Knit Designer Dolls

PSB Toys is a small toy business located in prime Mississauga, that offers a unique spin on classic loveable toys. Now offering new premium knit dolls handmade by our local artisans and designers. Each doll is uniquely different from each other, so every girl can have their own personalized collection. Each toy is unique with a limited supply to offer an incredible rare experience to growing girls. With the best quality material used, these dolls are sustainable to endure the daily adventures with you. Now compatible with a QR code to register your doll on our website, to keep up to date with new features, tools, and accessories offered. Buy now! These dolls keep you interconnected with the world of PSB toys. 

Unique knit designer dolls with trendy appearances.

Knit Dolls Style 

Each doll comes with a selected outfit, a blouse, a variation of pants/shorts and a matching shoes and accessory option. There are over 25+ style options offered individually, to customize each doll’s outfits to owners’ preference. There are various pieces that coordinate the following season and fashion trends seen in the media. More styles will continue to be released to keep collectors engaged and enhance the appearance of dolls overtime. Many outfits are comparable to those in your closet to give you a chance to coordinate with your dolls while staying in style. Each style is compatible with every type of girl, from sporty, chic, quirky, and much more. Allowing girls to change their dolls appearance and personality based on preference will give them the opportunity to challenge and learn more about themselves.  


Designing each doll gives girls the option to challenge their fashion sense while also developing characteristics for their toys that are reflective to themselves. Each doll gives the opportunity to young girls to learn more about themselves than regular toys. Giving a creative outlook to help guide and develop those skills that can be useful as they mature. PSB catalogs are accessible online offering modern style, toys, and discussion to engage and instruct young girls. Using an interactive method of products will adopt new features seamlessly to the community, keeping the content fresh and useful. Many skills can be obtained and targeted using our PSB online platform, by allowing kids to specialize in their own interest.  


Each doll is given a suggested name, outfit and set of characteristics to personalize each customer experience. Although these can be altered in store to preference and will reflect when interacting online and with other dolls. In an age of social distance PSB dolls support the bond of toys over an online platform, creating a safe community to connect.  

Compatible handmade dolls to teach and style.

PSB dolls are sold exclusively with a limited supply for each collection. Each doll is handmade by a local artisan who has perfected their skills to offer the best experience and quality. By paying close attention to detail and using sustainable ethical practices for our manufacturers. PSB offers a safe experience for both consumers and employees, to maintain honorable standards in the workplace. For this reason, dolls are sold in small batches and will be mentioned prior to release on our catalogue. This gives each customer the opportunity to buy and join the PSB community. These dolls and accessories offered are now only available at PSB store in Mississauga and website. 

PSB toys are sold in our Mississauga location, and on our online website. Each doll is handmade by a local designer and is linked to a QR code to register on our site. Many styles and dolls will continue to be sold in batches that will be mentioned on our seasonal catalogue, offering fresh new takes on fashion that seasonEach doll has a unique set of characteristics and teaches young girls’ ideas that will create comfort in these growing times. We would love for every girl to get their hand on PSB dolls however to keep up to ethical practices and authenticity dolls are sold in small batches. However, we have multiple releases to give everyone the chance of being a proud owner of a PSB doll.

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Matching outfits for you and your little friend!

Ever wish you had a sibling to match with? Well now you can match your outfit with your favourite doll!

Our local toy store, PSB Toys now makes dolls that come with matching outfits for you and your little friend. These are perfect for children longing for a sibling, or even for kids that are really into fashion! Our unique toy store is located right in the heart of Mississauga and features small range toys that are sure to help you stand out. Made by local designers and artisans, you can support your local community, get to know the hands that made your toys, and show off your unique tastes and styles.

Unique toys that are ethically sourced!

Did you know that most big brand name toys are made in third world countries by little kids? These children are probably around the same ages as the kids these toys are meant for. These child labour practices are incredibly unethical because these children often work in unsafe conditions for very little money. When you purchase from these toy brands, you are supporting their practice of using children to mass produce thousands of products for just a few cents.

When buying our toys, you can avoid supporting these unethical practices.

Our toys are incredibly unique and made by local artisans and designers. As opposed to most toymakers, our products are not mass produced in third world countries; instead, we offer a smaller selection of each product, allowing kids to show off their individuality through their toys. This way, you don’t have to worry about having the same toys as every other child in your school. Stand out amoungst your friends with the latest limited edition toys! 

We encourage you to make the world a better place by supporting your local community instead of these large brands that continue to use unethical child labour practices.

Follow our newsletter or check out our website for more information about our efforts to create a more ethical and sustainable world.

locally sourced dolls
See here just some of the many dolls available at our store.

With our Newest Toy, You can Have a little friend and match with them as well!

Our newest toy line features dolls of all colours, sizes and genders that come with 2 sets of clothes – one for you and one for your new friend! We were inspired by a young girl that always wished to have a younger sibling. We came up with the idea to create a doll that looked like a smaller version of her so she could dress and match with her doll to fill the void of a little sibling. 

If you love fashion and dressing up, this is the doll for you! Our dolls are well-crafted and made with quality resources. You won’t have to worry about having the same toys as the other kids in school because our products have the unique benefit of being unique themselves. We can help give you an elite appearance towards your friends with our luxurious toys and clothes. You can also become familiar with the people and the hands that made your toys, giving them a more intimate and special quality.

So don’t wait! Add our toys to your Christmas lists and hurry before your favourite styles and toys sell out!

Alice and her new little buddy!
this image shows one of our very first customers, Alice with her favourite new doll she can match with.

For more information about our products and how you can get them, please visit our website, contact us, or sign up for our newsletter for up to date information about new releases and promotions.

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Remarkable Authentic Dolls Mississauga

PSB Toys is known for creating remarkable, authentic handmade dolls from local designers and artisans in Mississauga. Our main focus Is traditional dolls, created using authentic, one of a kind designs and in a limited quantity. PSB toys main selling proposition is to empower children with one of a kind, authentic and exclusive designs. PSB achieves this by selling our products in small quantities allowing individuals to have limited access to toys that most children cannot have. The uniqueness and exclusivity allows children to feel special when they are finally able to purchase and play with our well-crafted designs.

  • Quality

Many toys manufacturers use cheap materials with lousy designs. These toys are not built to last long term, are mass produced, and not fun for children. One of the biggest differences you will notice with our dolls is the quality and design.

Our dolls are built to last by handmade artisans and designers who individually craft each doll with precision and care. This means that when you purchase one of our dolls, you can confidently be the owner of one of a one of a kind doll that will last for a lifetime of memories. Our prices are slightly higher than other toys on the market, but this is reflected from the materials and quality we promise with every doll. Each of our designs is remarkable, authentic and tells a different story. Although the PSB customer base is small, the base is very loyal and has provided amazing feedback on our products.

  • Design

Another thing we noticed about our customers is their interest for fashion.

All of our toys vary in size, and styles giving each child a unique experience and look. This gives our customers the ability to match our dolls with some of their favourite outfits. Most toys on the market are not unique to each customer, which doesn’t allow children to be special and different from their friends.

  • Exclusivity

Lastly, PSB ‘s main focus is to keep our toys exclusive and limited. Considering our dolls are all remarkable, authentic, handmade and individually unique, we our unable to produce large quantities. By releasing smaller quantities, we can take our time, make the best product possible, and keep our toys limited and exclusive.

Although, this means not every child who wants one of our dolls will be able to purchase one right away. We release our dolls four times a year, with each release featuring different styles and designs. We’re sorry for anyone who is unable to purchase a doll. We want everyone to have the PSB experience, but to keep the PSB experience as authentic as possible we must stick true to our identity as a limited and exclusive toy manufacturer.

By releasing our toys four times a year using a raffle method, we feel we give each and every child a fair opportunity to enjoy our dolls. We have hundreds of children who can testify their special experience with PSB Toys and how unique, special and excited you feel when you unbox your first doll. This is why PSB Toys has one of the most loyal customer bases in the industry.

If you are a young girl who loves fashion, wants a remarkable authentic doll in Mississauga and needs a unique memorable experience, sign up now and subscribe to our newsletter. Stay up to date with information on our next release. See how you can be entered to win a chance to purchase one of our dolls!

We wish everyone luck and hope every child will be able to have the PSB experience. Don’t forget, if you want to be unique, choose PSB! Check out our remarkable authentic dolls in Mississauga!

Handmade Authentic Dolls
Each doll is unique and hand crafted. Our dolls are designed to be limited, exclusive and built to last. Sign up for a chance to purchase from our website!


Empowering children
We inspire to put a smile on every child who purchases one of our dolls. Our dolls are remarkable authentic, locally designed and will create a special experience with every child.


Diverse Handcrafted Fluffy Toys with PSB Toys

By: Akbar Hasan, Group 2

Example of Diverse Handcrafted Fluffy Toys
Potential diverse handcrafted fluffy toys from PSB Toys

Children will always love to play with toys. It is a fact that no one will ever argue against. It is true that the world has become more technological and digital. Your kids will want to play on their devices and video games, that is true. However, that does not mean the wonders of playing and learning with action figures and dolls will become boring to young children. You can help teach them with many different toys from the PSB Toys company in Mississauga, Ontario. Our company sells well-crafted, handmade toys from local designers and artisans. We are shown to very much care and support our local businesses. Many of our diverse handcrafted fluffy toys and action figures are safe for children of all ages.

Diverse Handcrafted Toys and More

PSB’s diverse handcrafted fluffy toys and wide variety of other products are different from other big market toys store companies. Our many products are ones that will be inclusive to all body types, races, and genders. We have diverse handcrafted fluffy toys, plush toys, action figures, toys that help with tutoring, handcrafted dolls, and more. They are all made with the mindset of trying to appeal to many different children from many walks of life. We are in the works of gaining more unique product ideas from local designers.  An example are dolls that can be modeled and tailored off what the customer wants and looks like. Imagine the many possibilities of giving your kids little dolls that look exactly like them. It can be a long-term toy that your kids would keep with them even in adulthood.

You can help educate your children of the many local designers and artist with how our toys are different then many big chains toy store products. When purchasing products like our many diverse handcrafted fluffy toys, you will be buying from local artist and businesses in Mississauga and the GTA. This is more amazing then just buying from generic toy brands like Lego and Barbie. Our handmade toys made by local designers and artisans will help you not only provide your child with a fun toy to have, but also will allow you to support your local community and people. The better you support local businesses and designers, the more you are supporting better quality and educational toys for your children.

Quality Over Quantity

Example of Kids playing with Handcrafted toys
Kids playing with Handcrafted Toys like the ones at PSB

Many big toy stores do not care about giving more diversity-friendly toys to their customers and children. They give mass produced, factory made, Barbie dolls that all look alike. Products like diverse handcrafted fluffy toys are the last thing big stores care about. PSB Toys will care to sell dolls and action figures of different nationalities, sexual orientations, and more. What better way to educate your children about diversity and other people then with their toys? These are the major things developing young children will use and have alongside them as they continue to learn, play, and grow.

As the world does become more electronic and digital, our toys will make sure to incorporate more news way to entertain and educate your children. An example is putting voice activated electronics in diverse handcrafted fluffy toys. They will be soft for your young children to play with, and they will have the capabilities of helping you teach kids as well. We also know that kids break their toys, am I right? So, we have 2-year warranties for a lot of our products. You also do not have to worry too much about the prices of custom-made toys being expensive because our prices are a lot cheaper than you think.

So, what are you waiting for? PSB Toys is waiting for you. You can comment, following and connect with us on our many social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and/or visit our store on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario. Hope you look forward and keep in touch to more amazing news PSB Toys will offer soon.