and hectic college life can start to get. Some are attending full-time classes, some are working and while some are managing both. Moreover, we know many of you want to incorporate fitness into your routine but don’t have the time or patience to find a specific gym activity or service that is unique to your situation.

Don’t worry, we see you and we are here for you. For that reason, let PSB Fitness do all the heavy lifting for you. Our online questionnaire is one of our most innovative online services that are easy to navigate and user-friendly which will custom match you with a certain fitness program/service that is related to your fitness needs, budget, skill set and preferences. All you have to do is answer a series of fitness, situational and wellness-related questions and we do the rest for you!

Services and Amenities

PSB Fitness offers an array of services and amenities for our Custom Fitness Program for College Students 

  • Personal or Private Training and Nutrition and Wellness Consultation 
  • Online Questionnaire 
  • Customized Training Packages 
  • Knowledgeable Fitness Experts and Trainers
  • On-site Nutritional Supplements, Protein Drinks and Snacks, Smoothies, Fruits and Vegetable, Vending Machines
  • Fitness Activities and Programs for Building Cardio, Muscles, Weight Loss and Strengthening Core- Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Rock-Climbing, Kick-Boxing, Zumba, Cycling, Aerobics
  • Massage Chairs and Secluded Steam Rooms
  • Virtual Lessons and Tutorials 
  • Online Workout Tutorials and Budget-Friendly Meal Plans
  • New and Improved Gym Equipment- Treadmills, Bikes, Weight Benches, Squat Rack, Dumbbells, Cardio Machines, Ellipticals, Yoga Mats and many more
  • Locker Rooms, Shower Facilities, Towels
  • PSB Fitness Mobile App

Benefits of Custom Fitness Program for College Students:

  • Safe, Clean and Secure Atmosphere 
  • Exclusive Deals or Perks for Students 
  • Judge-Free Zone 
  • 24/7 Operational Gym 
  • Close Proximity 
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Customized Consultation Session
  • Detailed Summary Report To Track Progress and Areas of Improvement
  • Resting Stations and Social Spaces 
  • Assortment of Fitness Activities for Any Fitness Level
  • Virtual Lessons and Tutorials Available for At-Home Workouts
  • One-to-One Custom Training


We want to make this process as seamless as possible. This is why PSB Fitness provides flexible payment options so that you can jump-start your fitness journey! Applicants can pay online or at the reception for our all-inclusive membership or extra services with cash, credit card, PayPal, cheque or debit. We also have payment plans available where you can pay in full, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. Typically, our PSB Fitness Membership Packages cost $35.99/per month and our extra services range from around $18.99-$23.99/per hour.

How to apply for the Membership?

There are many ways to sign up for our all-inclusive membership program. You can visit the PSB Fitness location and a customer service representative can help you get started or you can apply online directly through our PSB Fitness website Lastly, you can message us directly to our social media handles @psb8digital on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we can provide the necessary support and decide the next course of action

Special Promotions

  1. Member Rewards – Students who achieve a B or above GPA during their academic semester may be eligible to receive complimentary items, a 15% discount on their monthly fees, or a free day visit
  2. Point-System Contest Program – By visiting the gym services you accumulate more points and increase the likelihood of your name being drawn in a raffle contest
  3. Promotions during Exam Week – Discounts and giveaways will be hosted during this time
  4. Bring Your Own Gym Equipment– Eligible to receive healthy snacks and drinks or a 10% discount on custom training packages
  5. Refer a Buddy– Both will save 10% on a fitness activity of your choice 
  6. “Challenge the Challenger” Social Media Contest- Take a video or picture performing their favorite fitness workout using PSB Fitness’s gym equipment tagging @psb8digital on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get a chance to win a 6-month free gym membership


PSB Fitness is a safe, customizable and inexpensive fitness center that caters to college students in Mississauga. Currently, we are launching two new gym locations in the beautiful Hazel McCallion and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College!

Check Out Our Custom Program Packages and Get Started Today!

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Introducing the Virtual Gym

COVID! PANDEMIC! LOCKDOWN! These terms gained popularity and changed the lifestyle and way of living for many. Virtual gym promoting mental wellbeing and physical fitness is here. Everyone is tired of the global epidemic Everyone had a routine in their life that they were abiding by, but the virus changed everything and ruined their routine. With everything taking place online and gyms closing down, we bring the gym at home for you. You heard that right! Virtual gyms are here.


Who we are?

PSB Fitness Sheridan College
Welcome to PSB Fitness Sheridan College


PSB Fitness, a place that caters to all your fitness and health related needs is an environment where nothing seems impossible. Known for the exceptional service, we pledge to assist the members gain their fitness goals and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. We solemnly believe that working out is more fun and effective when done in a relaxed mood. Keeping that in consideration, the fitness center not only offers virtual classes but also has a buddy workout session program for the students and members for the gym.


To get to know us better, click here


Buddy Workout Sessions

students socializing at the gym
Students exercising with fitness balls while the PSB Fitness App tracks their progress.


As the saying rightly goes that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Based on this we place our faith in providing a community for the members. We also deem that everything is possible when you decide to never give up and because of that positive attitude we refer to all our members as “tenacious beings.” Tenacious being is someone whose dictionary is missing out on the term impossible and place its emphasis on the phrase ‘never give up’. We are not only aiming in fostering a community but also providing ways for our members to benefit from such environment. Moreover, having a friend support will surely yield positive results. For instance, they would not only support mentally but can help with partner exercise as well. Furthermore, having a partner will boost the confidence and competitive spirit. Eventually, helping the member attain their goals. 



Why choose us? 

Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation
Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

As a virtual gym and a fitness center it is aiming to integrate the productive and dynamic workouts online at the members’ convenience who is committed to help their members maintain their goals or get in shape by helping them either shed or gain some weight possess all the qualities it needs to be called an ideal gym, especially in these trying times. PSB aims to help passionate individuals attain their goals. Furthermore, the gym not only suggests the recommended diet plans for the same, but members can also benefit from the trainers and book one for personal training.


Virtual sessions!  

Meditation online session
Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during lockdown in self isolation.

Eradicate depression, promote happiness! Work from home has made everyone so lazy due to the lack of movement.  This is the reason that there is a spike in the cases involving depression and anxiety. Also, it is true that the overall wellbeing encompasses being mentally happy and physically fit. Here at PSB Fitness we take care of both by fostering a community where everyone is supportive and pushes others to be the best version of themselves. Members have the flexibility of picking up the time slots that work form



Where are we located and what we offer?  


Located in Brampton and Mississauga, not only it is an easy commute but also offers a variety of workout and nutritional meal plans to help members lose or maintain weight.




Monthly Membership for virtual gym  – $24.99


Semi-Yearly Membership for virtual gym  – $ 250.00


Yearly Membership for virtual gym – $350.00




sheridan student healthy lifestyle

Referrals- Members can earn up to 20% off if they refer someone to join.


Tenacious stars- Need a little extra motivation? Earn tenacious ‘being’ stars and rewards, be called tenacious star of the week. If someone earns the badge of tenacious star of the week for four consecutive weeks, they can get up to additional 25% discount on next month’s payment. Motivated enough and wondering how to earn? All stars and rewards can be earned by attending all the remote classes that they book themselves for, ensuring that they are working towards achieving their goals by following the instructions of the trainer and the customized diet plan tailored to their needs.


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Have questions or concerns?

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