Gym for Young Professionals in Mississauga.

Everyone is talking about a great new interactive gym for young professionals located in the heart of Mississauga. It has got great new and exciting technology, products, and services. PSB Fitness Gym is unlike any other gym. Its unique business model is centered around building connections and networking. The gym is primarily focused on connecting young professionals with actual industry professionals in Mississauga. Do not be surprised if you happen to see suits at this gym or if the interiors look too fancy. PSB Fitness hosts daily, weekly and even monthly conferences and events and must maintain a professional image. PSB Fitness hopes to be the solution to the unorthodox ways in which our career is determined.

Young Professionals networking In Mississauga.

Just as there are restaurants, cafés and bars to socialize in person. Similarly, there are several social media platforms to do so online. However, when it comes to building connections and networking, our options run slim. For most people, nothing else comes to mind besides LinkedIn. The same cannot be said for the members of PSB Fitness. The company hopes to bridge the gap between the youth and professionals by creating a safe, productive and social environment. Its members have the opportunity gain industry insights from the professionals themselves as well as share experiences. Ultimately, being a part of something bigger that gives the younger generation more chances of success.

Weekly Themed Gym Curriculum with Headliner Saturday’s

Young professionals gather Conference, Event at Gym in Mississauga.

At PSB Fitness, no two weeks will ever be the same! As PSB looks towards diversifying young professionals’ options, it must first narrow down the interests of each one on its members. By implementing a weeklong program specific theme, PSB allows room for opportunity to build and to be taken advantage of. Everything from the décor to professionals invited to some questionable food options can be expected to relate to the respected program. PSB looks to target over 52 programs along with each of its affiliated students, teachers, business professionals and even in rare cases celebrities.

Every Saturday, PSB Fitness will host activities, events and conferences that relate to the respective weekly program theme. To picture it yourself, feel free to visit our Instagram page for exciting media on past events. PSB Fitness invites its members to join in, share and gain views, insights, experiences and network during Saturday’s events. Most Importantly, each Saturday will also feature an exclusive headlining professional that is well reputable and respected in their industry. More information regarding upcoming weekly events can be found on the website, Please click Here to be redirected to the PSB Fitness website.

Stick around until the end of the post to have a sneak peek at the following week’s exclusive headliner.


PSB Fitness All Exclusive After work hours “Network-out Sessions” for young professionals

Young professionals networking at gym in Mississauga.

Introducing PSB fitness latest campaign “Network-out” which is hosted every weekday after work hours, between the hours of 5 PM and 8 PM. PSB invites successful alumni, influencers, industry professionals and on somedays even celebrities to come share their thoughts, insights and connect with budding professionals. Since PSB Fitness is a gym for young professionals in Mississauga, as a result not just professionals are the ones who do the sharing, anyone can and in fact PSB Fitness encourages all of its members to share their experiences and most importantly,  those that have a positive response from the listeners receive PSB Rewards Points which can be used to redeem all sorts of merch, consumables from the cafeteria or even pay your next month’s membership fees, For more about PSB Fantastic reward points plan, Please click here.


Something going on at the gym in Mississauga. Tune into PSB’s Podcast.

Podcast, Young Professional In Mississauga.

Want a better physique or better connections or to get out of your comfort zone. It can all be achieved at PSB Fitness. The best part, you never know who you might run into or what you might win. In Addition to so much going on, PSB Fitness has integrated a live podcast to guide members and control activities. To clarify, the host is responsible for managing all activities via the podcast and swarms of tweets. Consequently, Posting brief updates, information, and instructions via tweets throughout the day. Follow us on Twitter for Information on what’s currently going on. Most importantly, PSB Fitness promises to always be engaging and rewarding its members by hosting sweepstakes, games and so much more to win amazing rewards. Members can conveniently tune in to the podcast via the smartphone application or wearable devices to participate or while going about their workout.

Now, for a sneak peek into next week’s exclusive headliner. PSB Fitness is proud to present its Marketing week’s headliner. He’s a successful and well reputable Sheridan professor and a digital marketing professional, He loves tracksuits almost as much as he loves coffee. The Digital Marketing Yoda himself.

Digital Marketing Yoda, Young Professional In Mississauga.

Mr. Garrett Hall
Sheridan College

In Short, Come join us today and let’s Net-Workout together!

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