Love more than make believe…


love is love

How did you encounter love? Was it cruel? or amazing? something sexy at first and then arrogant later? What expressions are on your face when I talk about love? Maybe it was all love in the end. Maybe it was all love in the beginning. Many philosophers came and went but still cannot describe love truly. Maybe love is the actual element, and we are just its pieces. Can you really love more than make believe?

two people with heart filled with love



Even though there are so many “maybe” in love but still we cannot live apart from it or live without getting involved in it. Love is just like describing consciousness in a way. Consciousness or love is easy to understand but hard to describe or express. Even a whole span of human life is inadequate to really express it.


What is love?


Let’s agree on one aspect. You feel love and I feel love too and so has everyone on earth. Love happens to everyone, but it is a task to maintain or manage love. The best description of love is given by Buddha. Lord Buddha said, “if you like a flower you’ll pluck it but if you love a flower, you’ll water it daily.” Perhaps to me this is the best description of love.

Love is an unconditional and un-tamed force, and it is the best that it remains the way it is. Just do love and express it in the best way that you can. Don’t expect anything out of it. That’s what it is. Now I know some would argue that it is easier said than done. But that is what this blog is about. To really Love actually.  Love more than just make believe!

Just like one cannot just learn swimming without ever going into the water just like that one cannot truly know what love is or how love is without either being in love or giving love to someone. Experiencing love is a entirely different phenomenon. And believe me! Many great people came to earth to teach only one thing. Love!



A couple sitting on a bench

It is far better to share the situations and feelings of life with someone rather than to just live it alone. Human beings are dependent creatures and prefer to roll in companionship. Thus, we all need someone to rely on, to share and experience the beautiful catharsis of life. I pity those who think love doesn’t exist. Maybe you just never happen to give love to someone.

Love is the only self-less act. A person in love would give his/her all to nourish the other person. This is what the core of every relationship is. Love was always an act of giving and not receiving. When two people combine to give each other everything without expectations that is when a long-lasting relationship happens. So go out there, find someone to love and just do it.

There may be times when in a relationship that you won’t feel like love or honeymoon period anymore. That is when love truly starts to develop. The nourishment truly begins. This is the threshold where most people fall out. Go beyond it.

No matter what the situation, place or time. Two people will make mistakes, hurt each other, and make up for it their whole lives. That is what a relationship is in its raw form. Do not make a huge mistake to run away from it. Just understand and overcome. The pity of the world is that everyone accepts that love happens, but no one bothers to teach love anymore. Or how to love. Which ideally should be taught.


So, celebrate the best feeling and the biggest festival with love! Happy Valentines.

“Brushes vs. Pixels: Shift from Traditional to Digital Art”


Within the domain of artistic expression, a significant change is underway. The age-old practice of conventional hand painting with brushes is steadily giving way to the energetic and inventive world of digital art and pixels. “Brushes vs. Pixels: Shift from Traditional to Digital Art”  is really important and this shift is inevitable. This move isn’t simply a change in tools but a transformation that’s reshaping the exceptionally nature of creative creation. In this blog, we investigate how computerized craftsmanship is replacing conventional hand painting and the suggestions it has on the craftsmanship world.

The Rise of Advanced Craftsmanship

Digital art has surged in popularity over the past few decades, enabled by headways in innovation. Specialists presently use capable tools like graphic tablets, advanced pens, and advanced software that permit them to form complicated perfect works of art on virtual canvases. This flight from conventional mediums has not as it were extended the possibilities of imaginative expression. It also challenged the ordinary boundaries of craftsmanship itself.

Shift from Traditional to Digital Art

Unlimited Inventive Conceivable outcomes

One of the essential reasons for the rising of advanced craftsmanship is the boundless imaginative conceivable outcomes it offers. Computerized artists can explore with a broad cluster of brushes, surfaces, and impacts, empowering them to form visually dazzling and complex works. The capacity to fix, re-try, and make exact alterations provides a level of control for digital art. This is frequently unattainable in conventional portray, opening doors to unused domains of creativity.

Accessibility and Affordability

Digital art has expanded availability and reasonableness, democratizing the imaginative prepare. Not at all like conventional craftsmanship, which may require costly materials and studio space. A computer and a drawing cushion. This openness has permitted a more extensive run of individuals to take after their imaginative interface, coming about in a more differing and comprehensive craftsmanship community.
Shift from Traditional to Digital Art

The Changing Landscape of Art Galleries

In reaction to the surging popularity of computerized art, conventional craftsmanship galleries are experiencing a transformative move to accommodate this burgeoning medium. The approach of virtual displays and online stages has risen as an urgent space. This is permitting advanced craftsmen to showcase their manifestations on a worldwide arrange. This move not as it were broadening the reach of art but moreover serves as a democratizing drive. Also this is giving presentation to developing abilities who might experience boundaries inside the conventional display system. As the craftsmanship world embraces the advanced age, these advancing stages rethink how craftsmanship is curated, experienced, and shared, reflecting an energetic and comprehensive scene that expands past the limits of physical exhibition dividers.
Shift from Traditional to Digital Art

Efficiency and Eco Friendliness

Digital art is very efficient and eco-friendly, making it ideal for the fast-paced digital age. Artists can save time by quickly replicating elements, experimenting with new compositions, and iterating over ideas. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly component of digital art should not be disregarded. The diminish of physical materials utilized in customary craftsmanship forms, as well as the end of destructive chemicals, all contribute to a more economical creative hone.
Shift from Traditional to Digital Art

Challenges and Controversies

Whereas the rise of digital art brings forward a huge number of points of interest. This it without its controversies inside the craftsmanship community. Advocates of conventional art argue that the material and substantial nature of physical mediums is crucial, emphasizing the special association between the craftsman and the genuine canvas. The concerns around the genuineness and reproducibility of computerized craftsmanship raise complicated questions encompassing ownership and esteem within the computerized domain. As the talk about unfolds, the clash between the substantial and the virtual proceeds to emphasize the complexities. This also subtleties of this transformative move in aesthetic practice.


The move from conventional hand painting to digital art speaks to a significant advancement within the creative scene. The rise of digital art is fueled by its openness, proficiency, and expansive inventive potential. This is making it progressively central to modern creative expression. The persistent headway of innovation guarantees to grow the skylines of the computerized medium, advertising craftsmen uncommon openings for investigation and development. As pixels and calculations mix on the advanced canvas, it becomes clear that the end of craftsmanship is inextricably linked to the limitless possibilities that the advanced domain offers, bringing in a modern era of innovative ingenuity and expression.



Focused director adjusts camera angle with precision

Film-making is a craftsmanship. Not everyone can drag it off. Independent film-making is where craftsman begin their careers and grandstand their inventiveness and fixation to the gathering of people. It is the key to developing and knowing what kind of a filmmaker you’re, otherwise you need to be. There are various reasons why some people are inclined toward autonomous movies. That’s, creating movies exterior of the conventional studio framework. Free film-making can be the best choice for producers. Particularly for those fair beginning out or working on a restricted budget.

A free film aka an “indie film,” may be a film whose substance, tone, and fashion are beneath the more coordinated control of its maker. Usually since they don’t have get to to expansive budgets and huge groups. As a result, they moreover have more inventive capacity to tell the sorts of stories they need to tell. All are composed, created and financed by private generation companies. And that’s why they are more often than not as tall quality and do not make much cash. 





Attentive individuals review script with concentration

Whether you’re looking for a freelance film or writing your own story, it all starts with the script, no matter how big or short the film is. Whereas it’s genuine that free movies donate makers more control over their substance than studio films, that doesn’t cruel you’ll make any motion picture you need. Make beyond any doubt the thought can meet the limitations of a low-budget generation. For illustration, a science fiction film that requires a parcel of impacts, sets, and overwhelming cosmetics would likely not be the ideal to begin with choice for an autonomous film. If you are a screenwriter, think carefully almost your inventive choices, such as sort, number of characters, and setting. 



Strategic planning team calculates movie budget meticulously

Once you’ve got your story, figure out how much it’ll fetch. Unless you are a budgetary maker or an independent studio willing to urge included, you’ll have to be find a way to raise capital. In expansion to your time costs, the budget has to be cover your pre-production costs, period and post-production. 

Some other events warrant options to ask family and friends for help or use various forms of crowdfunding like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.Without a doubt in case you’re the film’s writer, chief, and lead on-screen character, you still ought to select experienced people to help you perform . Knowing how much you’ll need to be went through on each allocate will make it less asking to keep track of your period accounts and anticipate you to go over your limited budget.



Efficient crew member sets up equipment with expertise.

Contracting a film group is the foremost imperative portion of shooting. The victory of the film depends on the efficiency of the complete group. Distinguish the foremost vital parts of your work and total those to begin with. For case, in case you’re an official, you’ll got to consider enrolling an experienced videographer, especially on the off-last chance that you’re cutting edge.



Director and casting team deliberating over talent choices

A movie whether short or feature cannot be successful if it does not have an effective and strong cast. It is an important factor of film-making. Movie studios often depended on famous artists to introduce their films to moviegoers, but famous on-screen personalities raked in some of the money. Do not spend a parcel of cash on a little part fair to raise mindfulness for the motion picture. Instep, contribute your cash in performing artists who will raise the bar for the rest of the cast. There are numerous gifted performing artists that you just can discover without investing a part of cash. Look for out this ability at improv clubs, narrating occasions, online open casting calls, and more.


Busy film set buzzing with creative energy during production

Once you start taking photographs, everything is prepared. Depending on the focus of the shoot and your plans, generations will eat up all of your time at this point, but that’s often where the enchantment happens. Create a written book that includes shot logs, scene formats, character notes, shots, and other necessary planning and opportunity data during filming. All preparations involve misfortunes, such as losing areas or awful climate influencing open air scenes.



Editors and technicians perfecting scenes in post-production studio

Editors can turn a good movie into an extraordinary one. Indeed, if you have already shot the climax scene, it will be useless without an editor to edit it. Besides, the Sound plan is also very important. Poorly mixed sound can make your film look rough, but a good sound plan can absolutely improve your generation and make it more effective. Post-production is where your vision finally comes together to form a final cleaned-up element.

The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar: about the song

The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar

In this blog post I will tell you about a song of two emerging Russian creators and musicians, The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar. You’ll get to learn more about how it was created and what made it happen. The meaning and thoughts behind the song The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar

The table of content:

  • The story

  • The lyrics

  • The emotions



Who are the musicians and how they created the song

The Black Bride - RUDIQUE feat. tiar
The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar

On November 18th, 2022, a song called “The Black Bride” was released to the public.
It was created by two young Russian musicians RUDIQUE and tiar. RUDIQUE is a 23-year-old musician currently based in Berlin, he creates atmospheric electronic music, he creates the instrumental of the song. tiar is a 23-year-old singer and a songwriter currently based in Toronto, she makes rock and alternative music, she wrote lyrics and the vocal melody for the song.

Creators met in Moscow in 2020, they both were always passionate about music and songwriting, but by the time they decided to create a song together they already lived in different countries. RUDIQUE left Russia after the war started and tiar stayed for one more year to finish her studies in Moscow. These factors made creation of the song long and hard. Therefore, creators were collaborating through social media, sending each other short records of their ideas just to find that exact emotion that they wanted to put into the song, figuring out the way how it could create something that they both loved through distance and time.

The song is about a sad love story tiar went through, in which she ended up feeling left alone and betrayed. In the process of creating The Black Bride she was mad, angry, and furious about the situation but at the same time the anger made her feel empowered, she felt like she could take the power into her own hands.


“Turned my demons to my friends
I’ll do the same with yours
They look in my eyes they give me their hands
I’ll help them kill their host

Brought myself up from hell
And you will take my place
You won’t get out of my web
Don’t try to save your face

Watch me bring out a rusty knife
Pray to the gods and make me cry
My tears will burn down your shitty life
That’s why they call me “The Black Bride”

Watch me bring out a rusty knife
Pray to the gods and make me cry
My tears will burn down your ****** life
That’s why they call me “The Black Bride”

You’re pouring fuel down your throat
I think I’ll light the match
I don’t excite you anymore
But I will be your crash

Your little nosey gossip girl
Became a bird of prey
Your new baby beautiful
Is the price you’re gonna pay

Watch me bring out a rusty knife
Pray to the gods and make me cry
My tears will burn down your ****** life
That’s why they call me “The Black Bride”


The meaning and thoughts behind the song The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar


The song is about a feeling of craving revenge for someone who hurt you, about a moment when love turns to hate. In the lines “Turned my demons to my friends, I’ll do the same with yours” the author of The Black Bride is talking about how she was struggling with mental health, and she refers to that as “her demons”. At the time when the situation that the song is about occurred, she learned how to control her emotions and her inner demons. So, then she wanted to turn the demons of a person that she is singing about against them.
In the next lines “You won’t get out of my way web, don’t try to save your face” she is saying that not only she wanted to turn their demons against them but also the people around, to affect the reputation of the person. And in the chorus the author is talking about her emotions which made her feel sad and miserable; and how now she wants to turn these feeling into the weapon against the one who created them.



What went through creators’ heads while writing the song

The song itself is very dark, mysterious, and quite revengeful. The instrumental of the song is electronic music that is filled with dark feelings. However, it is not sad, it is a feeling of finally breaking free, how the anger gives you strength to say goodbye to the thing that you tried to fix for so long and finally destroy it to the ground. This anger is not about screaming, hitting the walls and breaking stuff, it is about standing calmly in the shadows with a smile on your face and watching the world burn.


Creator’s words


As a creator says, “I created this song because I felt power and I wanted to share it with others. Because I know that I’m not the only one who goes through feeling powerless, hopeless, and week. Therefore, I wanted to show people that even if someone wronged you and you are a victim in the situation, it doesn’t mean you need to feel like a victim. You can take all this pain and turn it into strength and power.”

There is another emotional aspect to the song. tiar also sees the song as a piece about female empowerment. This is what she says about it herself:

“I love women’s rage, it’s beautiful. Women are mostly shown in social media is being quiet, or cute, or funny, or sad, or boring but never mad; and it’s not the truth. We must hide our anger because we’re not supposed to be angry. But we are. We want to show it and we want others to see it. We don’t want to be the ones who are scared anymore, we want to be the ones who scare others.”
The meaning and thoughts behind the song The Black Bride – RUDIQUE feat. tiar

The song is available on all platforms, go listen to it on Spotify, check put the link: 

Arina Tishaeva

No Man’s Sky: A Journey From Disaster To The Stars

No Man’s Sky: A Journey From Disaster To The Stars

No Man's Sky cover image

In the history of the gaming industry, very few games have had a disastrous launch as No Man’s Sky. The game was developed by an indie studio Hello Games. The game was supposed to be the next best thing in the gaming industry, the studio promised a space exploration game with an infinite number of planets and possibilities. All these promises quickly turned into a tale of hype, disappointment, and redemption. Let’s dive into the remarkable journey of No Man’s Sky from disaster to the stars.

All Aboard The Hype Train

During the VGX Awards in December 2013, No Man’s Sky was revealed. Their first announcement trailer immediately created hype among the audiences and attracted Sony Interactive Entertainment to help with promotions and marketing. During the months building up to its release in August 2016, No Man’s Sky was expected to be the game that pushed the boundaries of the game industry to new heights. The Promise of an infinite, procedurally generated universe filled with diverse flora and fauna ignited the imagination of everyone across the world. With each trailer, Hello Games released the hype around the game increased to astronomical heights.

Crashing Down To Earth

However, When the day of the release finally came, it was all doom and gloom for Hello Games. The game was nowhere near what the players were expecting. Most of the promises the studio made were absent or poorly implemented. The players found the worlds very empty and lacking content. All the players who bought the game felt betrayed by the studio. Some even went to the extent of sending death threats to the employees working for Hello Games.

Standing Strong

As such a disastrous launch, Hello Games found themselves with two options. They could fold and abandon No Man’s Sky or stand firm and deliver the promises they made for the players. Fortunately, rather than retreating and making meaningless promises, Hello Games rolled up their sleeves and went right to work.

In the following months, Hello Games rolled out many major updates which primarily focused on addressing the player’s issues and improving the game. The Game was slowly but surely shaping up to fulfill its promises.

Soaring Towards The Stars

All the updates breathed new life into the game and transformed it into a game cherished by players around the world. Hello Games also regained the trust and appreciation from the players. Now the No Man’s Sky and the studio Hello Games stand tall as an example of resilience and dedication in the face of failure. What was once a tale of hype and disappointment has become a tale of dedication and triumph. As Hello Games continues to roll out major updates for No Man’s Sky, one thing is for sure: The journey is far from over and the studio is cruising towards the stars.

The Mappa Marvel: Unveiling the Artistry Behind the Animated Masterpieces


According to the words of the CEO, Manabu Otsuka, it is the purpose of MAPPA Studios to collaborate with various manga artists to bring their visions to life with the highest level of efficiency by strengthening their in-house production team. They strive to create an environment that could inspire both their audience and the staff, with their passion and love being the number one factor in creating a production studio that boasts global competence.


Their target audience consists of people in their teens or even in their early 40s. Anime has only grown in popularity in recent years and can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences. MAPPA’s versatility in adopting popular manga and creating originals attracts a wide variety of audiences. Their most popular shows consist of themes revolving around action, gore, the supernatural, and politics.


Originality and Versatility:

The shows that put MAPPA on the map are their originals. A few of the standouts are Kids on the Slope, Yuri on Ice, Banana Fish, and Zankyou no terror (Terror in Resonance). Their strong narrative points with likeable characters and stellar animations drove the audience’s interest. Their standout hit Yuri on Ice was revolutionary in overriding the usual narrative of the gay bait and switch of sports anime while delivering a heartwarming same-sex relationship.

Technical Animation

These were just some of the standouts of MAPPA as a studio.

  • The stellar ice skating sequences in Yuri on Ice
  • The jaw-dropping visuals of the jazz music performances in Kids on the Slope
  • The chilling soundtracks of Banana Fish and Zankyou No Terror all helped to boost the brand into something that was special in a sea of generic action Shounen shows.

The rise of MAPPA as a company can be studied through their takeover of the big titles in Shonen Jump. As MAPPA enters its new era of action shows, they have constantly pushed the boundaries of combining 3D and 2D elements. Furthermore, their love and understanding of the source material of shows like Chainsaw Man allowed the creators to market and deliver the product in the way the author intended. From the openings that were chalk full of Hollywood movie references to the creepy-looking CGI to convey the true horror of the show.

Analyzed how the domestic content rules affect production decisions

In the case of Yuri on Ice, episode 7 contained the infamous kiss scene. It had to be censored as the show was airing weekly on televisions across Japan. However, as Japan is a little conservative, the company chose to go in the direction of creative censorship to keep things tasteful and avoid controversy. This was done while balancing the obvious relationship between the two male leads.

Intellectual property and the ancillary income IPs can generate. 

One of the major sources of income for MAPPA is the merchandise for the shows they own intellectual property for. Action figures alone will generate 8.18 billion USD in 2023 for the entire anime industry. Coincidentally, MAPPA has the rights to many strong brands like Attack on Titan, Jujitsu Kaisen, Hells Paradise, and many more. Therefore, the decision to capitalize on its various intellectual properties in many different ways is certainly a good business decision.

Analyze the economic environment of the creative industries internationally.

The decision to start adapting popular IPs truly put MAPPA on the map. Their observations of studios like Madhouse, A-1 Pictures, led them to realize the heights they could reach using popular IPs.

El Gran Chef Famosos: reality TV reinvented

The beginning of an obsession:

A few months ago, reviewing the trends in social networks in my home country, Peru, I was surprised to find that a reality-type program was going viral. Its name was “El Gran Chef Famosos”. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in watching it, as I don’t enjoy national television. Additionally, I no longer live in Peru so I thought it would not be possible to tune in so I forgot about it.

Months later its content is even more viral than back then. It is on all social networks, regardless of social, cultural or economic sector and even gender. As curiosity killed the cat, I embarked on the adventure to see what this phenomenon of Peruvian television was all about.

I started with short videos on TikTok, which became 3 hours of simply watching clips of funny moments from the competition in its 4 or 5 seasons. Then YouTube decided it would be a good idea to propose the content to me on their platform. Algorithm? Luck? Coincidence?

It was to my surprise to discover that Latina’s YouTube channel had all the episodes available. They also offered them live so you can keep up with the show from anywhere in the world. To sum things up, each episode is an hour long and I can say that after a couple of clicks, a few days and about 14 hours later I am also a fan of this reality show. I have been watching it since season one living every episode as if it were live.

But what is this show about?

Less than a year ago, Latina, a Peruvian TV channel, premiered a new format for its prime-time slot: “El Gran Chef Famosos”. Aiming to offer the Peruvian public fresh content from what they are used to. The reality TV show brings together 12 personalities from the artistic, television and social media in a kitchen. Here they compete to see who will be crowned as the best cook, even though none of them possess any prior knowledge or culinary expertise. It premiered 10 months ago and already has 6 seasons. According to the manager of Latina,  El Gran Chef Famosos has an audience of 550 thousand people per episode. Additionally, on its YouTube channel, each episode has an average of 400k views.

Now that we know a little more about El Gran Chef Famosos…

Let’s talk about digital marketing and how it had a significant impact on its success.

First, let’s talk about the audience. Initially targeting women 26 years and older, this show is managing to captivate a wider range of viewers. Including young people, regardless of gender, who are increasingly away from TV content. El Gran Chef Famosos is a program that managed to unite different audiences and even families. They propose fresh, fun and exciting content that brings participants from the digital and traditional media, thus capturing the attention of a younger audience. They are applying the so important “INFLUENCERS MARKETING”.

In addition, the jurors are fresh faces that click with the audience. Above all, the participants are seen outside their facets of characters. They are showing their more human side with the full range of emotions that this includes, bringing them closer to the viewer.


El Gran Chef Famosos' confirmó que tendrá una segunda temporada: “Muy pronto” | Latina | farándula | últimas | TVMAS | EL COMERCIO PERÚ

SOURCE: El Comercio Peru.

Secondly, let’s talk about the great content in social networks for El Gran Chef Famosos.

Latina is proposing an interesting omnichannel system which is helping them to be present all over the world. Their YouTube channel is growing exponentially. When episodes are released, they can reach over 200,000 views within the first 24 hours. You can also watch it live on their App and their website. You can access all their content for free.

It is also present on TikTok where not only the official accounts present edits or sneak peeks but also fans. Making the content go viral and reach more people. On Twitter, they are continuously trending and they even have viral content. This type of “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING” is helping create a community and retain and attract new users to consume the final product.

#ElGranChefFamosos 🤣LA PACIENCIA SALIÓ DEL CHAT ➡️ Mira @El Gran Chef Famosos a través de la señal de Latina y Latina 🍽📺 #elgranchef

♬ sonido original – Latina Televisión

Additionally, we have the “SPONSORSHIP MARKETING”. They collaborate with brands resulting in mutual gain. The producers receive the sponsorship while positioning the brand in the audience’s mind.

The success of this program at national and digital levels brings us closer to an era in which the creative industries can no longer turn their backs on the digital world.

At this time Latina monetizes not only through its sponsors but also through its digital platforms. They are joining generational gaps where it does not matter the age, platform or even the country to consume the product.


Now everything and everyone can connect in real time.


Alejandra Yabar

Cell By Robin Cook – Book Review & TBR List

Cell by Robin Cook Cover

Cell by Robin Cook is our this week’s review. Please join us this week in our weekly Book Dragon’s reading marathon. Our  recommendation for the forth coming week is Robin Cook’s Nano (A review of which would be posted next week so till then let’s get this blog going)

Book Review:

Medical thriller’s are my gig and if you love some surgical jazz too – you are in for a treat. As far as my undying love for Robin Cook goes, I can say that it was good.

Plot – 4/5

Storyline Progression – 3/5

Character Development – 3/5

Twist – 3/5

Climax – 2.5/5

Literary Translation and medical accuracy – 5/5

Cell by Robin Cook's Plot

When I first looked at the synopsis of the book, the plot truly impressed me. As I read further, it delivered on its promises. Overall, the entire plot compelled me to finish reading the book in 2 or 2 and a half days. What I didn’t realize was that I had set really high expectations for the book. People consider Cell By Robin Cook to be one of the best after Coma. Coma astonished me, stirred me deeply, and kept me on the edge until the very end. Cell, however, went under the radar. There were simply too many expectations.


Cell's Storyline Progression

The Storyline Progression is very slow as compared to what was already spoiled in the synopsis. There are too many details and incidents which I think are unnecessary or misleading (I actually expected that they’d have major significance and that they’d tie up with the facts in the finale but guess that’s not the case). Slow burn, too many details, unreasonable points and confusing turn of events. Not something I’d expect from Robin Cook 

Twist as per Robin Cook's vision

I truly admire Robin Cook’s plot twists because they defy prediction. Yes, this twist is indeed unpredictable, but the story’s direction after the twist felt somewhat unrealistic and poorly thought out. The book delves into intricate details and a series of patient deaths, while the protagonist remains oblivious to the causes for more than half of the novel. Then suddenly, there’s a plot twist, and thereafter, the story spirals onto a new path that is poorly executed, leaving me with the impression that the conclusion was rushed in the end.


When it comes to the climax Cook’s masterstroke is very visible. The protagonist is seen getting deeper and deeper into the troubles and delves into the risk factor. Making the suspense gripping and nerve racking. The medical jargons and terminology comes into handy. While the best of the best thrillers have their flaws this one had one too – predictability and ethically insignificant behaviour. 

Literary Translation and Medical Accuracy

I can hands down say that the story narrates it properly and the medical terms, equipment and jargons are on spot. All the diseases – ailments and other medical terms and the ways to cure them was indeed on spot (Say my dad who is a medical professional)

TBR List for the reviews

TBR List for next 3 weeks 

Nano by Robin Cook

Sea Wolves by Clive Cussler

7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Reid

The amazon link for Cell by Robin Cook is here 

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Veggie On Wheels: Business Structure

Veggie On Wheels: Business Structure

Veggie on Wheels is a company that supplies vegetables at wholesale rates to restaurants and even to your doorsteps. It provides fresh produce at low rates, it supplies fruits and vegetables in bulk quantities to restaurants. It is a small-scale business. Veggie on Wheels actively expanding its service area beyond the GTA to reach a wider audience and grow its business.

History of veggie on wheels 

Veggie On Wheels founder is Sanket Shah and he started his career at the age of 22 and made a profitable business in one year. He started his business in this area because he has a good experience in the vegetable market. He was working at a vegetable market for more than two years, and was working as a sales executive at Fresh Taste. The founders started this venture in December 2022. In the initiative days, he started supplying one restaurant and today this company is supplying more than 30 restaurants. When the business was started owner was doing marketing on his own and by giving good time to the business he expanded his business dramatically.

Expanded routes of Veggie on Wheels

This venture is well recognized all over GTA, and its vision is to wide spread in all over Ontario. Currently, Veggie On wheels Is supplies fresh produce most Probably to Indian restaurants. It also targets the number of Canadian restaurants that can give a big business to company. This strategy will also help to expand their business in different areas and franchise sectors.


Veggie On Wheels has different competitors in the Canadian fresh produce market like Gordon Food Service, Mr. Produce, Sisco, and many more. Currently, these companies are giving big competition To this venture. These are the large-scale companies that are currently supplying to big franchisee chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Pizza, Burger King, etc.

Business structure

Veggie on Wheels, currently running a small-scale business. These apply fresh produce to restaurants, purchasing it from the Ontario Food Terminal at a wholesale rate. They will supply the purchased inventory in bulk to the restaurants. In addition, they started selling vegetables in retail and at your doorsteps. This venture invested well they will supply the purchased inventory in bulk to the restaurants’ amount of capital in their purchasing power and also invested capital in purchasing assets, like trucks for delivery. The venture, just needed a 4-person team because it is a small-scale business so, there is less need for capital for salary and employment services.

Funding for Creative Industries of Canada

Empowering Creative Artists of Canada with Financial support

You are just one step away from financing your creative project. Canada is promoting their diverse Creative Industries and their professionals by providing financial support for their projects based on stages. Students as well as professionals have a great opportunity to fulfil their capital requirements with the help of different initiatives. We will be discussing various financial opportunities and their available funding programs.  

Funding opportunities for Students

Funding can offer great help for students to get financial benefits and an opportunity to get practical exposure to their respective fields and funding processes. Canada has a strong system and allocated funds to support creatives. Furthermore, students or aspiring artists can get financial help such as scholarships or grants. 

Scholarships and Grants

Funding opportunities are available from the Government of Canada for students and locals. These various funding can help students by giving them resources to elevate their potential for arts. Artists from various backgrounds such as writing, music, audio-visual, and fine arts can apply for the funding. 


In addition, Art Council Grants are also a great source of financial help from various non-profit and government bodies. For example, Ontario Arts Council provides grants for artists to create innovative projects and the amount of grants varies from 5000$-15,000$ depending on the experiences of the creators. Grants help students to bring their vision to life, whether it is a 3D animation movie or feature film about Canadian Culture, artists can get financial support for their artworks.

One-stop business workshop created by CBC, the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office, and the Canadian Media Producers Association helps aspiring artists by spreading knowledge and awareness about the Canadian Creative Industries. It is created with the enthusiasm and willingness to help people and professionals are guiding in these workshops.


Funding for Television and Digital Media

Canada’s Government is proudly supporting Canadian Creative Industries and they have established organizations that can distribute funds by categorizing them. Canadian Media Fund (CMF) provides great opportunities for different artists and production companies and they allocate funds to promote and support artists with great talent. Digital Web series and AR, and VR projects are also funded by the CMF through various programs and initiatives. 

Ontario Creates is also a great source of Funding as well as tax credits for your creative projects and the process of applying is transparent for artists. Funding opportunity from Ontario Creates is divided into categories such as Concept Development, Production and Development. 

Funding for Creatives by Ontario Creates

Online portals and Grant Writing Resources

All the funding information is available on the online websites and portals of Art Council grants, Canadian Media Fund, Ontario Creates, and several other funding organizations. Aspiring artists can get financial help from these organizations when they apply for grants, then provide relevant information and their application, then respective organizations will proceed with the financial grants. 

Artists can learn how to write applications for grants from the websites. For example, Mississauga Arts Council has started a video series to guide grant writing on their YouTube channel.  

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