Premium DIY TOYs: Mississauga’s Innovative Gift to Kids’ Success

Premium Kids DIY Toys for Enhanced Engagement in Mississauga

Exhausted from competing with electronic devices in exchange for attention from your kids? Then search no further, PSB Toys has the right gift for your children this holiday season! Introducing a new line of premium artisan DIY Toys, handcrafted and designed locally for kids in Mississauga.

Not Just Any Premium Children’s Toy!

Above all, PSB Toys pride themselves on their attention to quality. Each locally crafted toy is of a premium high-quality build. The DIY Toy line is designed to be is engaging and mentally stimulating. A toy that your child can enjoy but also learn from? Might sound too good to be true? However, PSB Toys is the leading innovator in creating such high-quality toys for its local community! Our goal: encourage the use of cognitive skills and precious bonding time between you and your loved ones. Choose your favorite from an extensive line of toys. For instance, check out our new best-seller for the holiday season! A build-your-own ornament kit to decorate and personalize ornaments. Therefore, DIY model kits of this premium build and creativity can only be found at PSB TOYS since each toy is crafted locally and built one of one, for exclusivity to you!



Toys Made Premium in Mississauga, for Kids in Mississauga!

Located in the heart of Mississauga at Confederation Pkwy. PSB Toys is a staple of the community. In addition to, being in the same neighborhood as the YMCA, PSB Toys focuses on bringing innovation and growth into the city and its youth. Premium DIY kids’ toys are crafted by local Mississauga artists. Their vision for the community is to equip kids with the necessary skills they’ll need as they grow. Grown-up in Mississauga, our talented artists understand the need for parents to have fun educational alternatives. All effort has been focused on crafting DIY Toys that are appealing to kids to decrease screen time and create new interests for kids to pursue in the future.


Buy Once, Play Forever!

Yes, you read that right! PSB Toys are not just premium in their quality, but also in their durability. Similarly, with our DIY Toys line, the primary focus has been on making sure that toys are long-lasting and durable for use. We understand fun has no limits. And with kids, accidents are going to happen. Moreover, each product is protected and constructed with materials that are resilient for any play style. Covered with a 6-month warranty. It is part of our brand to ensure that our bond with you lasts forever!

kids toys diy premium Mississauga

Become a Member, Reap Rewards!

Get free exclusive access as a PSB Member on our Website! And unlock the best rewards system! Through our increased involvement in the community, we’ll be hosting pop-up events regularly at The Mississauga Celebration Square. After becoming a member, you’ll be invited to these events to interact with our new toy concepts. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your kids! In addition, the more engaged a member is on our website (posting on blogs, product reviews, etc.) the more discounts there are to unlock! Besides that, PSB Toys’ priority is making you and yours happy!

Visit us!

Bring home the gift that will have you and your kids bonding, and engaged! Not able to visit us in-store? Alternatively, browse our online product selection on our website to see what DIY toy is best suitable for you! Lastly, for more information on deals, product reviews and upcoming inventions visit our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!




Why Handmade Electronic Toys are made with Care

Child play with action figure.

Keep your child excited for longer when using our uniquely designed toys made especially for a child's imagination.

PSB Electronic Toys vs other brands

It isn't a mystery that sometimes electronic toys for our children can malfunction and be purchased with unknown defects in its manufacturing. Replacing, returning, re-called, or simply disposing defective electronic toys for our children is a thing of the past. Our handmade electronic toys at PSB toys ensure the due diligence and manufacture quality is met to the highest standard to ensure your children can play safely and that the excitement lasts with their toy.  

Products offered

Handmade Plush

Besides electronic toys, our focus at PSB toys is on creating handmade toys to suit every want in your child's wish list and plush toys is surely among them. Our plush toys are made with absolute care and high quality fabrics and is designed to last. Boy or girl? is not a question we face due to our toys being specifically designed to suit gender-neutral. Longevity is a keyword we associate with our toys and thats because our fabrics are not only lasting, high quality material but are dryer durable and machine washable to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Keeping all these qualities in mind, these come with our safety garauntee.

handmade natural toys

Handmade Wooden

Our unique, handcrafted wooden toys at PSB toys is certainly a benchmark for our creative designs, where most think such toys are old fashioned we see forgotten treasures. What starts off a piece of wood is crafted into yet another long lasting designed made with care that eases the mind as they get lost in their imagination. We selected wooden designs as apart of our diverse product line because of the longevity that comes with particular wooden materials and the safety aspects. You will find no sharp edges on our toys as we finish off the design with a quick sand, stain, and smooth to give it that nice polished finish. We avoid using paint on our products as this posses toxic chemicals within reach and instead use our cotton fabric from our plush designs in with our wooden selections. Our wooden selections typically comes with 1-3 pieces maximum and avoid including small pieces as the pose a choking hazard, one of our most popular wooden toys is our sail boat that has a switch on the side that simply shifts the sail (our high-quality fabrics) from left to right and comes in different colours and boat sizes. 

PSB Toy's innovative, handmade electronic toys

PSB toy's is so proud to offer within our product line, something that meets all our criteria and goals for toys in terms of quality, longevity, and creativity. Our handmade electronic toys are the pinnacle of our unique handmade designs that come in a variety of miniature electric vehicles that kids, both boys and girls, can play with and race up and down the block! We mixed in our unique wooden designs and finishes to recreate our electronic vehicles by giving it an old school, hand crafted look while having the battery hidden out of sight and is one of a kind within the toy industry. And if that wasn't good enough, our team took it just one step further and introduced a virtual aspect to these electric vehicles by allowing it to pair through bluetooth and act as a both a remote control and video game interactive. 


Pairing the toy through bluetooth to any smart TV device will allow your children to race both in game and in real life. This is such a key feature to our selection that it distinguishes us from anybody else in the market and is sure to be a child favorite!

Our focus

Our main focus at PSB toys is ensuring your child is not only enjoying toys that are safe and long lasting because let's face it what your child truly pays attention to is the fun they have with it. Our toys are specifically aimed to stimulate their imagination and creativity, every parents wants what's best for their child and so why not give it to them? You know your child best and with such a unique selection at PSB toys there is something for everyone. Our toys are also best enjoyed with friends! the next time your son or daughter is at day care, pre-school, or playdate bring one of their PSB toys along and watch the excitement your children can have when enjoyed with a companion. We pride ourselves on stimulating your child's mind and bringing them joy through good old fashion play time.

Where to find us!

Why not come with your children and see for yourself the joy our toys can bring in our new retail location at 4080 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, L5B 0G1.

Or visit is on our Facebook and Instagram for more information on our toys and customer reviews! otherwise give the store a call or email one of our representatives below, we hope to hear from you soon.


handmade toys to replacescreens mississauga PSB Toys

Serving the Greater Toronto Area with Quality Toys handmade toys to replacescreens mississauga


handmade toys to replacescreens mississauga Tired of your kids always looking at their screens? Did you know that constant screen time can be detrimental to your little one’s development?

handmade toys to replacescreens mississauga

It’s true! Studies have shown that excessive screen time can cause a type of hyperfocus in children, which can lead them to become oblivious to their surroundings.

For development of your child’s brain, there’s no alternative to toys! Human children have been playing with toys since ancient times. Archeologists have even uncovered toys from the Indus Valley civilization— over 4,000 years old! Your child has a special relationship with their toys, and we here at PSB Toys understand that bond better than anyone else in the GTA!

Who We Are

Founded in 2019 by a group of classmates and toy enthusiasts, PSB Toys has set out to become the number one destination for quality toys in the Greater Toronto Area. From high quality, handmade model kits of your children’s favourite characters, to this year’s hottest releases, PSB is your one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping needs. PSB prides itself on our knowledgeable Toy Advisors and quality handmade toys. Any questions about what your little one’s might be asking Santa for this year can be answered by our friendly Toy Advisors. Just come to our store, and leave with your mind at ease; you’ll be a hero this Christmas!

Why PSB?

PSB Toys are the only toy shop in town that does not sell video games! That’s right, we’re the commanding general in the #WarOnScreens. It’s time to pull our children out of the digital world, and get them to start living again. They’ll have an entire lifetime to fill with screens: at jobs, at college and high school, and so on. Yet, they’ll only have one chance in their life to play with toys, and that time is now!

Meet TheSquad

You can’t fight a war without troops, and here is ours! Leading PSB in the #WarOnScreens are…

Build’ems™ Model Kits for Kids

Build’ems™ Model kits are one of the only model kits on the market designed specifically for your children. While most retail model kits are marketed towards hobbyists (think model car kits, model plane kits, and model train kits), our selection of Build’ems™ are designed with little hands in mind. Perfect for any kid, Build’ems™ will keep your little one occupied and entertained for hours on end. No need to ask mommy or daddy for help either! Each Build’ems™ kit is tested for ease of assembly by kids as young as 5, and as old as 12.  Build’ems™ come in 4 varieties, each inspired by iconic characters your child adores! We offer the following kits:

  • Tarantulaman and Doctor Squid battle scene
  • Dark Cougar and Warhawk battle scene
  • Your Tiny Horsey Land castle kit
  • FoamBob Edgedshorts Crunchy Crab play set
Handmade Toys

Each kit is inspired directly by your child’s favourite characters. Unlike most licenced toys, our toys aren’t made in a factory in China or Vietnam, with potentially toxic plastics and paints. Our Build’ems™ line of model kits are uniquely handmade right here in Canada, with 100% Canadian treated wood. Wonderful for the environment and your wallet, you can save 20% when you buy $50 or more of Build’ems™ kits! Hurry, as this offer is for a limited time only!

More about the #WarOnScreens

Right now, until 12/31/21, if you tweet @PSBToys a photo of your child on their tablet or gaming system with #WarOnScreens, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your first purchase at PSB Toys! Just in time for the holidays! We’re taking the #WarOnScreens seriously, and we hope that you’ll join the battle too!


handmade toys to replace screens mississauga

handmade toys to replace screens mississauga

handmade toys to replace screens mississauga

handmade toys to replace screens mississauga


handmade toys to replacescreens mississaugahandmade toys to replacescreens mississaugahandmade toys to replacescreens mississaugahandmade toys to replacescreens mississaugahandmade toys to replacescreens mississaugahandmade toys to replacescreens mississauga

Multicultural Customized Handmade Dolls

Child play with action figure. PSB handcrafted wooden doll.Multicultural customizable handmade doll. At PSB Toys we have come up with a new toy that all children will love. MULTICULTURAL CUSTOMIZABLE HANDMADE DOLLS AND ACTION FIGURES.  Children will be able to put together an action figure or doll that comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, and genders. The possibilities and endless. They will be able to have a toy that is unique to them that no one else will have. As well, our toys are eco-friendly and are made of the finest quality. Children will be able to carry their toy into adulthood, but if for whatever reason the toy gets damaged, we do have a 2-year warranty

Body, Race and Gender Inclusive

Dolls of all body types, culture and gender. Multicultural customizable handmade dolls. PSB handcrafted wooden doll.

Let’s take a moment to reminisce and remember the time when we were kids. Our parents finally allowed us to go to Toys R Us to pick out whatever toy our hearts desire. We finally get to the store to see the selection of dolls and action figures, but to our surprise, they all look the same. White, skinny and cisgender. None of the dolls or action figures look like you in any way. Because of this, it’s made you question yourself and what you look like. You think to yourself, “am I beautiful?”

For the longest time children were influenced by the toys they buy at the store, which could have negative effects on their self-worth. Since only one type of person is betrayed in the media and children’s toys, it shapes children’s minds into thinking that, they’re ugly and to be beautiful you must look like that. Young children have such impressionable minds, and this is not what we should be teaching them. Therefore, we’ve decided to create a toy that all children can relate to. Children will be able to create dolls and action figures that look exactly like them from head to toe, as they are multicultural customizable handmade dolls and action figures. As we think it’s important for those of all cultures, body types and genders to be represented. We want to be able to guide children into thinking that no matter where you’re from, what you look like or what you present yourself as you are valid!

Eco Friendly Dolls and Action Figures 

Eco friendly

One thing that we noticed in the toy industry is the lack of eco-friendly toys. We want to help save the planet in any way that we can so we have decided to create toys that will not wreck our environment. Our toys are handcrafted, so therefore there are no harsh pollutants that go into the air when the toys are being produced. Not only is the process of making out toys eco-friendly, but also the material that we use is also recyclable. We value the earth, and we want to do whatever we can to lessen the effects of global warming.

Locally Sourced Toys 

Unlike most toys that are sold on the market, our toys are locally sourced from designers and artisans that live in Canada. We want to be able to support our local creators as we are proud to be Canadian. Our goal is to help as many small Canadian creators as possible so that they will be able to thrive and live successful lives. We love giving back to the community!

Contact Us About The Multicultural Customizable Handmade Dolls and Action Figures. 

Address: 123 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario.,+Mississauga,+ON/@43.5839896,-79.639444,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882b46d9b06cdf63:0x5a881286af89ade9!8m2!3d43.5839896!4d-79.6372553

Phone Number: 905-696-7746

Follow us on all our social media sites to get the latest updates on our products available and more information about our multicultural customizable handmade dolls and action figures. You will be the first to know about our promotions going on. Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications so that every time we post you will be notified! Listed below are the name handles of our social media pages

Facebook: PSB Toys

Instagram: PSBToys

Twitter: PSBToys

Tiktok: PSBToys

YouTube: PSBToys

View other articles about us!

Make sure to go buy our new multicultural customizable handmade dolls and actions figures! As it will be helping the environment and supporting local designers. 

Handmade Gender-Neutral Specific Designer Toy Store in Mississauga

PSB Toys

Handmade gender-neutral specific designer toy store in Mississauga that is suited for all children’s gift needs! At PSB Toys we have two beliefs. To provide high quality innovative toys to children between the ages of 7 and 13. And to provide a solely gender-neutral line of products. With our current line of handmade gender-neutral specific designer plushies you’ll never go wrong with a children’s present again! And with our upcoming launch our electric toy cars that grant access to an online browser game. You’ll be able to get to truly claim the title of “Best Parent”. PSB Toys is located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario; right next to the Square One shopping center. The store is available for walk-in shopping and walk-in toy consultancy. As well as online shopping, inquiries, and select Canada Post delivery options.

Toy Consultancy & Services

Because many people are unfamiliar with the toy consultancy services – we advise people try out this interesting service option at any time. This service consists of a physical or virtually booked meeting. During the meeting you can look over the specifics of any gift with our inhouse toy designers. Allowing you to ensure that you choose the perfect gift for the perfect kid! All store or delivery inquires maybe be addressed to the following email: For phone hours we are available 9:00AM – 8:00PM Monday-Friday, and 9:00AM – 4:00 PM Saturday-Sunday. The store phone number may be reached at 647-834-4507. If we are unavailable to take your call please leave a message and we will get back to you immediately! For all instore trips please make your way to 4545 Confederation Parkway! The only handmade gender-neutral specific designer toy store in Mississauga!

Bellzi (
Retrieved from Bellzi

PSB Handmade Gender-Neutral Specific Designer Toy Plushies Offered In Mississauga

Handmade gender neutral plushies offered by PSB Toys are limited to seven offerings. Junior the Giraffe, August the Gharial, Zero the Zebu, Bellamy the Beaver, Charlie the Cassowary, Dakota the Dingo, and River the Rhino. Each plush figure is handmade by select toy designers. Using high-quality material such as ultra-suede and cotton stuffing. This includes numerous hours of painstaking needlework associated with the design. No need to worry about durability! As each plush figure is machine washable and guaranteed to stand up to even you family pet’s punishment! The quality is a testament to the quality cross-stitching that each toy designer put into the plushie. And the patented PSB Toys durability test prior to handing over any one Junior the Giraffe.

Imagine Campaign at PSB Toys in Mississauga

Within the next month we will begin launching the “Imagine” campaign allowing children to submit their own amateur designs in hopes of winning the campaign sweepstakes – prizes include a $500 PSB rewards card and the honor of seeing your design become the next PSB Toys plushie! All contestants entering the contest will have the option to have their submitted design brought to life and made available to purchase regardless of winning the contest. Please submit all contest inquires or entrances by following the social media links below to our sign-up pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Astra Racers Campaign – December 1st

An exciting new campaign is launching on December1st at the PSB Toys workshop! Coming soon are the Astra Racers! Handmade gender-neutral specific designer toy cars that come with a multitude of customizable accessories and frames. Each toy care comes with a small remote control and rechargeable battery to allow smooth control of the vehicle up to 100 meters away! With the handmade, lightweight balsa wood frame each Astra Racer will exceed your speed expectations, making them perfect to enter matchbox races as well.

This means you’ll be able to use the exclusive game code printed on the bottom of each Astra Racer to create a

n account and gain entrance into the online Astra Racer browser game! The game features three popular maps, with the customizable features of each car making a difference to the performance of your car. Whether in the physical or virtual world Astra Racers are bound to exceed your speed needs!

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PSB toys of Intellect!


Webpage Content

PSB taking a Unique approach in the Toys Market!

PSB Toys is striving to provide an education while providing a fun environment for the kids to adapt to from the toys. These are meant to develop their cognitive skills. They are not regular toys like a car or an action figure, they help kids learn from the various different scenarios and different kinds of games.
Creation of Brainstorming(Ezyschooling,2021) Ever wondered as a parent how can a kid listen to studying but this time we are asking the kid to make a decision of having fun with toys and not just going to read books? That is what PSB strives for! We have many researchers and developers who have associated with us and led us to the various aspects of a kid’s learning and skills that can be adapted through toys, we are also working on providing video games disguised as games but provide learning and education to the children. Many toys for a smaller age group has different puzzle solving techniques to help a kid foster the learnings of basic shapes, sizes, and numbers. Teaching them early so that they can already understand most things when they go to school will help them be more confident and self-aware!
For someone that is older for example 6-12 years of age, we have various remote-controlled, problem-solving toys that help them think outside the box.

Intellectual Development and it’s Importance.

Many studies say that the intelligence of a child changes according to their age and what they learn not only by books but by the activities they do, the environment they live and the interactions they do through out their life span of growing period, this term is also called cognitive development. According to the studies, it is proven that the maximum mental growth of child occurs until they are the age of 5, till this age a child learns the most including the languages they speak, and judging the environment and life that how things are working around, so, a parent should focus on the things which are important for the cognitive development of their children, so that they may have a brighter future and on the other hand this is a generation of technology, children are learning and growing even faster the previous generations.

PSB’s Role in Development

PSB is all set to focus on the intellectual and cognitive development of the children by providing them a product which is just not only fun and time killer but something which will help them to learn and grow.


Kids Building Ideas


Products vary for different age groups, for the age groups above 6, PSB is about to launch a product which will help children in their academics as well by helping them increase their concentration and learning skill to the utmost.

Toys Changing the thought Process

Since past years of Pandemic, children weren’t able to attend school and go out to play, which is a major part of growing in one’s life, because they learn what they see around in their environment. And because of that, most of children weren’t able to develop or build their logical and operational thought process to the most, and a thought process of a person tells most about the person in real world, however, they don’t have to worry about the real world yet since they are in their age of joy and happiness and the major learnings.

Development Theories (Influencital,2021)  PSB toys help children to build that thought process by simply completing tasks provided by the games and toys, which are similar to the idea of a cartoon which was called ‘Bob the Builder’, where children will be able to build anything according to their creative ideas and imagination, and parents can help them have fun with these activities. The purpose of this category of toys is majorly to build a logical thought process in children, which will not only help them in academics but also the real world. PSB is all set to provide benefits with loads of enjoyment and fun to not only the kids but also the parents since, now all their worries can say a Goodbye!



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Knit Designer Dolls

PSB Toys is a small toy business located in prime Mississauga, that offers a unique spin on classic loveable toys. Now offering new premium knit dolls handmade by our local artisans and designers. Each doll is uniquely different from each other, so every girl can have their own personalized collection. Each toy is unique with a limited supply to offer an incredible rare experience to growing girls. With the best quality material used, these dolls are sustainable to endure the daily adventures with you. Now compatible with a QR code to register your doll on our website, to keep up to date with new features, tools, and accessories offered. Buy now! These dolls keep you interconnected with the world of PSB toys. 

Unique knit designer dolls with trendy appearances.

Knit Dolls Style 

Each doll comes with a selected outfit, a blouse, a variation of pants/shorts and a matching shoes and accessory option. There are over 25+ style options offered individually, to customize each doll’s outfits to owners’ preference. There are various pieces that coordinate the following season and fashion trends seen in the media. More styles will continue to be released to keep collectors engaged and enhance the appearance of dolls overtime. Many outfits are comparable to those in your closet to give you a chance to coordinate with your dolls while staying in style. Each style is compatible with every type of girl, from sporty, chic, quirky, and much more. Allowing girls to change their dolls appearance and personality based on preference will give them the opportunity to challenge and learn more about themselves.  


Designing each doll gives girls the option to challenge their fashion sense while also developing characteristics for their toys that are reflective to themselves. Each doll gives the opportunity to young girls to learn more about themselves than regular toys. Giving a creative outlook to help guide and develop those skills that can be useful as they mature. PSB catalogs are accessible online offering modern style, toys, and discussion to engage and instruct young girls. Using an interactive method of products will adopt new features seamlessly to the community, keeping the content fresh and useful. Many skills can be obtained and targeted using our PSB online platform, by allowing kids to specialize in their own interest.  


Each doll is given a suggested name, outfit and set of characteristics to personalize each customer experience. Although these can be altered in store to preference and will reflect when interacting online and with other dolls. In an age of social distance PSB dolls support the bond of toys over an online platform, creating a safe community to connect.  

Compatible handmade dolls to teach and style.

PSB dolls are sold exclusively with a limited supply for each collection. Each doll is handmade by a local artisan who has perfected their skills to offer the best experience and quality. By paying close attention to detail and using sustainable ethical practices for our manufacturers. PSB offers a safe experience for both consumers and employees, to maintain honorable standards in the workplace. For this reason, dolls are sold in small batches and will be mentioned prior to release on our catalogue. This gives each customer the opportunity to buy and join the PSB community. These dolls and accessories offered are now only available at PSB store in Mississauga and website. 

PSB toys are sold in our Mississauga location, and on our online website. Each doll is handmade by a local designer and is linked to a QR code to register on our site. Many styles and dolls will continue to be sold in batches that will be mentioned on our seasonal catalogue, offering fresh new takes on fashion that seasonEach doll has a unique set of characteristics and teaches young girls’ ideas that will create comfort in these growing times. We would love for every girl to get their hand on PSB dolls however to keep up to ethical practices and authenticity dolls are sold in small batches. However, we have multiple releases to give everyone the chance of being a proud owner of a PSB doll.

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Want good grades for your kids? Try us!

Good grades for your kids? 

We can help your kids get good grades at school. In a Forbes article, “The Pew Research Center found, nearly 90% of 2,462 teachers said that digital technologies were creating “an easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” (Barret, 2012). Existing in a constantly changing technological world, Generation Z  faced technology as soon as they stepped into the world. The issue is not technology but the usage.

Trouble scoring good grades
Person fighting the distractions

That being said, PSB toys designed a toy by conducting thorough research about the connection between concentration levels and academic performance. A toy built using latest technology for your kids to help build concentration and focus helping them to score good grades.

During the pandemic times, while being stuck at homes kids could not help but stay on devices all day. Because of this, kids were inviting more distraction and so drifting away from their academics. Because of online learning, kids would spend more time on devices than before.

Lack of concentration
Kid trying to concentrate

As a former Monk, “Dhandapani” says: “If you’re practicing distraction for 12, 13 out of that 16 hours, seven days a week, then you’re going to become really, really good at it” (Dhandapani, 2017). Distracted kids tend to score lower grades than undistracted kids.

Kids face troubles in concentrating in school and distract themselves at home to run away from doing homework. As a result,  fall back on their academics.

Concentration apart from good grades

Benefits of higher concentration levels are not restricted to just scoring good grades.

Concentration and good grades
Benefits of building concentration

Concentration toy specifically designed to build concentration and focus in kids while doing any task, may it be studying to achieve good grades. Learning a new skill like playing the piano, learning to skateboard, ice-skate, karate, basketball, tennis etc. Concentration is the cornerstone to all areas of a kid’s life. Benefits for higher concentration levels in kids just not come into use in these areas. But also learning and achieving good grades helps kids build self-esteem, enables quick comprehension, improves memory. And also giving them the skill to think for themselves. This also benefits the kids in the long-run and helps them survive confidently in their future. It also helps the kids excel in the professional world.

Sequence and good grades

Moreover, the concentration toy by PSB toys for your kids is different from a traditional way to help kids build concentration. Because it becomes boring and less fun for the kids. With working parents, it gets harder to sit with the kids and spend time with them teaching them to practice concentration. This is one of the reasons why PSB toys developed the concentration toy to be a fun toy. So, kids are attracted to the toy on their own and do not have to be pushed. As a result, kids would have fun and at the same time build concentration levels.

Sequence toy refers to arranging things or alphabets in order and do activities which involves following instructions step by step. This sequence toy uses technology to keep track of the kid’s progress. It catches when the kid misses a step during the couple of activities for sequencing.

Our research team at PSB toys did a great job researching about the toy and getting it developed by professional IT personnel. Most importantly, PSB team got the toy rolling for a year with parents who volunteered to use the toy for their kids and shared results later which showed improved grades for their kids.

Want your kids to score good grades, try us.

Order for your kids future now from PSB Toys

“The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are concentrated, they illumine.”
Swami Vivekananda

To read more about concentration, visit the following links: 


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Holiday Picks 2021: Best DIY toys for children in Mississauga

Holiday season is finally here and we want this season to be extra special. With so many toy launches dropping this year, we understand the struggle of trying to find just the right gift to give to just the right kid. This year we’ve decided to make it easier by gathering our top toys of the season available here in Ontario! Today we look at the best DIY toys for children in Mississauga.

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With majority of this school year being online, our kids have missed out on the joys of being active and challenged as we once were. Activities like summer camps, play days and even family cottage nights have been missed dearly by all. As we transition into this new year of what we hope to see normality, we’ve got just what you need to bring the adventurous and creative nature back into your child’s system!

Meet PSB DIY, a line of fun easy to build toys that will bring the screen time down as you and your little one get closer this holiday season!

Do-it-themselves, or with your help of course!

This December, PSB toys will be launching their new Holiday themed collection of DIY toys, called PSB DIY. With this pandemic making accessibility harder, we’ve heard a lot about do-it-yourself dupes and activities to keep us occupied. Have you ever thought about DIY toys? DIY toys are a new twist to toy construction! Put down the legos, and bring on PSB toys! 

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PSB toys feature a variety of products suitable for children over the ages of 3! Each set includes an instruction manual with simple and easy details on how to construct the toys, as well as all the tools and parts needed along the way! Batteries included! These toys are perfect as it helps bring out a child’s inner problem solving skill and creativity! They also get the pleasure of saying they did it all by themselves!

Support Local Creatives!

So many things to love about PSB toys, especially their aim at supporting their community. PSB DIY toys have been designed and created by local artists around the GTA including some of Sheridan College’s very own! With a variety of items to choose from, each artist has added their unique touch to make your childs holiday season extra special. From the packaging to the final product our artists have thought it all through and provided special clues and instructions to make each item easy to build and a remarkable reward. Be sure to pick up your toy this season and tag #PSBDIYcreates to feature your childs creation on PSB’s instagram story this season!

Safe resort to DIY toys for children in Mississauga!

With great power comes great responsibility and PSB toys has made that key. PSB DIY features toy kits for various age groups that includes all tools and pieces necessary for the job! But to ensure further safety, different kits have been created for different ages, ranging in difficulty level and type of toy. Kids ages 3-10 are priority, first and the best craftsmen have put together durable parts that do not require any harsh or dangerous adhesives or products. Kids age 10+ however will have the option to purchase their own packages with adhesives and tools provided.

Shop with PSB Toys!

PSB toys will be available for purchase this holiday season in their pop up shop in Mississauga Ontario! Make sure you mark down your calendars and hop in line as you don’t want to miss out on PSB20! Yes you heard it correctly! PSB toys will be having a sale for 90 days in which orders over $50 will receive 20% off! Check out their website to learn more about each product! 


We can’t wait to see what your child can create this holiday season! Be sure to tag #PSBDIY and follow PSB Toys on instagram and facebook for more DIY toys!


What Makes PSB Toys so Unique? Mississauga’s very own Handcrafted Toy Store!

PSB Toys, Mississauga’s very own Handcrafted Toy Store.

Looking for the best handcrafted Toy store? PSB Toys in Mississauga sells a small range of products, mainly known for selling well-crafted, handmade toys from local designers and artisans. Located near Square One Shopping Centre in downtown Mississauga, PSB Toys is easily accessible to shoppers from Square one shopping centre. PSB Toys was established 2 years ago in 2019 and aims at promoting local designers and artisans who produce top quality handcrafted toys for children. This makes PSB Toys unique because most kids’ toys are usually mass-produced in large factories overseas in China. This also allows Canadians to help support designers and artisans that come from Canada. This can be meaningful to customers that want to see more Canadian representation in the toy industry, as that market is very much dominated by Chinese and American brands.


DIY HANDCRAFTED TOYSChildren visiting PSB toy shop

This Christmas PSB Toys Mississauga has to offer a new range of DIY Toys that can help family’s build their own toys and increase bonding between them and their children. The new DIY Toys section will include action figures that will be inclusive of all body types, gender and races. No other toy store has action figures and toys of all different shapes, sizes and colours. We want kids to be able to buy dolls that look exactly like them so that they do not need to compare themselves to unrealistic standards. The Toys from PSB Toys also comes with a 2-year warranty. No other toy company in the market offers a warranty that is as long as ours. The longest other companies offer their warranty is 3 months (90 days). We want our customers to have a peace of mind if their toys were to get damaged within two years. Customer service is taken very crucially by PSB Toys. 

ECO-FRIENDLY PSB TOYSKids playing with PSB toys

How are the PSB Toys Eco friendly ? Since the products are handmade, no pollutants go into the air when the product is being made. Most of the materials used to manufacture our products include materials like easily recyclable plastic and biodegradable toy parts.These toys are ideal for families who value saving the earth and purchasing items that do not contribute to global warming. 

This Christmas lets make a change. Let us start promoting our local designers and artisans at PSB Toys. Let us become more inclusive and more eco friendly. And most importantly let us stand out from the rest of the toy stores. PSB Toys Mississauga is unique and here for a change.