Oxygen Supplementation Gym in Mississauga

you Oxygen supplementation training (hyperoxic training)

All of us breathe oxygen all the time and use more oxygen when we exercise. About 20% of the air your breath is oxygen, increasing this percentage of oxygen in the air will provide you many benefits. When we raise this amount of oxygen, it is called oxygen supplementation or hyperoxic. When people take more oxygen, they experience higher energy levels, sleep and quality of life. Oxygen supplementation training is not currently offered in Mississauga, however it can be found at the Sheridan College HMC campus

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the air allows your body to take in large amounts of oxygen for each of your breaths. As you exercise, your body uses more oxygen to provide energy for your body and while removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from your body. Oxygen levels in your body will drop as your exercise as it is used, causing you to breathe harder and more often to remove CO2 and get more oxygen into your body. Hyperoxic training will allow your body to get more oxygen more quickly and you will not get tired as easily.


Hyperoxic training has helped many athletes such as yourself in reaching exercise goals easily. You will be able to train much faster and at higher intensities each workout. So, you can improve your weightlifting, get to your exercise goals faster and get a much better-looking body quickly. You can impress your friend and family as you show them how fast you reached your goals. You will even see benefits in your cardiovascular health as you run or swim with ease. Combine this with a healthy diet and you will be looking muscular and fit in no time. There has been scientific studies conducted over the years that show that hyperoxic training can even get your heart to work more efficiently as you continue to use it. One of the places you can currently visit to try this is at PSB Fitness in Mississauga.

PSB Fitness offers Oxygen supplementation training

We are the only gym in Mississauga that offers hyperoxic training. You can find us at the Sheridan College HMC campus. At PSB fitness, we provide hyperoxic training along with personal trainers. We provide special hyperoxic training rooms as well as regular training rooms. Hyperoxic training rooms have additional oxygen pumped inside to increase the level of oxygen available. These rooms also include CO2 scrubbers that quickly remove any carbon dioxide that people breathe out. This allows for the air in the room to have a high concentrate of oxygen (50%), allowing you to train faster and better. Hyperoxic training rooms will include over 15 varieties of gym equipment which ranges from common exercise equipment ranging from dumbbells, bench press, exercise machines, cardio machines, and there will be foam rollers for post workout. Our experienced private trainers are here for you.


Not only do the workout rooms offer oxygen supplementation, but our yoga studios also offer oxygen supplementation for your maximum benefit. These rooms offer Zumba, meditation, mindfulness, cycling classes and many more. If you want a change of scenery, you can visit the outdoor areas which also offer yoga. All of these areas have flexible schedules, you can book ahead on our website.

Medical monitors are included which monitors your performance and overall health to ensure your best workout every time at PSB fitness. These monitors help in determining your performance and whether you are overexerting yourself. There are inhouse student nurses along with professional nurses that allow you to get medical treatment while meeting other students.







Indoor pools at PSB fitness offer fun swim and private swimming lessons. There are a few lanes set up for laps all the time for you to conveniently swim any time during opening hours. There will be lockers available for use at the pool and in the change rooms. You can find a separate smaller pool that offers hyperoxic training.


Other offers

When you aren’t exercise and want to improve outside of fitness, you can visit our seminars offer which work on your physical and mental development. Some of these courses include resistance training seminars, self-development seminars and mindfulness seminars. You will have a sense of boosted confidence and health which will help you with your family and career.


With our partnership with Sheridan, an accredited healthy living course allows Sheridan students to take an elective to learn about health living. Also, if you are a student at Sheridan studying to become a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you can apple to PSB fitness for a COOP opportunity. This way you can network, get paid and learn while working.


Our inhouse nutritionist can offer you customized food and exercised plans based on your physical health, hobbies and interests. This way you can enjoy your food while being healthy.


You can purchase our fitness wearables to track your health and your goal progress. With this information, your personal trainer can adjust your workout plan and your nutritionist can adjust meal plans based on your information.


Membership options

Premium O2 membership

Includes three 1-Hour sessions each week, with two weekly session with nutritionists. In this package, you will be provided a starter kit which includes a gym bag, water bottle, protein bars and healthy snacks.




Enhanced O2 membership

Two 1 hour sessions per week, and a weekly session with a nutritionist



O2 membership

One 1 hour session a week with a personal trainer

Monthly session with a nutritionist



You may purchase additional personal trainer sessions as needed. You may also purchase towel service for $2.99, you may pick up towels at the front desk. Virtual packages are available for you to learn virtually about different exercises, proper forms, nutrition and much more.

Our PSB shop offers shirts, supplements, protein powder, protein bars, Gatorade, and swag. Also, you may speak to our nutritionist regarding supplements and protein powders which are chosen and mixed based on your diet.


Sign up now on https://www.sheridancollege.ca/ and experience your 1 week free trial today!

Bruins best coffee fan: PSB Cafe is where you want to be

Bruins best coffee fan: PSB Cafe is where you want to be.

Best cold coffee near me is the ultimate home of coffee culture on the internet. Their news section features everything from new coffee shop openings to changes in coffee culture around the world. They also offer a podcast. “Bruins coffee house near me” serves best coffees. Bruins coffee house is a small business and it’s a center of attraction .since its summer and temperature is rising .everybody is craving for the iced coffees which makes them feel refreshing thus there is a opportunity for the people who wants coffee in heat .bruins is the most searched under the best coffee house near me and ranked as first on the search engine.

reviews of both coffee brands and coffee makers matters a lot. There is also a great recipes section created in the campuses. Summer is here! Ice cream and ice pops bring us relief on a hot day and if they contain coffee, even better! Here are 3 different ways to enjoy coffee in the form of those cold coffee delicacies. During sunny summer days cold brew coffee is the perfect refreshment. Cold brew coffee is also perfect to make at home when you are graving for something special from your cup of coffee. Making cold brew coffee at home is easy, simple and doesn’t need any fancy equipment.


Coffee culture in Toronto

coffee culture:

coffee culture has developed rapidly during the past decade: numbers of third wave coffee shops and specialty coffee roasters appeared all over the country. Still coffee culture is underdeveloped, and it has a lot of potential to grow. Let’s see how coffee culture is like! Cold brew coffee is perfect drink for hot summer days but why you should sell it in your café? Here are my four reasons why every café should sell cold brew coffee throughout the year.



About our store:

Our store extends beyond the commercial (not that we aren’t proud to have become Canada’s largest online retailer of coffee and coffee equipment, offering more varieties of coffee beans than any other retailer in the world and selling more coffee than any other Canadian retailer).PSB Café offers service straight to your table! Enjoy the luxury of placing your order and then going to sit down if you are planning to stay at the café, while our team of friendly and welcoming staff will bring you your order directly to your seats. This will not only improve on the overall quality of the order, but also improves the customer experience in our café drastically.


Vending machines: Technology!

PSB Café is also introducing for the very first time at Sheridan College a fully functional self-service station. These self-service stations will allow customers to order on their own, instead of having to wait in line to make their orders. This is also going along with our mission of creating a more seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers, allowing us to keep up with current trends and allowing our customers to have a truly customizable experience. By using our self-service kiosks customers are able to not only save time but they are able to create and customize their orders to their own unique specifications. They are able to place that quick coffee order or create their own unique coffee of their dreams.




Easy, Quick and Portable

Organic sugar-free brownies now on campus!

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate!

We all have our cravings, we all have somewhat of a sweet- tooth; and you would lying to yourself if you say you didn’t! As much as we love having cookies, pies, brownies, pastries, and cakes; there’s no denying that they are in fact sugar-infested snacks which are not the most healthy eating options. But! What if I told you that you no longer have to deny your cravings for sweet snacks to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Healthy

With the positive trend going on about living healthy lifestyles; eating healthy isn’t just popular among athletes and models anymore.  In this day and age, almost everyone is trying to eat healthy now. We are all switching to sugar-free and more organic foods, and over-all reforming ourselves to live healthier lifestyles.

Healthy food vs Tasty food

There has always been a huge misconception between delicious food and healthy food. It’s somewhat become a cliché that healthy or organic food can’t be tasty, sugar-free snacks can’t be savory. However, this is not true. At PSB café we are offering sugar-free bakery goods, along with a vast menu with various organic food offerings that are most delicious snacks you could ask for.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves having sweet bakery goods, yet unfortunately, are always trying to avoid them due to health concerns; well, do we have something special for you!

Introducing our New Sugar-free Brownies

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our sugar-free brownies. Our new sugar-free brownies are made specifically to cater to your taste. You could not ask for a more scrumptious snack on campus.

Our brownies, along with being delicious, are NOT bad for your health. As the word suggests, our new brownies are 100% sugar-free. We have no added sugar or added artificial flavors in our brownies. The brownies are 100% organic and are made from organic flour, organic sugar-free chocolate chips and organic brown eggs. Our new sugar- free brownies also happen to have a high nutrition value, which is why you could use them specifically as an energy bar as well to kick-start your day.

Catering to student needs

With the ongoing stressful lives of college students, we always need something to sweeten up our day. For some individuals, a simple brownie could lift up your spirits and help kick start your day. PSB cafe is trying to accommodate all of their customer needs. As we recognize that students have limited budgets, our brand new sugar-free brownies are priced at just $3.49 only. We are also offering a special meal package, where our sugar-free brownies will go hand in hand with our signature coffee for the affordable price of just $4.

Convenience and availability

We at PSB cafe think of it as our responsibility to provide students at Sheridan with the best and fastest services. We have opened up branches of our cafe in all of Sheridan’s campus including the Davis, HMC, and Trafalgar campus. For all our campus branches we have set-up pick up ordering system using our mobile app. In our mobile app, we have set up a system where if students enter their student IDs, a discount code is provided to them for majority of our products.

In our stylish new dining area, we are also offering high speed internet facilities. That way our students would also be able to sit down and study, all while also enjoying our scrumptious new sugar-free brownies.

Where to find us?

Our cafe branches are located near the cafeterias at all of the Sheridan campuses. For our recent opening at the HMC campus, we are situated in A building on the first floor. Moreover, you can also find us at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page under the name of ‘ PSB Cafe’. Our mobile application is also now available and fully functional.



Salty snacks in sheridan

PSB café: salty snacks at Sheridan food court

PSB café is the place where you could relax and have a cup of coffee and take a short pause from fast moving life and work on your thoughts. its aim is to serve salty snacks to the students so that they could eat on their way to class or during class because student life is a busy one and  sometimes students do not have much time to make food or sit and relax and have their meal. it also provide affordable food to students.

what we serve?

we serve uniqueness in the form of salty snacks. we serve salty snacks which most of the students do not find on campus. snacks like banana chips, carrot chips sea salt popcorn. these are some of many products that we will serve. people who like to sit there, we will make sure that with great food they are provided with quality time that they wan to spend with themselves or with their close ones. students can sit here and study for their exams or work on their assignments while enjoying the salty snacks.

how we serve

we are going to serve from the food court of college by people walking in food court and selecting their favourite snacks that they want to enjoy. we also serve by online as people can place order online and pick up their snack from food court and they have option to pay while picking up their food or paying online. due to corona virus, we prefer people to order online and picking up food from the counter and paying online or by tapping card, so that they do not have to wait inline for their food.


We generally get numerous commendable inputs from our clients that shows how well we work in our industry. The clients talk about every part of our work and our uniqueness. They talk about our item that from multiple points of view it is interesting from our rivals like it is more advantageous and significantly more delectable than a large portion of contenders.

They talk about our excellent quality that we serve outstanding amongst other quality food in the town. Indeed, even a large portion of the excellent evaluating bakries  can’t meets the desires for the quality and the flavor of the food we have at our Café.

target audiece

target audience for our product is the diploma or degree students of college who do not have much time to make food and they need food that they can eat while going for there classes. they also need that is affordable. students also need something that their maintain their good health and also that is good in taste

our plans

In not so distant future, we are attempting to grow our foundations all over Toronto at various areas in various universities and we will attempt our best to keep up the quality just as the presentation of our workers at all the new areas we are attempting to open. This arranging is done so as to extend the uniqueness and bliss to an ever increasing number of clients particularly the understudies who are pushed and not ready to get the quality we offer in their close to areas. We intends to serve each understudy who is in enthusiastic also have something great to eat and needs to invest some quality energy alone or with their friends and family. We will likewise opens at areas other than universities as we are picking up prominence among old matured individuals who have something more beneficial to eat.

Sugar-Free Brownies

Sugar free brownies: specially for people with diabetes

Most of the people like to eat brownies as it is a quick snack which can be taken from any good food store or restaurant. We have the idea to make sugar free brownies for those people who can not take brownies just because of the amount of sugar in it. Sugar free brownies are very healthy, and they are heavy as well so if it is taken with cup of coffee then it can satisfy our hunger for some time.

Sugar free brownies

Why Sugar-Free brownies?

Brownies is the type of food or snack which mostly people like to have either in the morning or after food. But as most of the people are either diet conscious or they have health issue they cannot have regular brownies which are made with the sugar.  So, sugar free brownies are the best idea and the best snack for those who like to have something quick for their breakfast.

Where to find these brownies?

The major place where we will introduce these brownies will be in the food court of Sheridan College Davis Campus as it is a biggest student hub and students and youth these days is very health freak so it will be the best place to launch this new product.

introduce sugar-free brownies

Reason to launch: For those people who go to gym daily and who want to avoid sugar

People who go to gym they are the one who cannot take sugar in their daily diet as they have to follow the strict diet chart and the people who are interested in body building, they cannot take a lot of sugar. So, for those people these sugar free brownies will become the efficient and easy to grab snack. As well as, these sugar free brownies will be a great product for those people who are diabetic as they cannot have sugar at all in their diet hence, they will love to take these brownies.



How to promote this new product?

For the promotion of this product we will use direct marketing technique which will help us to connect with our target market easily and efficiently. Advertising will be another method used for this product as we will advertise this product through social media like Facebook page, Instagram page and by providing free tasting samples to students and the feedback which we will get we will use that for the improvement of our product.



Healthy Restaurant in Sheridan College Mississauga

Healthy Restaurant in Sheridan College Mississauga

Healthy Restaurant in Sheridan College Mississauga

Food Inside Display Chiller, by Lisa Fotios, 2019, https://www.pexels.com/photo/food-inside-display-chiller-1855214/

PSB Café is a new fast food restaurant that just opened up in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. PSB Café is also a healthy restaurant in Sheridan College Mississauga, we sell various food & drink related products, our main products are salty snacks which are organic, natural, and healthy. Our PSB Café has its own farm and orchard, so our products are the freshest, and the price will be the lowest on the campus. We will ensure that our customers will have the freshest and cheapest food in the fastest way. PSB Café has its own online ordering system, and you can find this healthy restaurant on many online food ordering and delivery platforms. If you are a student at Sheridan College, it is very convenient for you to order online through your Sheridan mobile app. And you will have coupons every month in this app! Looking for a healthy restaurant in Sheridan college? PSB Café is the best choice for you!


French Fries With Dipping Sauce, by Valeria Boltneva, 2019, https://www.pexels.com/photo/french-fries-with-dipping-sauce-1893556/

What do we serve as a healthy restaurant in Sheridan College?

plate-of-vegetablesPerson Touching Cup of Coffee and Plate with Food, by Daria Shevtsova, 2019, https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-touching-cup-of-coffee-and-plate-with-food-3278000/

We serve salty snacks to our customers which are healthy, tasty, and organic. Our product is completely free of additives, preservatives, or any weird ingredients. We guarantee that our products are all-natural and very fresh. For the health of the customers, the raw materials of our products are provided by our own farms, and all the products are made on that day.

Our products include cheese crackers, baked carrot chips, sweet-salty energy bites, savoury hummus no-bake energy bites, etc. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a healthy eating enthusiast, PSB Café is the best healthy restaurant for you in Sheridan. The products are very low or no sugar, and many products are gluten-free. Additionally, you don’t need to compromise on your taste for getting these benefits from our products. We use many natural ingredients to enhance the taste of our products, such as use raisins, almonds, and cinnamon to hit the salty notes. Most importantly, our secret sauce is going to hit your taste!

Why does salt is important for your health?


Close-Up Photo Of Himalayan Salt, by Monicore, 2019, https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-himalayan-salt-2624400/

Just like a sweet tooth craving that has you seeking out the white chocolate in the class, a yearning for something salty can be very hard to shake. Our bodies do need some salt, the essential minerals in salt are important electrolytes in the body. Salt contributes to fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle function. Our products will ensure that you will not exceed the recommended sodium absorption which is 1,500 milligrams a day. Many of our products just call for a teaspoon of salt, which doesn’t sound like much. But you’ll find that it’s enough to satisfy that craving. (1)

How do we serve?

We serve our customers through walk-in café at the college food court, and we also provide an online ordering service. Customers can order online through our own online ordering system and online food ordering and delivery platform like UberEATS. We always do our best to give our customers the best ordering experience! We are committed to enabling customers to order in the simplest and most convenient way and get food in the fastest time.

However, due to COVID-19, now we are only operating online because Sheridan college is temporally close. PSB Café has an extremely mature and well-develop online ordering system! Therefore, customers can also experience meticulous service and taste healthy and delicious food during the pandemic. After a period of experience, most of the customers have given recognition and praise for our service. Moreover, if you are a student at Sheridan College, you are able to use JAVACAM to order your food. And every month you will get some coupons for excellent deals!

PSB Café is your best choice!

A small teaspoon of salt, the freshest ingredients, and the most delicious accessories plus our secret sauce. Then you will get the healthiest and most tasty food! Take out your phone, go to the website, choose the product you like. Next, you will get your delicious food in the fastest time!

Want to know our price? Click here


Points Based rewards

What is Our Loyalty Program?

Customer Loyalty programs encourages your customers to return and conduct more business with you. It also builds a great sense of trust between your brands and customers.Summers are here. The demand for the cold Coffee is increasing day by day. In order to pursue the demand of people our cafe has decided to implement a loyalty program on points based reward. In this point based reward system program if a customer will purchase 5 drinks the next drink will be automatically free to that customer because of points based reward system. This reward system will help to boost up the sales and will also benefit both customers and our employees at the same time which is a good thing for our cafe and also provides discount up to 30% on special occasions such as birthdays. https://blog.hubspot.com/service/customer-loyalty Continue reading “Points Based rewards”

Price: Salty snacks

PSB café offer now salty snacks in college campus. These salty snacks are very delicious and many students like there new flavor. You can enjoy different kind of snacks with different flavors. These snacks are also healthy because we do not use any kind of oil to make these snacks. The different taste of these snacks will melt your hearts. We provide these snacks to all campuses of college.


Affordable price:

In today’s markets, mostly snacks are very expensive and quantity of snacks in packet is very low. So, that’s why we make sure to provide these delicious snacks at very reasonable price.

Small Size: $ 0.99

Medium Size: $ 1.49

Large Size: $ 1.99

These are actual rate of the all kind of snacks. Any size of the snacks has different and reasonable price. We understand the financial situation of some students that’s why we make sure the price and quality of our snacks. All products are available at same price in all our campuses. This is the most affordable product in this whole café and the sale of our product is increasing day by day.

College price and outside price:

As, we mention before we want to provide affordable snacks to students that’s why we fix affordable rate of our product, but we are also having to take care of our company, so the price of our product is bit expensive than in college. Our product is available in all stores of Canada and many people like our snacks. Our company have a good reputation in whole Canada. If you buy our product from outside than price is like,

Small size: $ 1.49

Medium size: $ 1.99

Large size: $ 2.49

Also, you can buy our extra large and family pack from outside stores, there prices are like,

Extra-large: $ 3.99

Family pack: $ 6.99

We do not provide these two sizes in college campuses because of there low sales. Mostly student prefer the other sizes.

Price = Quantity

Our all size of packets has enough quantity of snacks which can kill anybody’s hunger. Mostly other snacks are in very less quantity and they are just fill with the air.

But our snacks are always in enough quantity so everyone can enjoy it with full tummy.

Regional snacks, high price

We provide also different snacks from different region of world. Previously, our Kerala chips from India were in highest demand and many people like there taste. Also, we order different snacks from different countries. These all snacks are little expensive because of transportation and others bills. We have only large size of these imported snacks; there price is like:

Large Size: $ 4.99

Healthy with affordable price

Mostly company use vegetable oil to fry their snacks, which make them oily and unhealthy. Just because of these things people recognize snacks as an unhealthy food.

Our companies’ main motive is to keep you healthy and fit.

So, that’s why our all snacks are oil-free, and we use red salt in our snacks which keep your health and stomach healthy. We use baking system to prepare our snacks.

We do not use oil in our snacks which make our snacks little cheap with more health.

Older people can also enjoy these snacks because there is no fat in these.

30-min Intense Boxing Class for Women


Every single packet you buy of our company, you automatically donate money to orphan children. Our company work with many charitable trusts and we donate them every single year from companies’ profit. So, we also accept donations from people to help orphan children and provide them better education.