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About PSB Fitness


PSB Fitness provides two locations that are geared to Post-Secondary Students at both Sheridan college campuses to provide the proper health-motivating activities that will motivate our students on having a healthier and more motivated mind state when using our products and services. PSB Fitness provided a variety of ailments which we use which will fulfill the diverse needs of each consumer that joins the PSB Fitness team which will help to move a step closer to their personal fitness goals.


Why you should consider PSB Fitness!

At PSB Fitness we provide several different services that many different students will be able to enjoy during there own time, PSB fitness is able to shift its focus into catering into different needs and wants of the consumers and we are still adding new potential services in our brand’s line extension. Down below are the main services we provide towards our clients.


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Our Services

  • Gym Fitness centres & Equipment

    Multiethnic group of young people participating in fitness weights class

      PSB Fitness provides several gym equipment like pulley bars, tricep ropes, adjustable dumbbells, Dip stands, kettle bells and many more which are accessible 24/7 at our facilities


    • Pilates Classes

With our PSB Pilates Instructors our clients will be able to have the ability to gain experience and new skills with this new activity being applied. At PSB Fitness our customers will have the ability to chose their own designated date and time to set up an lesson with our trained Instructors at starting price of $15.99

  • Yoga Classes
  • Gym Overview

With Providing activities like Yoga we have the ability to cater to clients that look for relaxation methods, practices that can help reduce the level on anxiety as well with stress.

  • Zumba Classes

    Zumba Class
    With PSB Zumba Classes being provided we focus on clients who look to build muscles, tone certain parts of their body as well with boosting their heart health by the use of specific body movement and music.
  • Personal Trainer Assistance
  • Man and woman shake hands after successful workout in a gym

At PSB Fitness you have the opportunity to have a Personal Trainer to help Assist you based on goals that students are looking to surpass during their personal journey at PSB Fitness.

  • Health Practitioner Assistance
  • Health is wealth

PSB Students have the opportunity to gain health advice from a license practitioner to have an insight on specific health decisions and plans that suit each individual at PSB Fitness


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Convenient and Affordable place to stay in shape

About PSB Fitness

Are you looking for a an affordable gym that was able to be fit into your busy schedule? If so you’ve come to the right place PSB Fitness was founded on those exact principles, Convenience and affordability. We are a fitness gym that have partnered with Sheridan College Hazel McCallion and Davis to provide on campus fitness support to faculty, staff and students. Our founders Jesse and Matt brewed up this company when they themselves as students found it incredibly difficult to find time to fit exercise in general into their busy academic lives, and they sought to change that by providing on campus facilities for exercise, nutrition and much more all of that combines into our dream of a convenient and affordable place to stay in shape!

Matt Frizz [Co-Founder]                                           5 Years Personal Trainer
Jesse Wizz [Co-Founder]                                         7-Year Goodlife Fitness Instructor

What can we offer you??

We stand by the core tenants and our business convenience and affordable, that is was is so unique about our gym and why it offers you the best value, for students no cost for bus fare, gas or Uber not to mention the saving on another finite resource which is your time, Not to mention the amazing variety of services that we offer that is guaranteed to fulfill a large variety of different needs, because no ones health or fitness is an exact science. But our people are here to work with you to both accommodate you and help you pursue your goals.

Multiethnic group of young people participating in fitness weights class

Membership Benefits

    • Personal Training

One on one, or in a group its your fitness your way, you can chose how you want to train, who you want to train  with and how often you want to train. Our personal trainers have been working with young adults for years, so they understand more than most what it is you could be looking for, when it comes to muscle mass, body weight, stamina and much more. We guarantee you a completely reliable and customizable exercise experience.

    • Nutrition Consultation

Our experienced Nutrition specialists can help you with a variety of different goals, including diets for a variety of different purposes such as muscle growth, weigh loss and many other nutrition plans that can help you feel better about your body in your daily life.

    • Cycling Classes

Feeling out of breath while running from class to class? You’re in luck because of PSB Fitness’s cycling program. guaranteed to grow your stamina so you can make it across campus and back with ease. 2 classes are held in our facilities every week and with your membership you can come to as many as you want or as little as you need.

Loyalty Card Program

Fitness is not meant to be alone! that’s why we decided to create the PSB Fitness Loyalty card, so for 4 times a month you can bring one designated person to select participating activities for no additional cost! You can sign up for the Fitness Loyalty reward card by selecting our 1 Year upfront payment plan and start working out with your body so you can both have a convenient and affordable place to stay in shape

Membership Plans

  • Monthly

        • $50 

Includes access to Personal Training programs at Hazel McCallion or Davis Campus

  • Semi-Annual

        • $200

Includes access to all fitness equipment and programs on Hazel McCallion or Davis                                       Campus

  • Annually

        • $350:

      • Includes access to all fitness equipment and programs, Loyalty Card Program aswell as access to both Davis and Hazel McCallion Campus’s
  • Student

        • $35/Per month

Includes access to all fitness equipment and programs on Hazel McCallion or Davis                                       Campus

Don’t waste time lounging at home, get in shape today!



Hybrid Fitness Classes with a Friend in Mississauga

Try our hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga today!

PSB Fitness Logo - features cartoon man half black half red holding weight

Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, fun with friends

About PSB Fitness and Hybrid Fitness

PSB Fitness is a new athletic endeavour which offers hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga. By two of your favourite PSB grads, Jessie, and Matt, they created it especially for Sheridan students, staff, and alumni. They have both have a passion and background in fitness! Jessie spent 7 years as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt has 5 years’ experience being a certified personal trainer. They found fitness needs of students were no longer being met by available gyms and fitness classes in Mississauga. They decided to take their fitness experience and combine it with their business know-how, and launch a new hybrid gym brand, PSB Fitness! PSB Fitness is all about serving members of the Sheridan community, fitting their busy schedules, especially the students. We fit into your schedule by always being available to you no matter where you are. That’s right, PSB Fitness is hybrid bringing the gym experience to you no matter what! We have two physical locations, one each at HMC in Mississauga and Davis in Brampton, located on the campuses. We also have our virtual gym offering, where you can get in a quick sweat in with one of our fitness classes anywhere.  
Multiethnic group of young people participating in fitness weights class

What Drives PSB Fitness and our Hybrid Fitness Classes

PSB Fitness has key motivations behind how it delivers fitness to the Sheridan Community. These motivations are key to Jessie and Matt and make up the core of PSB Fitness. Let’s address the elephant in the room, COVID-19 changed the way we live and go about our lives, fitness included, this idea guided Jessie and Matt to develop the core of PSB Fitness.

Hybrid fMan participating in virtual yoga fitness classitness that fits your life

The pandemic brought on many changes to our lifestyles, including introducing the hybrid lifestyle to the masses, that where you have both in-person and online elements of your life. With in-person locations and an equivalent virtual offering, featuring the same fitness classes at each, no matter if you live in Mississauga or not, PSB Fitness is there.

Hybrid fitness classes with a friend that entertain

Many of our lives became a bit mundane over the past 2-3 years, including many people’s fitness routines. The hybrid fitness classes offered by PSB Fitness are designed around raising your fitness level, no matter what level you are starting at (beginner, expert, or anything in between), while giving you an entertaining experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about. We offer many classes including, boxing, yoga, pilates, cross-fit, weightlifting, cycling and more.

Working out together is betterMan and woman shake hands after successful workout in a gym

Jessie and Matt love fitness, but they love it even more when they do it together or with friends. They also really loved the idea of hybrid fitness classes with a friend in Mississauga. This led PSB Fitness to get behind the message of “Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, but fun with friends.” Working out with friends makes the time go by faster, makes you push yourself harder, and in general just helps you get the best benefit out of your time that you dedicate to improving your fitness. To encourage working out together, we want you to bring a friend to your next fitness class; this is a feature of the PSB Fitness Loyalty Card, which ensures that one can bring a friend to the gym for free, and never work out alone again.

We offer what you want

PSB Fitness is by fitness experts and makes sure to cater to all fitness wants. We take into consideration that some want assistance with their fitness journey and others want minimal guidance. PSB Fitness suits all types and is for everyone. Our services on offer include:
  • Guided Fitness Routines
  • Personal Fitness Training with our expert Personal Trainers
  • Exciting Fitness Classes
  • An ideal gym environment to help you meet your fitness goals (with a friend!)

All of this is offered in person for those located in Mississauga & Brampton and virtually for members!

Personal trainer helping woman lift the weighted bar

Our Hybrid Fitness Classes with a Friend

Working out can be a drag, that’s why we’ve worked so hard at PSB Fitness to create entertaining and effective fitness classes that are on offer both in-person at our physical locations, and virtually from our online location. That’s right, you can start attending classes in person in Mississauga, and if your schedule changes, you can continue that same class virtually online, with the same experience. That’s not all, our fitness classes are led by our expert personal trainers, including our founders Matt and Jessie. The fitness classes were designed in mind to accommodate attending alone, or as we encourage for a more exciting twist, attending our fitness classes with a friend. Our hybrid fitness classes (with a friend) on offer:Group of young people particpate in a group yoga fitness class
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cross-fit
  • Cycling
  • Weightlifting
  • We are always adding more, let us know what fitness classes you would like to attend with a friend!
So, if you find your social life dragging, attend one of our fitness classes with a friend and it’ll be on the rebound quicker than a snap!

PSB Fitness Hybrid Membership Pricing

PSB Fitness offer two tiers of membership pricing:
  • For current Sheridan students, staff, and alumni - $50/semester
  • For all others (i.e., not related to Sheridan) - $100/semester
  • PSB Fitness Loyalty Card to bring a friend, free, 4 times a month available to all members at $0 extra

***Offer available to all PSB Fitness members, pay for the entire year up front and save 20%!***

At PSB Fitness we have a saying, “Fitness is just like studying, boring alone, but fun with friends,” so bring a friend and let’s get exercising.

Join Today and Bring a Friend to a Fitness Class!


HMC Campus

4180 Duke of York Boulevard

Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road

Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
Virtual Campus
Wherever you are!

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Gyms near Sheridan College Mississauga

Welcome to PSB Fitness Gyms Mississauga and Brampton

A great and safe environment for Sheridan college students and faculty to clap some weights or just mingle and hang with friends. The options are endless at PSB Fitness. Gyms near Sheridan College Mississauga are hard to come by, but not anymore.

A little bit about our gyms near Sheridan College in Mississauga and Brampton:

Just one of the many machines PSB Fitness offers near Sheridan College Mississauga. Name the equipment we've got it.
Jessie (Left) and Matt (right) inside PSB Fitness gym Mississauga location

Founded by Jessie and Matt they bring years of experience and professionalism. This helps us to provide our customers with the best and get the most out of their gym visit. While thinking of ways to make the most convenient options for students they decided that, opening and offering students and faculty from Sheridan college would help to promote their best gym experiences. With both Jessie and Matt going through college there was always no time nor convenient place for them to spend an hour or two working out. That’s when PSB Fitness turned from a dream to reality.

At PSB Fitness we pride ourselves on our guest experience and making the gym environment the best for all. It’s understood that sometimes there are people who may feel uncomfortable being in person and exercising and also understand that people may be hesitant to be in a facility with many people due to the covid 19 pandemic. All we say is we understand and we’re here for you our mix of in person or virtual workouts are set up to help you anytime or any place. We also understand that time during a day is limited so offering a close to school gym is something we believe is best for students and faculty. We are excited to meet you and look forward to you all joining our gym family.


What do we and our gyms in Mississauga and Brampton offer:

At PSB Fitness we want our customers to have the best experience possible. Our two prime locations one located near Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus and the other at Sheridan College Davis Campus. This allows for limited travel and saves time in doing so. Students in college spend the majority of their day already on campus. So why not spend the off time you have staying fit or having a place to make friends. Gyms near Sheridan College Mississauga or Brampton are hard to find, so stop by PSB Fitness.

We offer a standard entrance fee of $12.99. However, for Sheridan students or faculty we offer a discounted entry price of $8.99. We also offer monthly memberships at a great deal. Our standard monthly membership starts at $45.99 per month, however for Sheridan students and faculty we offer memberships at a discount of $25.99 per month. All we need is proof of a OneCard and that’s all.

We offer a cheaper gym experience for those who attend Sheridan college whether your alumni, current student or even professor. We create an environment in which those around you can relate to you. Finding gyms near Sheridan College in Mississauga or Brampton could be hard to find. PSB Fitness combines it all cheap, close and a family environment.
Learn more about Memberships and Pricing here

We’re like your typical gym but we want to offer the most. Check out our social medias to stay up to date on new offers. Also feel free to visit our social medias as our dedicated staff will be posting workout routines. These are made available to all but for those who feel more comfortable with at home workouts, or feel free to stop by and speak with our friendly staff members were always here to help.

Here are links to our socials:

PSB Fitness gyms were here to support you while creating memories and habits that will last for a lifetime

Directions to Mississauga Location

Directions to Brampton Location



Hybrid Gym near Sheridan College Mississauga

PSB Fitness
Friends don't let friends work out alone.

About PSB Fitness Hybrid

Are you looking for a hybrid gym near Sheridan College in Mississauga? We offer a “people’s first”, approach to fitness. Our founders, Khizar Ahmed, Natan Bowden, Osama Khalaf, Dylan Labutte, and Michael Fuoco built PSB Fitness with the idea that working out should be cheap, easy, and convenient. Furthermore, in an era of rapid innovation, traditional gyms have stagnated. Moreover, how many times has a gym charged you for a membership you don’t even use?

Firstly, PSB Fitness is committed to creating a fun, engaging, and helpful community. Moreover, Sheridan College is where the idea for PSB Fitness was first thought of. Consequently, it’s fitting that our first location is in the heart of Mississauga at the HMC Campus. Moreover, enjoy a modern twist to traditional gyms. In the same vein, not only do we offer In-person and Online classes, your entire account can be adjusted through your mobile device. As a result, whether it’s canceling your membership, booking a class, or making a payment, do it all through the easy-to-use PSB Fitness app. In short, PSB Fitness’s goal is to bring an affordable, convenient gym experience that fits a student’s busy schedule to you and your friends, both in-person on campus, and virtually at home.

Hybrid Gym near Sheridan College Mississauga

Why PSB Fitness Hybrid?

Firstly, we aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay! However, PSB Fitness is the place to be if you enjoy working out in an affordable and convenient space with a communal atmosphere. Firstly, we estimate that most of our clients will be Sheridan College students at the launch of PSB Fitness. You’ll likely see a bunch of familiar friendly faces! Secondly, to double down on our people-first approach we offer a PSB Fitness Executive Card. This is our loyalty card that allows you to bring your friend to workout 4 times FOR FREE, no questions asked. Just have your virtual punch card scanned at reception and you’re good to go! To sum up, we are for the people who are tired of the same gym experience for the last 100 years, we make it easy to do everything with our app. Purchase, adjust, and cancel your membership all through the app. 

Services & Amenities at PSB Fitness Hybrid Sheridan College (Mississauga):

  • Hybrid Fitness Classes (In-Person & Virtual)
    • Cycling Classes
    • Yoga Classes
  • 1 on 1 Fitness Consultations
  • Personal Training
  • Personalized Weight Loss Program
  • Group Fitness Days 
  • Snack Bar

PSB Fitness Hybrid Executive Card

In this paragraph, we’ll go over the all-new Executive Card and why we think it’s important. For instance, as the age-old saying goes, Teamwork makes the dream work. Moreover, nothing embodies this more than going to the gym, nothing is worse than working out alone. Consequently, we’ve all been there, we said we’d go to the gym 4 times a week, it was our new year’s resolution, but this time would be different. Furthermore, it started off great…for about a month. After that, the semester started, and you got swamped with work and lost all your motivation. Likewise, been there, done that. 

Consequently, If only there was a way to change that…

Oh wait, there is. Firstly, according to research done by Gustavo Razzetti reviewed by Psychology Today, the use of an accountability partner can provide a significant boost to achieving your resolution (link). Moreover, PSB Fitness wants to see you succeed, that’s why you can bring a friend 4 times a month, absolutely free. In short, Friends don’t let friends work out alone.

Sheridan College x PSB Fitness Hybrid

PSB Fitness is the first hybrid gym near Sheridan College in Mississauga. Firstly, we chose to partner with Sheridan College to open our gym within their facilities because frankly, students don’t have enough time. For instance, think about how little time you’re left with after classes, homework, projects, and co-ops. In other words, it can be suffocating. Moreover, We want to provide a solution for busy students who need an affordable & convenient way to stay in shape with their friends. Above all, we want to make going to the gym fun again!

Hybrid Gym near Sheridan College Mississauga

Feedback – PSB Fitness: Hybrid Gym at Sheridan College

In short, there are a bunch of ways you can send your feedback in to us! Firstly, you can send us a direct message on Instagram. Secondly, you can private message us on our Facebook page. Thirdly, you can send us an email at customersupport@PSBFitness.com. Lastly, you can always come to an employee with a question, critic, or feedback! Furthermore, we are always looking for ways to improve our service, we want to give you everything you need to reach your goals. Moreover, PSB Fitness is committed to giving back to the community.

Above all, be the first to sign up for the first ever Hybrid Gym at Sheridan College!

PSB Fitness™      All rights reserved