Introducing the Virtual Gym

COVID! PANDEMIC! LOCKDOWN! These terms gained popularity and changed the lifestyle and way of living for many. Virtual gym promoting mental wellbeing and physical fitness is here. Everyone is tired of the global epidemic Everyone had a routine in their life that they were abiding by, but the virus changed everything and ruined their routine. With everything taking place online and gyms closing down, we bring the gym at home for you. You heard that right! Virtual gyms are here.


Who we are?

PSB Fitness Sheridan College
Welcome to PSB Fitness Sheridan College


PSB Fitness, a place that caters to all your fitness and health related needs is an environment where nothing seems impossible. Known for the exceptional service, we pledge to assist the members gain their fitness goals and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. We solemnly believe that working out is more fun and effective when done in a relaxed mood. Keeping that in consideration, the fitness center not only offers virtual classes but also has a buddy workout session program for the students and members for the gym.


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Buddy Workout Sessions

students socializing at the gym
Students exercising with fitness balls while the PSB Fitness App tracks their progress.


As the saying rightly goes that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Based on this we place our faith in providing a community for the members. We also deem that everything is possible when you decide to never give up and because of that positive attitude we refer to all our members as “tenacious beings.” Tenacious being is someone whose dictionary is missing out on the term impossible and place its emphasis on the phrase ‘never give up’. We are not only aiming in fostering a community but also providing ways for our members to benefit from such environment. Moreover, having a friend support will surely yield positive results. For instance, they would not only support mentally but can help with partner exercise as well. Furthermore, having a partner will boost the confidence and competitive spirit. Eventually, helping the member attain their goals. 



Why choose us? 

Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation
Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

As a virtual gym and a fitness center it is aiming to integrate the productive and dynamic workouts online at the members’ convenience who is committed to help their members maintain their goals or get in shape by helping them either shed or gain some weight possess all the qualities it needs to be called an ideal gym, especially in these trying times. PSB aims to help passionate individuals attain their goals. Furthermore, the gym not only suggests the recommended diet plans for the same, but members can also benefit from the trainers and book one for personal training.


Virtual sessions!  

Meditation online session
Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during lockdown in self isolation.

Eradicate depression, promote happiness! Work from home has made everyone so lazy due to the lack of movement.  This is the reason that there is a spike in the cases involving depression and anxiety. Also, it is true that the overall wellbeing encompasses being mentally happy and physically fit. Here at PSB Fitness we take care of both by fostering a community where everyone is supportive and pushes others to be the best version of themselves. Members have the flexibility of picking up the time slots that work form



Where are we located and what we offer?  


Located in Brampton and Mississauga, not only it is an easy commute but also offers a variety of workout and nutritional meal plans to help members lose or maintain weight.




Monthly Membership for virtual gym  – $24.99


Semi-Yearly Membership for virtual gym  – $ 250.00


Yearly Membership for virtual gym – $350.00




sheridan student healthy lifestyle

Referrals- Members can earn up to 20% off if they refer someone to join.


Tenacious stars- Need a little extra motivation? Earn tenacious ‘being’ stars and rewards, be called tenacious star of the week. If someone earns the badge of tenacious star of the week for four consecutive weeks, they can get up to additional 25% discount on next month’s payment. Motivated enough and wondering how to earn? All stars and rewards can be earned by attending all the remote classes that they book themselves for, ensuring that they are working towards achieving their goals by following the instructions of the trainer and the customized diet plan tailored to their needs.


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Virtual and in person gym with online app

Gym with virtual classes and online app

Why choose PSB Fitness? Virtual or In-person

PSB Fitness is a step towards the next generation advance gym. By choosing us, you are one step closer to the future and will be waiting on others to join you in our journey. We offer Virtual and in person gym with the help of our app and smart tech.

PSB Fitness has several smart technologies and equipment to offer. With so many technologies on hand, we believe in integration, not those complicated numbers in your Algebra class, but thanks to that Algebra we were able to make a phone application for you which integrates everything for you and adds it to your online profile. The fun part is you only have to put numbers of your workout in if you are not at the gym, but if you are at the gym, we got you covered.

Our smart machine will pick up your numbers and add it to your workout session automatically, all you will have to do is tap on the machine and push yourself as hard as possible to beat your previous best. That’s right! With your record on our app, you can check your previous best on any machine and earn different trophies and accomplishments on daily basis.

By choosing our virtual and in person gym, you are competing against yourself  every day and you have us here to help you beat the previous you and be better every day with the help of the app and our professionals.



 Monthly pricing;

Regular: $24.99 initiation fee, $29.99/month

Premium: $24.99 initiation fee, $39.99/month

 Yearly pricing;

Regular: $24.99 initiation fee, $349.99/year

Premium: $24.99 initiation fee, $469.99/year


What’s included? What we offer? 

Regular: For regular pricing, members can access the app, 10 free trial appointments with professional trainers and 2 martial arts classes per week. Members will also have partial access to the game in terms of running and calories burnt to gain Fit-points.

Premium: With the premium price, members have unlimited access to scheduling appointments with professional trainers, the Muscle Sensor, PSB fitness protein powder, sets of resistance bands, bottle shakers, and fitness gear (clothing, duffle bags, etc.), and earn extra Fit-points to get quicker rewards each month. Further, they will have full access to the game. Using the Muscle Sensors while working out, Fit-points are guaranteed towards the game when individuals are doing pushups, sit-ups, etc.

*Both Memberships will gain access to the soccer field, basketball court, swimming pool, sauna, and Yoga rooms.

Smart Tech and Mobile App:

Mobile/ Online App

The gym and the online app are strongly synchronized with each other. With the help of the NFC function, all you have to do is tap on the machine at the end of the workout and it will automatically send the summary to your online profile. The app also has a reminder system where it will remind you about the meal plan, working out and any other physical activity, therefore all of this information is stored in the app and has records such as fastest time, longest workout, you highest, your lowest and overall improvement.

You can also compete with your friends if they also go to PSB Fitness.

Muscle Sensor and Virtual App

We want you to keep track of every workout you do, so we can provide you with muscle sensors and you can workout at your home but still have everything on your virtual profile.

Smart Appointments: Members can book a virtual session instead of booking it at the gym and get guidance on any workout matter from our professionals through our app.


COVID-19 Gym Protocols

  • Masks are mandatory at all times
  • Follow the walking marking on the floor to maintain certain distance
  • Once done, members will sanitize the equipment
  • Any flu or fever like symptoms, please take a break and workout from home
  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, please call at your location and let us know
  • Sanitize after every workout from our several sanitizers across the gym

COVID-19 Safety Protocols


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Brampton: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

Mississauga: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5


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Phone: (905) 845-9430