Embrace Sustainability at PSB Cafe : Brampton and Mississauga

Get Your Green Passport Ready at PSB Cafe!

We take sustainability very seriously at PSB Cafe. That is why we created the Green Passport – your passport to guilt-free dining! With each visit, you’ll receive stamps in your passport for making environmentally smart decisions. Collect enough stamps to gain access to unique incentives such as complimentary sweets or priority seating, and environmental satisfaction. You can enjoy this now at HMC and the Davis Campus of Sheridan College.

We are dedicated to making a good environmental effect while serving tasty cuisine and beverages. With a heavy emphasis on recycling.

Green Passport program, Eco-friendly practices, Reusable cups, Plant-based options, Recycling, Priority seating, Environmental satisfaction the café provides eco-friendly procedures, recyclable cups, and scrumptious plant-based selections. You may earn special Services, receive Priority seating, and enjoy incomparable environmental satisfaction as a Green Passport holder.

PSB Cafe’s menu features a range of plant-based alternatives, which also helps to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote sustainability. You are making a deliberate decision to lower your carbon footprint and support sustainable agriculture methods by eating plant-based meals. The café prioritizes recycling. We sort and recycle various materials. We also collaborate with responsible waste management firms.

A Menu Honouring Nature’s Bounty

We thoughtfully design our menu to showcase the finest local food and sustainable products. Every meal at PSB Cafe is a celebration of nature’s wealth, from colorful salads overflowing with freshness to substantial plant-based burgers that will make your taste buds dance. Just in the same way as our body wants.

We believes in honoring nature’s beauty and richness via our carefully created cuisine and sustainability . To create recipes that honor nature’s richness, we draw inspiration from the seasons and the freshest ingredients available. Every item on our menu reflects our dedication to sustainability as well as our enthusiasm for outstanding flavor.

Our culinary team collaborates with local farmers and suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices’ you explore our menu. You’ll discover a symphony of flavors that showcases the diversity of nature’s offerings. From Coffee made by love with every type of size in sustainable packaging for your every mood, The sweet and salty bagel offering and the Croissant with wholesome ingredients, our menu is a celebration of nature’s gifts. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options that highlight the natural flavors of plant-based ingredients, allowing you to experience the richness of nature’s bounty in every bite.

“Artisanal Techniques for Unmatched Taste”

PSB Cafe surpasses expectations to ensure that they prepare every meal with care and attention to detail. Our talented craftsmen employ a variety of hand-crafted techniques to produce culinary marvels because we want to provide the greatest flavor and a unique user experience. We feel that the skill of cooking is crucial in generating excellent flavors, from hand-rolling bagels to freshly prepared coffee! Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability extends throughout the manufacturing process.  What’s more ? We source our ingredients from organic farms that promote sustainable techniques, ensuring that our meals are made without the use of any hazardous fertilizers or processing techniques. You may appreciate the flavors of nature in their purest form with each mouthful, knowing that you are making a deliberate choice for your health and the environment sustainability .

“Sustainability at the Heart of Our Packaging”

PSB Cafe aggressively reduces its environmental impact by utilizing sustainable packaging options. We offer coffee in reusable cups and utilize recyclable materials, ensuring that every meal is presented in packaging that reflects our dedication to sustainability. Our handcrafted coffee and croissants are supplied in packaging that contributes to the planet’s greener future. PSB Café redefines the concept of sustainable dining by offering a wholesome and flavorful menu, artisanal techniques, and sustainable packaging. Whether you visit Green PSB Café in Brampton or Sheridan, you can trust that their commitment to sustainable practices remains unwavering. Support sustainability with PSB cafe on a culinary adventure, embracing flavors, nourishing our bodies, and creating a sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time.


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Finally ,Socialize in our community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainability and good food. Stay updated on our latest initiatives, events, and promotions on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We share content on sustainable living, waste reduction tips, and eco-friendly practices. Engage with us, ask questions, and share ideas to improve our environmental impact.


PSB coffee Brampton and Mississauga- Coffee Meets Cozy

PSB Coffee Brampton and Mississauga- Coffee Meets Cozy

Welcome to PSB Café

Welcome to our PSB café, where relaxing vibes meet exceptional coffee. Run by talented Sheridan College graduates, our offers a unique ambience that sets us apart from the rest. Join us as we explore the soothing atmosphere, delectable treats, and warm hospitality that make our café a haven for coffee lovers. PSB coffee Brampton and Mississauga is the best cozy café with relaxing vibes near Brampton and Mississauga.

Creating the Perfect Ambience

Its all about the ambience at PSB!


At our café, we understand the importance of creating the perfect ambience. Step inside and be greeted by a warm and inviting space adorned with rustic elements, soft lighting, and comfortable seating. The carefully curated décor, infused with a touch of modernity, creates a harmonious blend of tranquility and sophistication. We understand that coffee is sometimes not just about coffee.And we at PSB do our best to provide you a place which feels like a warm hug.

Relaxing Music and Cozy Nooks

A curated selection of music at PSB

As you settle in, let the soothing melodies of our carefully selected music transport you to a place of calm and relaxing state. . Sink into our plush armchairs or claim a spot by the window, bathed in natural light, as you sip on your favorite brew.

A Reader’s Cozy Coffee Shop

PSB is readers café. A wide selection of free books are available here.The best café with relaxing vibes Brampton and Mississauga

In addition to our exceptional coffee and inviting atmosphere, we take pride in offering a selection of free books for you to enjoy during your visit. Browse through our shelves and correspondingly discover a diverse range of genres and authors. From gripping novels coupled with thought-provoking non-fiction, there’s something to captivate every reader’s imagination as you sip on your favorite drink. Lose yourself in the pages of a well-loved classic, or explore the works of emerging local writers. Our café provides an ideal setting to indulge in the written word and escape into literary worlds.

Make friends from all cultures at PSB Coffee

Not only our café embraces and celebrates the rich variety of cultures present in Brampton and Mississauga. We believe that cultural diversity enhances our collective experience and enriches our conversations. Immerse yourself in an environment where languages, traditions, and perspectives simultaneously intertwine. Engage in conversations with individuals from various backgrounds, and discover new insights and connections. We aim to provide an environment where you feel safe and included and have zero tolerance for any kind of racism/hate speech.

Exquisite Beverages and Food- Cozy meets Delicious

Good food is available here at PSB.The best café with relaxing vibes Brampton and Mississauga

Our café is a sanctuary for coffee lovers and tea lovers at the same time. Indulge in a wide array of expertly crafted beverages, made explicitly from the finest  sourced beans or leaves. From rich and velvety lattes to aromatic pour-over brews to a warm cup of Indian sourced tea, our baristas take pride in delivering the perfect cup every time. Additionally, for those seeking a caffeine-free delight, we offer an assortment of artisanal teas, refreshing fruit-infused drinks, and other options to tantalize your taste buds.

Moreover café experience is complete without delightful treats to accompany your beverage. Our talented  chefs create a mouthwatering selection of freshly baked goods, ranging from buttery croissants to indulgent cakes and cookies. Whether, you’re in the mood for a light snack or a decadent dessert, our menu nonetheless is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Engaging Community Events at PSB Coffee Brampton and Mississauga

Cafe Events.The best café with relaxing vibes Brampton and Mississauga

We believe in fostering a sense of community and bringing people together. Occasionally we host a variety of engaging events, including open mic nights, live music performances, and art showcases. These events provide a platform for local talent to shine and create a welcoming space where connections can be surely made . Above all we like to be the facilitator of cozy and relaxing vibes here at PSB coffee Brampton and Mississauga !

Well …What are you waiting for ? Visit PSB Coffee Brampton and Mississauga !

Come Join us !The best café with relaxing vibes Brampton and Mississauga

If you’re a book enthusiast or a coffee lover, our cozy café  is the perfect destination for you! Come join us and your first drink is on us ! Make sure to follow us on our social media to know more about the offer. Find our Davis location here and our HMC location here

Moreover ,if you would like to know more about our unique and exotic menu, Click Here

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Healthiest Latte Sheridan College

Cup of Latte on a pile of books

Lattes are very popular in Sheridan college, especially among students. In fact, latte is the most popular type of coffee drink on campus. And let’s be honest, there’s so much school work and deadlines, so we all need something to keep us going. What better way to do that than with a good cup of coffee? It’s like a big hug in a mug, am I right? But what exactly is a latte? What can you do to make it your vibe? And there are so many options, how can you then find the healthiest latte in Sheridan College? In this article, let’s explore all that. So, grab a glass and get ready to learn all about the wonderful world of lattes.

What is a latte anyway?

A latte is a coffee drink that’s made with espresso and steamed milk that creates a thin layer of foam. Baristas usually use the milk foam to make beautiful designs, perfect for Instagram pictures. You can have a latte with added flavorings or without, and you can enjoy it at anytime and anywhere. Most students love their morning latte to start a busy day. It’s the go-to for some in the afternoon when they can’t stay awake in a long (and boring) class.  Others would rather have it in the evening to relax and treat themselves after dinner.  

The struggle to find the Healthiest Latte In Sheridan College

two people sitting at a desk in Sheridan college, with a cup of healthy latte, laptop and books on the table

If you’re a student in Sheridan college, you know it’s a major struggle to find coffee shops that actually sell the healthiest and freshest latte drinks.  Most of the latte drinks are loaded with unhealthy artificial junk. Only a few coffee shops in Sheridan college actually care about using natural ingredients. Some spots have basic ingredients, while others have the real thing – actual fresh coffee beans and organic milk or its alternatives. Choose wisely!

Once you’ve picked your location, play it smart when customizing your drink. Trust me, your body will thank you. If you want something that is low in sugar, you can choose an alternative flavor like cinnamon or honey. Researchers say flavors like these are good for you.

Pro tip for healthy latte seekers – before you order your latte, check out the nutritional info that some coffee shops have on their menu. You don’t have to play guessing games with the calories in your latte and you can easily pick the healthiest for you. 

Choosing the healthiest latte of them all in Sheridan College?

  1. Find a café that uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients
  2. pay attention to portion sizes and nutritional info, and
  3.  be sure to customize your latte so it’s just how you like it.

One coffee shop that’s well-known for offering some of the healthiest and most delicious latte options in Sheridan College is the PSB Café.

PSB Café

The PSB café is a modern alumni-owned café founded by two PSB graduates- Jessie and Matt. It is located right on campus, at Davis and HMC campuses. With our emphasis on high quality and natural ingredients, customizable menu and nutritional information, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for the healthiest latte in Sheridan college.

Coffee shop with a woman inside
PSB Davis Campus
A latte shop with the healthiest in Sheridan college
PSB HMC Campus

Be sure to try out our signature masala chai latte made with matcha powder, espresso, unsweetened almond milk, and all natural honey. It has numerous health benefits, making it one of the healthiest latte drinks in Sheridan college. One great factor about our lattes (and our entire menu) is that you can customize it just the way you like it. If almond milk is not your vibe, you can choose to have full cream milk, soy milk or even oat milk. You can even choose to replace the matcha with cinnamon or ginger powder if you are not really into matcha.

We also offer a variety of flavors, and you can choose whichever one you like. You can request a smaller size, medium size, large or extra large if you’re feeling up to it.


the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your latte, so don’t be afraid to get creative, make it your own!

Our café is also an excellent space for students to work, socialize or unwind throughout your busy academic schedules thanks to the warm and dynamic atmosphere, comfy seating areas, and free Wi-Fi access. And the best part… our prices are very affordable! So, the next time you’re craving a latte and looking for the healthiest latte in Sheridan College, head over to PSB café and you’re sure to find a delicious and nutritious drink to satisfy your cravings.


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BYOB Coffee Challenge – Sheridan

BYOB Coffee Challenge at Sheridan – Challenges Your Everyday Coffee!

Experience Calling all coffee enthusiasts and students at Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton! Get ready to take on the ultimate coffee challenge at PSB Café with our exclusive event, BYOB Coffee Challenge – Sheridan. This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to bring your own coffee beans and witness the magical transformation as your beans turn into a cup of extraordinary coffee.

Barista doing a funny welcome dance for BYOB Coffee Challenge at Sheridan

Ready to unleash your inner barista & embark on a flavour-packed journey?

#BYOBCoffeeChallenge #Sheridan

The Why’s?

BYOB (Bring your own beans) Brewment is more than just brewing coffee; it’s a thrilling challenge that puts your taste buds to the test. We invite you to bring your carefully chosen coffee beans, sourced from your favourite places, to our cozy café conveniently located at the Mississauga and Brampton campuses of Sheridan College. As you enter, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air, heightening your excitement for what lies ahead.

Two Coffee beans dancing comically - Depicting customers can bring their own coffee beans for the BYOB coffee beans and we will turn it into a beautiful happy cup of coffee.

The Who’s?

Our expert team of baristas, who are well-versed in the art of coffee brewing, will guide you through the BYOB Coffee challenge. They will share their knowledge and techniques, empowering you to bring out the best flavours from your beloved beans. From the precise grinding of the beans to the meticulous brewing process, every step is an opportunity to elevate your coffee game under the guidance of our skilled baristas.

Barista tuts her hand on top of a coffee machine to magically make the best coffee for her. This is funny representation to depict how the barista will make the coffee for the customer on their behalf for this BYOB coffee challenge.

The How’s?

Experience the captivating challenge of watching your coffee beans transform into a rich and aromatic cup of perfection while engaging in a friendly battle with beans brought in by other students. Surprisingly, you will witness the water cascade over the grounds, extracting the flavours, you’ll be captivated by the tantalizing scent and filled with anticipation for that first sip.

Barista comically gestures his hand over 4 cups of coffee made from different beans. To depict a battle between the different beans that is competing in the BYOB coffee challenge.

Finally, the moment arrives as you savour the complex notes and nuances of your personalized brew, crafted with your very own coffee beans.

The What’s

PSB Café dedicates itself to tailoring an exceptional coffee experience that perfectly suits the tastes of students at Sheridan College. To fuel your studies and endeavours, we offer the BYOB coffee challenge as a way to engage and inspire coffee lovers. This challenge fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of coffee-making empowering you to create remarkable coffee right in the comfort of your own home.

Mickey mouse juggling coffee powder and the kettle like a challenge in a moving train. It depicts the fact that our baristas are ready to face the volume that may arise because of the BYOB coffee challenge at Sheridan.

The When’s?

Don’t miss out on the thrill of the BYOB Coffee challenge that’s happening on September 9th, 2023.

Book your spot today and take on the BYOB Coffee Challenge Brewment at PSB Café, guided by our expert baristas.

Discover the magic of Sheridan’s finest coffee experience – Where your coffee, your way, takes center stage.

Video snippet retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsbZjFBKmUQ

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