Embrace Sustainability at PSB Cafe : Brampton and Mississauga

Get Your Green Passport Ready at PSB Cafe!

We take sustainability very seriously at PSB Cafe. That is why we created the Green Passport – your passport to guilt-free dining! With each visit, you’ll receive stamps in your passport for making environmentally smart decisions. Collect enough stamps to gain access to unique incentives such as complimentary sweets or priority seating, and environmental satisfaction. You can enjoy this now at HMC and the Davis Campus of Sheridan College.

We are dedicated to making a good environmental effect while serving tasty cuisine and beverages. With a heavy emphasis on recycling.

Green Passport program, Eco-friendly practices, Reusable cups, Plant-based options, Recycling, Priority seating, Environmental satisfaction the café provides eco-friendly procedures, recyclable cups, and scrumptious plant-based selections. You may earn special Services, receive Priority seating, and enjoy incomparable environmental satisfaction as a Green Passport holder.

PSB Cafe’s menu features a range of plant-based alternatives, which also helps to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote sustainability. You are making a deliberate decision to lower your carbon footprint and support sustainable agriculture methods by eating plant-based meals. The café prioritizes recycling. We sort and recycle various materials. We also collaborate with responsible waste management firms.

A Menu Honouring Nature’s Bounty

We thoughtfully design our menu to showcase the finest local food and sustainable products. Every meal at PSB Cafe is a celebration of nature’s wealth, from colorful salads overflowing with freshness to substantial plant-based burgers that will make your taste buds dance. Just in the same way as our body wants.

We believes in honoring nature’s beauty and richness via our carefully created cuisine and sustainability . To create recipes that honor nature’s richness, we draw inspiration from the seasons and the freshest ingredients available. Every item on our menu reflects our dedication to sustainability as well as our enthusiasm for outstanding flavor.

Our culinary team collaborates with local farmers and suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices’ you explore our menu. You’ll discover a symphony of flavors that showcases the diversity of nature’s offerings. From Coffee made by love with every type of size in sustainable packaging for your every mood, The sweet and salty bagel offering and the Croissant with wholesome ingredients, our menu is a celebration of nature’s gifts. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options that highlight the natural flavors of plant-based ingredients, allowing you to experience the richness of nature’s bounty in every bite.

“Artisanal Techniques for Unmatched Taste”

PSB Cafe surpasses expectations to ensure that they prepare every meal with care and attention to detail. Our talented craftsmen employ a variety of hand-crafted techniques to produce culinary marvels because we want to provide the greatest flavor and a unique user experience. We feel that the skill of cooking is crucial in generating excellent flavors, from hand-rolling bagels to freshly prepared coffee! Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability extends throughout the manufacturing process.  What’s more ? We source our ingredients from organic farms that promote sustainable techniques, ensuring that our meals are made without the use of any hazardous fertilizers or processing techniques. You may appreciate the flavors of nature in their purest form with each mouthful, knowing that you are making a deliberate choice for your health and the environment sustainability .

“Sustainability at the Heart of Our Packaging”

PSB Cafe aggressively reduces its environmental impact by utilizing sustainable packaging options. We offer coffee in reusable cups and utilize recyclable materials, ensuring that every meal is presented in packaging that reflects our dedication to sustainability. Our handcrafted coffee and croissants are supplied in packaging that contributes to the planet’s greener future. PSB Café redefines the concept of sustainable dining by offering a wholesome and flavorful menu, artisanal techniques, and sustainable packaging. Whether you visit Green PSB Café in Brampton or Sheridan, you can trust that their commitment to sustainable practices remains unwavering. Support sustainability with PSB cafe on a culinary adventure, embracing flavors, nourishing our bodies, and creating a sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time.


Join US : PSB CafePSB-Logo image

Finally ,Socialize in our community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainability and good food. Stay updated on our latest initiatives, events, and promotions on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We share content on sustainable living, waste reduction tips, and eco-friendly practices. Engage with us, ask questions, and share ideas to improve our environmental impact.


Need to Manage Stress?

Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College edition

Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College edition

Mastering the stress of final exams at Sheridan College can trick you, and many resorts to a good cup of coffee to aid problems. If you are a Student under the pressure of exams at PSB Cafe☕️ we know that the aroma of excellent coffee can be pleasant, but your journey through the finals is drawing near. For that, we have some tips that will help you to be more attentive so that you do not miss any pending assignments.

Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College edition

Old school never fails! ✍🏾To be a pro at mastering stress on final exams you must:

Yes, you just have to take notes as your granny did, just take a pencil and paper to write down, and make two columns on your sheet to place the dates and the details of the deliverables of your final exams. Inadequate notes can lead to underperforming. It’s essential to produce organized, well-structured notes are key. If you don’t feel good using the old method of taking notes with pencil and paper, you can use the technology to place reminders on your cell phone through applications such as Trello, Notion, Asana are some of the best-known which you can make personalized lists pending electronically and set reminders to your email.

Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College edition

5,4,3,2,1… Breathe and be positive!🌞

Although it may seem like a self-help message, it always works to be able to mentalize and have a positive attitude for when we have to face the final exams. You can take a few minutes to meditate on your opportunities for improvement.  It is important that in that positivity you connect with yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others, everyone goes at their own pace, and the motto “one day at a time” can work to understand that each day is a gift and that you must make the most of each moment.


Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College edition

By talking we understand.

Simply have to talk with your teachers to have the opportunity to improve, and always carry a notebook or ask to record the tips with their permission so as not to forget anything. You can ask to review your assignments before the deadline so you can change what is necessary in advance. Talking to your teachers is vital, but you can also talk to your close relatives, they can help you improve your perspective, use technology to get closer in case you are an international student and you are outside your country of origin, the important thing about this process It is being able to get all those that worry you and your close support line is key to overcoming the challenge of being a master in the final exams.

Mastering final exam stress: Sheridan College editionLife is now! ⏳

Try to forget procrastination, always focus on what is important, and make an urgency matrix to know what comes first and what comes after. Procrastination can be a symbol of disorganization, imbalance and even depression. In addition, you can increase your stress by accumulating so many tasks at the same time. Although it is not part of procrastination, being realistic with your goals can also be a less overwhelming way to complete your tasks, you can take short breaks and close tasks that are easy to achieve to go from less to more.


Motivation is the key!🎮

Sometimes we forget the focus and we think studying will be eternal, but we must understand learning is a process that can be fun if you gamify your lessons. Motivation is always personal, no one can make you evolve more than yourself, so it is important to be clear about the goals you want to achieve.

At PSB Cafe☕️, Sheridan students can enjoy delicious coffee and support their academic journey without compromising financial peace through the “Sip Now, Pay Later” program Sign up now!
International students looking for affordable prices are also welcome to take the stress out of final exams at Sheridan College.


Sign up

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BYOB Coffee Challenge – Sheridan

BYOB Coffee Challenge at Sheridan – Challenges Your Everyday Coffee!

Experience Calling all coffee enthusiasts and students at Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton! Get ready to take on the ultimate coffee challenge at PSB Café with our exclusive event, BYOB Coffee Challenge – Sheridan. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to bring your own coffee beans and witness the magical transformation as your beans turn into a cup of extraordinary coffee.

Barista doing a funny welcome dance for BYOB Coffee Challenge at Sheridan

Ready to unleash your inner barista & embark on a flavour-packed journey?

#BYOBCoffeeChallenge #Sheridan

The Why’s?

BYOB (Bring your own beans) Brewment is more than just brewing coffee; it’s a thrilling challenge that puts your taste buds to the test. We invite you to bring your carefully chosen coffee beans, sourced from your favourite places, to our cozy café conveniently located at the Mississauga and Brampton campuses of Sheridan College. As you enter, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air, heightening your excitement for what lies ahead.

Two Coffee beans dancing comically - Depicting customers can bring their own coffee beans for the BYOB coffee beans and we will turn it into a beautiful happy cup of coffee.

The Who’s?

Our expert team of baristas, who are well-versed in the art of coffee brewing, will guide you through the BYOB Coffee challenge. They will share their knowledge and techniques, empowering you to bring out the best flavours from your beloved beans. From the precise grinding of the beans to the meticulous brewing process, every step is an opportunity to elevate your coffee game under the guidance of our skilled baristas.

Barista tuts her hand on top of a coffee machine to magically make the best coffee for her. This is funny representation to depict how the barista will make the coffee for the customer on their behalf for this BYOB coffee challenge.

The How’s?

Experience the captivating challenge of watching your coffee beans transform into a rich and aromatic cup of perfection while engaging in a friendly battle with beans brought in by other students. Surprisingly, you will witness the water cascade over the grounds, extracting the flavours, you’ll be captivated by the tantalizing scent and filled with anticipation for that first sip.

Barista comically gestures his hand over 4 cups of coffee made from different beans. To depict a battle between the different beans that is competing in the BYOB coffee challenge.

Finally, the moment arrives as you savour the complex notes and nuances of your personalized brew, crafted with your very own coffee beans.

The What’s

PSB Café dedicates itself to tailoring an exceptional coffee experience that perfectly suits the tastes of students at Sheridan College. To fuel your studies and endeavours, we offer the BYOB coffee challenge as a way to engage and inspire coffee lovers. This challenge fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of coffee-making empowering you to create remarkable coffee right in the comfort of your own home.

Mickey mouse juggling coffee powder and the kettle like a challenge in a moving train. It depicts the fact that our baristas are ready to face the volume that may arise because of the BYOB coffee challenge at Sheridan.

The When’s?

Don’t miss out on the thrill of the BYOB Coffee challenge that’s happening on September 9th, 2023.

Book your spot today and take on the BYOB Coffee Challenge Brewment at PSB Café, guided by our expert baristas.

Discover the magic of Sheridan’s finest coffee experience – Where your coffee, your way, takes center stage.

Video snippet retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsbZjFBKmUQ

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Best exciting Ice Cream at PSB cafe

PSB Cafe
PSB Cafe Premises

Our Story:

Welcome to PSB cafe, founded by two graduates Essie and Matt. Jessie grew up in a family of Bakers and Matt is an experienced barista. Cafe is in Devis and Mississauga campus of Sheridan college and provides Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Cookies, and Ice-Cream. This summer PSB comes up with different thrilling variety of delicious Ice Cream for student and visitors at PSB Sheridan college. We have introduced Indian flavoured Ice Cream in our both PSB Cafe’s.

Products and offerings:

In addition to coffee, tea, snacks, cookies, PSB Cafe has both lactose-free ice-cream and non lactose free with a variety of ethnic-specific flavours. Our product provides an alternative to regular ice cream and caters to the Sheridan Campus demographic. Our Cafe is popular among international students as it has variety of Indian specific flavours such as Kulfi, lactose free and many more exciting flavours.

  1. Mango Lassi Ice Cream
Mango Ice Cream
Photo by Emily Leary

Mango lassi is a refreshing ice cream that is made by blending with fruits and spices. This creamy ice cream, which mixes the flavour of yoghurt with the tropical richness of ripe mangoes, is a classic favourite in India. This naturally vegan and gluten free, this mango ice cream dish is sweet, creamy, and delectable.

2.Kaju Mix Ice Cream

Kaju kishmish Ice cream
Photo from culinaryshades.com

Indians love the popular cashew and raisin ice cream known as kaju kishmish. It has a deep flavour of cashews and raisins and is creamy in texture. This is best dessert for summer gatherings and potlucks.

3. Kulfi Ice Cream

Delicious Kulfi
Photo from evegshop.com

In the scorching Canadian summer, nothing beats Kulfi Ice cream as the perfect treat to cool down and enjoy. This is very popular choice among Indian student in Sheridan college. Kulfi is prepared by boiling and continue stirring the milk in a heavy-bottomed pot that calls for a reduction of milk  and cool before being placed in the freezer.

Exciting flavours Ice Cream:

Ice Cream Flavour

Our product serves the Sheridan Campus offers an alternative to traditional ice cream. The diversity of Indian-specific recipes, lactose-free options, and numerous more intriguing flavours make this cafe a favourite among international students. Additionally, If you are in tight budget, we have perfectly matched price for student. Also, regular consumer of Ice cream and Plenty of flavours also caters to student tastes and reminds you of yours own home. Lactose free ice cream provides alternatives who cannot consume dairy, but also want to have Ice Cream. PSB Cafe,  There is a sitting space for customers and meet their friends and students’ community. You can buy the ice cream as alternative to coffee and self-treat tasty in between class and reward for finishing project. Read more…

Student pocket friendly pricing:

You can buy the Ice Cream directly from visiting one of our stores either from Devis or Mississauga campus location and the price of the Ice-Cream is reasonable starting from 4.29 CAD before the tax. If you are person who is looking for products that have adventurous taste, preferences, and diet limitations, you are in the right place. PSB Cafe has an online order facilities given to the student registration via our website register here and student can pick it up from the store.


We have a limited time offer for our Ice Cream lover, starting from July to September 2023. First 100 students that register, receive coupon code for discount when they buy 3 scoops of Ice Cream and not only that, we have limited time offered through coupon specially for student, Discount- Price of 1 for 3. Limited-Time-Offer Sheridan-Students Sweepstakes Contest:  The first 100 students that subscribe will automatically be entered into a digital sweepstakes contest for a chance to win a 13’ MacBook Pro. Subscribers will also receive a digital coupon for a discount when purchasing 3 scoops of ice-cream in store. (Get 3 for the price of 1). Name of the winner will be announced at end of September 2023 via our social media channels.

Buy 3 Get 1 Ice Cream
Ice Cream limited offer

To get the regular update from PSB Ice Cream cafe offers, new flavours, bundle sales, student can register their email here to get up to date email notification. Subscribe here

Contact us:

Additionally, connect with us through our social media network to know newest specials and interesting deals. Join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where we post latest information, images, and exclusive updates to keep your interest stimulated and your Ice Cream needs fulfilled. Follow us on these channels to join our Lactose-Free Ice Cream family. Through our social media platforms,

Sheridan PSB Coffee Lounge- Twitter LogoSheridan PSB Coffee Lounge- Instagram LogoSheridan PSB Coffee Lounge- Facebook Logo

Similarly, read more about the impact PSB Café is having in the community, and learn how you can be a part of the change. You can order and contact us via Contact us

  1. Open Hours:

Monday :           8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Tuesday:            8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Wednesday :      8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Thursday:           8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Friday :               8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Saturday:                                         close

  Sunday :                                             close

2. Location:

PSB Cafe is located in both Sheridan Campus premises Hazel McCallion in Mississauga and Sheridan Devis in Brampton

3. Connect with PSB Cafe:

Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, comments, suggestions for improvement via our email address. You will receive a response in 2 business days. If you want to work with us and want to know about jobs vacancies, click on career page.

For more details contact us:

email: psbcafe@gmail.com

Logo- PSB Cafe
Company Logo



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Hybrid Fitness Classes with a Friend in Mississauga

Try our hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga today!

PSB Fitness Logo - features cartoon man half black half red holding weight

Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, fun with friends

About PSB Fitness and Hybrid Fitness

PSB Fitness is a new athletic endeavour which offers hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga. By two of your favourite PSB grads, Jessie, and Matt, they created it especially for Sheridan students, staff, and alumni. They have both have a passion and background in fitness! Jessie spent 7 years as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt has 5 years’ experience being a certified personal trainer. They found fitness needs of students were no longer being met by available gyms and fitness classes in Mississauga. They decided to take their fitness experience and combine it with their business know-how, and launch a new hybrid gym brand, PSB Fitness! PSB Fitness is all about serving members of the Sheridan community, fitting their busy schedules, especially the students. We fit into your schedule by always being available to you no matter where you are. That’s right, PSB Fitness is hybrid bringing the gym experience to you no matter what! We have two physical locations, one each at HMC in Mississauga and Davis in Brampton, located on the campuses. We also have our virtual gym offering, where you can get in a quick sweat in with one of our fitness classes anywhere.  
Multiethnic group of young people participating in fitness weights class

What Drives PSB Fitness and our Hybrid Fitness Classes

PSB Fitness has key motivations behind how it delivers fitness to the Sheridan Community. These motivations are key to Jessie and Matt and make up the core of PSB Fitness. Let’s address the elephant in the room, COVID-19 changed the way we live and go about our lives, fitness included, this idea guided Jessie and Matt to develop the core of PSB Fitness.

Hybrid fMan participating in virtual yoga fitness classitness that fits your life

The pandemic brought on many changes to our lifestyles, including introducing the hybrid lifestyle to the masses, that where you have both in-person and online elements of your life. With in-person locations and an equivalent virtual offering, featuring the same fitness classes at each, no matter if you live in Mississauga or not, PSB Fitness is there.

Hybrid fitness classes with a friend that entertain

Many of our lives became a bit mundane over the past 2-3 years, including many people’s fitness routines. The hybrid fitness classes offered by PSB Fitness are designed around raising your fitness level, no matter what level you are starting at (beginner, expert, or anything in between), while giving you an entertaining experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about. We offer many classes including, boxing, yoga, pilates, cross-fit, weightlifting, cycling and more.

Working out together is betterMan and woman shake hands after successful workout in a gym

Jessie and Matt love fitness, but they love it even more when they do it together or with friends. They also really loved the idea of hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga. This led PSB Fitness to get behind the message of “Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, but fun with friends.” Working out with friends makes the time go by faster, makes you push yourself harder, and in general just helps you get the best benefit out of your time that you dedicate to improving your fitness. To encourage working out together, we want you to bring a friend to your next fitness class; this is a feature of the PSB Fitness Loyalty Card, which ensures that one can bring a friend to the gym for free, and never work out alone again.

We offer what you want

PSB Fitness is by fitness experts and makes sure to cater to all fitness wants. We take into consideration that some want assistance with their fitness journey and others want minimal guidance. PSB Fitness suits all types and is for everyone. Our services on offer include:
  • Guided Fitness Routines
  • Personal Fitness Training with our expert Personal Trainers
  • Exciting Fitness Classes
  • An ideal gym environment to help you meet your fitness goals (with a friend!)

All of this is offered in person for those located in Mississauga & Brampton and virtually for members!

Personal trainer helping woman lift the weighted bar

Our Hybrid Fitness Classes with a Friend

Working out can be a drag, that’s why we’ve worked so hard at PSB Fitness to create entertaining and effective fitness classes that are on offer both in-person at our physical locations, and virtually from our online location. That’s right, you can start attending classes in person in Mississauga, and if your schedule changes, you can continue that same class virtually online, with the same experience. That’s not all, our fitness classes are led by our expert personal trainers, including our founders Matt and Jessie. The fitness classes were designed in mind to accommodate attending alone, or as we encourage for a more exciting twist, attending our fitness classes with a friend. Our hybrid fitness classes (with a friend) on offer:Group of young people particpate in a group yoga fitness class
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cross-fit
  • Cycling
  • Weightlifting
  • We are always adding more, let us know what fitness classes you would like to attend with a friend!
So, if you find your social life dragging, attend one of our fitness classes with a friend and it’ll be on the rebound quicker than a snap!

PSB Fitness Hybrid Membership Pricing

PSB Fitness offer two tiers of membership pricing:
  • For current Sheridan students, staff, and alumni - $50/semester
  • For all others (i.e., not related to Sheridan) - $100/semester
  • PSB Fitness Loyalty Card to bring a friend, free, 4 times a month available to all members at $0 extra

***Offer available to all PSB Fitness members, pay for the entire year up front and save 20%!***

At PSB Fitness we have a saying, “Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, but fun with friends,” so bring a friend and let’s get exercising.

Join Today and Bring a Friend to a Fitness Class!


HMC Campus

4180 Duke of York Boulevard

Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road

Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
Virtual Campus
Wherever you are!

Follow us on social media

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Affordable Gym for Students in Mississauga

About PSB Athletic Gyms

PSB Athletic is an affordable gym tailored for students; located on campus of Sheridan College HMC and Davis in Mississauga and Brampton. Our founders, Jesse and Matt, are Sheridan college alumni who’s started PSB gym with the goal to provide affordable fitness solutions to students. Thanks to this, they are armed with a unique perspective on the student lifestyle. Above all, they aim to limit the barriers that students face when trying to achieve their health and fitness goals.

PSB Athletic offers a fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art cardio machines and various free weights.  Additionally, Our experienced personal trainers can assist you with fitness routines, virtual reality fitness classes, a physical and virtual experience and more.

Why should students choose PSB Athletic Gyms?

Gym Services

  • In person Group Fitness classes including:
    • Zumba Classes
    • Yoga and Hot Yoga Classes
    • Cycling and Pilates Classes
    • Advanced HIIT Classes 
Students meditating in yoga class at the gym
  • Live Online Workouts using our revolutionary virtual reality technology
  • Guest Privileges with the PSB Community Card
Girl doing virtual fitness class from home
  • Free one on one fitness consultations
  • Personal Training available at an additional cost
Our experienced personal trainers are available for affordable one on one training at the gym

Gym Amenities

  • Brand new high quality strength training equipment
  • A wide variety of free weights including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, and more!
Photo of Student doing barbell deadlift
  • State of the art cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stairmasters and rowers
  • A full-sized Basketball and Volleyball Court
  • Change rooms equipped with sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, showers, and vanities for getting ready
Photo of girl in sauna near jacuzzi
  • PSB Cafe which includes a snack bar as well as ping pong tables and foosball tables
Photo of various snacks and protein bars at the gym's cafe

On Campus Gym Locations in Mississauga and Brampton with Virtual Reality Options

 Firstly, PSB Athletic has two affordable and convenient on campus gym locations for students in Mississauga and Brampton. As such, these locations allow students to work out at a gym that is within steps from their classes. Similarly, by limiting travel time, students are likely to take advantage of their membership. Most importantly, they are more likely to stay consistent with their fitness goals. In addition, for those days where you may not be on campus, virtual reality fitness classes provide additional flexibility to ensure you get that workout in wherever you may be.

Affordable Gym Membership Options

Monthly Gym Membership - Student

Most importantly, we know that students are always looking for affordable and convenient ways to stay in shape. Therefore, we offer a special premium rate of $50 per month for Sheridan students.

Monthly Gym Membership - Non-Student

On the other hand, if you are not a student but would like to sign up; You’re in luck! We similarly offer memberships for non-students at $100 per month. Most importantly, this option provides you with access to both locations as well as our online repertoire of virtual classes.

Yearly Gym Membership - Affordable​

For additional savings, PSB Athletic offers a yearly membership option. As such, gym members are able to receive a 20% discount off the monthly membership cost! Whether you are an avid gym goer or a beginner on your fitness journey, PSB Athletic will support you in consistently reaching your goals.


PSB Student Community Card

At PSB Athletic, we certainly know the value of a gym partner! Friends, family or partners can keep you accountable with your fitness goals. As a result, we introduced the PSB Student Community Card! 

In other words, this program gives members the ability to bring a friend up to 4 times a month, for FREE! 

In short, everything is better with friends!

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC & Davis

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC

Have you been searching for healthier, customizable and easy on-campus meal options?

PSB café is opening on HMC and Davis campus, and is introducing Sheridan’s first Italian Pasta Bar! Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis can be hard to find. Our pasta bar will be a mix n’ match style eatery with dine-in and take-out options! Customers choose their own meal; you choose your size, pasta type, sauce, meat and/or vegetables. For the health-conscious consumer, we understand the need for not just healthy food but for a variety of choices. Making healthier choices doesn’t mean you need to skimp on flavor.

With multiple sizes, an assortment of ingredients, and a cozy cafe atmosphere our quick and quality service could make us your favorite on-campus go to!


Menu Options

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC

Our build-your-own pasta bar has a spectacular selection of vegetables, meat options, and pasta sauces. We offer a variety of healthy options to fit any dietary need, from gluten free alternatives, to rice pasta and zucchini noodles. We’ve got something for everyone! With distributors frequently shipping fresh, high quality ingredients to our café, we guarantee healthy and delicious meals every time! Additionally, with small to large portion sizes, to go options and dining in, the pasta bar caters to every need.



Sheridan HMC and Davis

Students Sheridan Pasta Bar

Students don’t always have time or transportation to leave campus for food. Breaks in between classes are short! Students have been asking for healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis campuses. We offer fast service that doesn’t take away from the quality of your meal.  Our on-campus location makes it convenient for part-time and full-time students who are on the go or looking for a place to park yourself.  Our café includes campus Wi-Fi, so you’re always connected! Likewise, we offer charging stations at tables and bars you can turn our café into your very own study space. Our intimate sit-down space includes 4 tables and 8 bar stools, an ideal area to eat, study or socialize with your peers.



Do you ever feel you compromise the healthiness of your meal in order to save a buck? PSB café’s Pasta Bar offers competitive pricing, that outshines other off-campus food options, with meals starting at just $8! We understand that as a student your budget is tight, but this shouldn’t mean you fuel your body with unhealthy replacements. The last thing students should worry about is money, you have enough going on! Our focus is on a student friendly price for a filling, fresh and delicious meal.



Student eating healthy pasta

It’s no secret most of us love Italian cooking… Need a quick meal between classes? Pasta! Going on a date? Spaghetti and meatballs! Craving carbs during exams? Rose Linguini with veggies! Need some fresh fuel after hitting the gym? Creamy Zucchini Noodles! You don’t need to choose between a good meal and a healthy one. On campus, our options can seem limited, but the ability to customize and add healthy meals into our daily routine is key! Finally, healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis campuses are here. PSB café is a chill atmosphere, where students can gather between classes, to enjoy a healthy meal, while studying or socializing. With a variety of options every meal at PSB café’s Pasta Bar has a plethora of possibilities!

Don’t just take our word for it, visit us next time you’re on campus! We will be handing out free samples to the first 100 customers at our grand opening on HMC and Davis campus!


Don’t forget to follow us on social media to receive up to date menu items, promotions, contests, and food inspiration!

Furthermore, if you’d like to see something specific on our menu you think is missing, we’d love to hear from you on our social media, with our broad assortment of distributors and ingredients we’re always looking to incorporate new items. If you leave a comment or DM on our page, we will try our best to cater to your needs and wants. We love to interact with our students and customers alike!


We hope to see you soon!


For more Sheridan dining information click HERE