Veggie On Wheels: Business Structure

Veggie On Wheels: Business Structure

Veggie on Wheels is a company that supplies vegetables at wholesale rates to restaurants and even to your doorsteps. It provides fresh produce at low rates, it supplies fruits and vegetables in bulk quantities to restaurants. It is a small-scale business. Veggie on Wheels actively expanding its service area beyond the GTA to reach a wider audience and grow its business.

History of veggie on wheels 

Veggie On Wheels founder is Sanket Shah and he started his career at the age of 22 and made a profitable business in one year. He started his business in this area because he has a good experience in the vegetable market. He was working at a vegetable market for more than two years, and was working as a sales executive at Fresh Taste. The founders started this venture in December 2022. In the initiative days, he started supplying one restaurant and today this company is supplying more than 30 restaurants. When the business was started owner was doing marketing on his own and by giving good time to the business he expanded his business dramatically.

Expanded routes of Veggie on Wheels

This venture is well recognized all over GTA, and its vision is to wide spread in all over Ontario. Currently, Veggie On wheels Is supplies fresh produce most Probably to Indian restaurants. It also targets the number of Canadian restaurants that can give a big business to company. This strategy will also help to expand their business in different areas and franchise sectors.


Veggie On Wheels has different competitors in the Canadian fresh produce market like Gordon Food Service, Mr. Produce, Sisco, and many more. Currently, these companies are giving big competition To this venture. These are the large-scale companies that are currently supplying to big franchisee chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Pizza, Burger King, etc.

Business structure

Veggie on Wheels, currently running a small-scale business. These apply fresh produce to restaurants, purchasing it from the Ontario Food Terminal at a wholesale rate. They will supply the purchased inventory in bulk to the restaurants. In addition, they started selling vegetables in retail and at your doorsteps. This venture invested well they will supply the purchased inventory in bulk to the restaurants’ amount of capital in their purchasing power and also invested capital in purchasing assets, like trucks for delivery. The venture, just needed a 4-person team because it is a small-scale business so, there is less need for capital for salary and employment services.

Social Media: The impact it is having on society

Social Media: The impact it is having on society

What is going on?

Over the years Social Media has had, humanity has evolved in such a way that nowadays it is more important to keep the world up to date with what is happening in your personal life than yourself. Without a doubt, human beings have stopped putting ourselves first in our lives to give way to what is happening on the outside.

social media
social media

How this Social Media both affect and benefit?

The way this directly affects young people is that from birth, as babies they have access to unlimited amounts of internet access, which can be both good and bad. The good would be that they can have a more accelerated development and can use it to their advantage to learn skills and develop them in the outside world, the bad would be that more and more children do not explore their childhood as their parents have done. A clear example from a personal point of view is that more and more children today will not be able to enjoy playing in Mcdonalds games, because the famous fast food restaurant chain no longer offers games, because more and more children play on their cell phones.

What are the benefits for brands?

Another point to note would be that nowadays digital marketing has become quite positive for many brands, because through this they can make themselves known without having to invest a lot of money and time in old propaganda.

The emergence of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube among other platforms has allowed mankind to connect anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

According to Merriam-WebsterExternal link:, SM is defined as “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).” The 2019 Pew Research CenterExternal link: report on SM use in the United States showed that 72% of American adults use some form of social media. In 2005, the year after Facebook went live, that number was 5%.

What do you think about social media? Are they a safe way to connect with the world?

Maria Galindo,

Sneaker Reselling: Insider Guide to the world of Sneakers.

Welcome to the world of sneaker reselling, where passion meets profit!

No matter if you’re a sneakerhead planning to turn your shoe collection into money or a rookie eager to dive into the fruitful market, this blog is your guide to steering the twists and turns of sneaker reselling.

Sneaker Reselling

The resell market for shoes is over 2 billion dollars in North America and is expected to reach $30 billion by 2030 with celebrities, athletes, and artists partnering up with sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc., to release one hyped-up sneakers after one another.

Let’s talk about the rise of sneaker reselling culture, and sneakerheads this term refers to the individuals who usually collect shoes or sometimes trade them for good money. It all started in 1922 when a show company called Converse collaborated with basketball champion Chuck Taylor, this collaboration set a particular standard for sneaker culture through this limited edition collaboration release of sneakers which people started to buy at low prices and sell in high prices and that’s how sneaker reselling starts.

How to start sneaker reselling.

Sneaker reselling is the same as reselling any other thing, in this, you have to find a pair of brand new or used hyped-up shoes at retail price or discounted price and mark the price up, and sell it for profit. To buy sneakers you can visit factory outlets or clearance stores or maybe even thrift stores for better deals but to make some profits you have to find some limited edition shoes, big brands like Nike and Adidas drop such shoes every month, and for high profits try to grab your pairs at the time of release because these kind of shoes sell really quick.

Sneaker Reselling Strategies.

There are different ways for sneaker reselling, some people do it in the traditional method while others use a combination of different strategies to sell. First, we gonna talk about how to resell used sneakers because it is the cheapest way to break into the sneaker reselling market and it is a good way to learn “what to sell”. For used shoes, you can visit thrift stores, consignment shops, and even a Facebook marketplace, for many people this process could be exciting and fun.

For selling shoes StockX is one of the most popular platforms for sneaker reselling and it functions just like a regular stock market website where you can buy shoes and sell them you can also get an overview of your purchases and sales and even the shoes you are trying to find and track their values in the international market for this you just have to enter the style code and color code of the shoes into the search box of stockX.

But, don’t rely on the listed price check the advance option and check out the sold listings to know the actual value of the shoe. Shoes that are in good condition sell for a higher price, the prices of the shoes also depend on the condition of the box and proof of purchase. If you don’t want to sell used shoes you can do outlet hunting for new shoes at a cheaper price. Look for shoes that are at discounted prices and resell them for a higher price, but this process involves a lot of time in hunting for good shoes and checking if you are getting a good deal on them or not.

Sneaker Reselling

Sneaker Communities.

So to become successful in sneaker reselling you have to stay on top of the latest trends going on in the community, you can have an idea of what brands and styles are on the trending list. You can follow websites like HYPERBEAST which is one of the leading fashion websites for upcoming trends and see which brands are releasing new shoes, You can use their drop calendars for upcoming drops.

You can also join sneakerhead communities to get upcoming news of the latest drops on social media platforms and you can also follow YouTube channels like Seth Fowler, Brad Hall, The 1s Sneaker, and CrepjunkieTv for sneaker reviews and reselling strategies. There are many other sneaker communities on Twitter and Discord servers which you can also join.

Check for Authentication.

It doesn’t matter from where you are buying your shoes but you have to make sure that it should be authentic because it is difficult to spot a fake shoe. So when you are buying shoes from online platforms you have to dig a little deep and look for reviews, if you are buying it in person you should ask for a receipt or a legitimate proof of purchase. You can also check the boxes and tags for spelling errors and other manufacturing flaws and you can compare it with a photo of original shoes.

Try to check for style codes, barcodes, and numbers on the tag of a shoe and compare it with the original one, also look for the detailing in the shoes like stitching patterns, colors, and materials used in shoes. You can also use a third-party authentication checker platform to check the originality of the shoe, you can use platforms like CheckCheck and LegitCheck to spot a fake shoe.

Sneaker reselling is fun and can considered a full-time job if you have the right tools and strategies, understanding the pros and cons of sneaker reselling is the key to success, and applying it to your strategies can help you get started.