Reduce stress and get fit with YogaPlus at PSB


YogaPlus to Reduce Stress and Get Fit

Reduce stress and get fit to help improve the body and mind with YogaPlus. It combines elements of fitness with your workout and includes weights, cardio, or circuit training. Through our app, access live and pre-recorded videos online from anywhere. Therefore, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home.

Through yoga, you improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

It has been a struggle for most during this pandemic. This has affected us negatively for months. But not having to think about that for a few minutes helps improve your mind and body. Our online YogaPlus sessions are perfect for those looking to free their mind, as well as focus on their physical and mental state.


See what others have to say

I love the online meditation sessions because I can focus on breathing instead of repetitive thoughts that my mind loves to obsess over; no matter how foolish or how important these thoughts are. So, I signed up and I have no regrets. These sessions are easy to get access to and using the app is a snap. I can watch videos and practice meditating from anywhere. These virtual sessions allow me to have a few minutes to enjoy “peace of mind”. - Jack

“I used to think yoga was for hippies and bearded men who wear dresses. It wasn’t until I found out that yoga could solve my eating problem, that I tried it. I heard that self-control is like a muscle and could through meditation. The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. I have tried a combination of yoga and weights. When I started the poses and transition to weights, it was intense. I thought I was going to pass out a few minutes in. Yoga takes practice but PSB has made me obsessed! Like a muscle, self-control can grow, but overworked. If self-control is like a cell phone battery, meditation charges it back up.”

Through YogaPlus, I lost 10 pounds and I feel and look amazing - Melissa

Various yoga styles

We offer Vinyasa and Hatha styles to help with mental state and strength.

Access from anywhere

With the PSB app, you can take classes at home.


Experienced instructors

Professional instructors with years of experience in yoga and fitness

Does YogaPlus sound like something that's for you? Then sign up today for a free trial offer!

For more information about PSB click on the links below:

YogaPlus and Meditation

Nutrition Coaching

Virtual and in person classes

Fitness Wearables is the Future of Health at the PSB

The future of fitness is now! The world is fitness is evolving faster than ever with the introduction of key fitness wearables. At PSB fitness center in downtown Mississauga, this new innovative technology is being utilized. Above all to deliver the utmost of its capability by creating an experience that cannot be replicated.

Despite all the efforts have your workouts been returning poor results?

Are you lacking in any real measurable progress?

It’s time to workout smarter not just harder.


A man utilizing the capabilities of his fitness wearable.


The Future is Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearables offer accurate personalized data on the individual wearing them. With this information, many fantastic apps can create workouts to ensure maximum gain. But at PSB this goes even one step further. The data collected and provided from fitness wearables can be utilized by your personal trainer. After that, the trainer has the opportunity to use this information. In addition to your personal goals and ambitions to make a tailor-made workout experience. This ensures that all your hard work and effort provide maximum returns.

What PSB Fitness Center can offer you

There are many goals for fitness. For instance, you have individuals who are looking to gain muscle or lose weight. Moreover, there are more specific goals per individual. With the many varieties and differences out there one method or technique does not fit everyone. Despite all of the trends on social media that promise results not everything will be effective. PSB fitness in Mississauga can help inform your decision so that your workout is best for you. Therefore a plan specific to your needs is needed and a facility to handle those needs.

Trainer working with client to develop a custom fitness plan

At PSB there are 15 varieties of gym equipment, perfect to handle any requirement placed upon them. Alongside the equipment, there are many extra programs. There is an indoor pool, with private lessons if required. A studio perfect for yoga, Zumba or meditation classes. A nutritionist is on-site to provide guidance for creating a healthy diet. There is even a state-of-the-art oxygen supplementation room. Even providing fitness wearables for rental so that everyone can benefit from the new technology. Everything you need for a better healthy life is available at PSB. Therefore a better

Trainers will determine what activities and diet are best for you. Based on your fitness data relayed through the fitness wearables. Therefore your precious time is not wasted on trying out new fads and trends that will not give you the results you are seeking. Instead of pouring all your efforts into the fundamental exercises/activities which are best for you. For example, someone looking to lose weight will be guided towards cardio workouts.

Pricing for PSB Fitness Wearables Program

With all the advanced features, PSB fitness does not charge premium prices. In fact, PSB fitness wants its clients can maintain their health. Therefore creating an affordable program is key. The secondary prices are set for non-Sheridan college students.

Base Price – $39.99 or 79.99 per month

  • One 1 hour per week with a personal trainer
  • One 1 hour per month with a nutritionist

Med Price – $59.99 or 109.99 per month

  • Two 1 hour per week sessions with a personal trainer
  • One 1 hour per month with a nutritionist

High Price – $69.99 or 129.99 per month

  • Three 1 hour per week session with a personal trainer
  • Two 1 hour per week session with a nutritionist
  • An included starter kit outfitted with
    • Gym bag
    • Water bottle


Above all, to ensure that Sheridan’s students can start their healthy lifestyles. PSB is offering a free one-week trial to all Sheridan students. Students should utilize the facility to the fullest. Meet with fellow students and explore their own passion for fitness. Fitness wearables will be available for rental.

In conclusion, the world of fitness is moving towards wearables. Come to PSB to be part of the future!

In addition to find the best fitness wearable for you. Visit PC Mag

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of fitness wearables. Visit us at PSBDigitial

Thank you and stay fit!

Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga

The best Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga! At PSB Fitness, we believe that meaningful relationships can be built in everyday places. For this reason, our mission is to provide our members with as many networking opportunities as possible. Hence we have come up with two programs which helps us provide our members with a bang for their buck.

Referral Program

The gym serves as one of the best places to network. Networking, however, proves to be easier when you are in a comfortable environment. This atmosphere can be something that you as a member can get rewarded for!

Being in an atmosphere with people who share similar goals increases motivation in individuals.


Moreover, exercise helps increase endorphins. This helps alleviate one’s mood. Combined, these two factors leave our members at the perfect learning stance post workouts. Members can retrieve benefits by joining our podcast program. Since want to create an atmosphere that enforces maximum learning and physical and mental growth for our members, we have therefore designed the program to be held after workouts. While we are happy to provide our members with net-workout benefits we encourage members to further enhance their experience. Luckily, PSB has a referral program to help you AND your family/friends make the most of their workouts, not only when it comes to your health, but also in your career.

Instructions for Referral Program
Instructions for Referral Program
Need advice on your new business venture? Join our podcast!

For every friend/family you refer, you get the chance to be a “talker” at our podcast system. The normal podcast system allows for members to be listeners to the  influencers or entrepreneurs invited. However, with our referral program, for every friend or family member a PSB member refers, you get the opportunity to be a “talker” at the podcast. This allows you to share any business or networking goal you might have. You could also get professional insight to it, all while being in a more laid back, net-workout environment.




Rewards Program

We are ever so grateful for the loyalty our members show to PSB. We would like to take every possible chance to appreciate their dedication. As a result, PSB has come up with a Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga. Our is especially designed to reward our members for beyond rewards earned from points.

You can collect points through various means:

  • Tracking number of hours spent on machines by integrating machine usage on our app

    Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga
    How to Earn Points

We want to be able to encourage our members to use machines directed at different focus areas. This helps ensure members achieve optimal health and fitness.


  • Refill water bottles through water fountains.This will also make you a supporter of our CSR campaign!

Make an eco-friendly decision to reduce the use of plastic, leaving a positive carbon footprint.


  • Take part in competitive programs affiliated with different businesses where winning team gets points

Get the possible chance to create various connections with companies. This could be beneficial to your career growth.

Redeem their points through various reward options including

  • a month’s free membership
  • protein shake
  • merchandise from our store


For more information on points rewarding system, please refer to our app’s rewards program section or ask one of the employees at the front desk for help.

You can download our app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Certainly, we want the best for our members and are always open to any feedback they have to offer. Therefore, we encourage members to fill our feedback section.

New CO-OP programs NOW offered at HMC and Davis Campus

New CO-OP programs NOW offered at HMC and Davis Campus

Have you ever just wanted to get up and get that perfect body that you desire? Just want to be healthy and fit but don’t know where to start? Seen some students around you that doing great in school, have a well paying job and somehow still have the energy to socialize?


Sheridan HMC and Davis Campus



New Co-op programs within HMC and Davis Campus, personal trainers, meal plans, oxygen supplementation

Here’s how it’s going to work!

Sheridan is launching a new gym with the help of our old graduate Jessie and Matt

Our student, who are in the appropriate programs, such as yourselves, will get the opportunity to learn how to be personal trainers and Nutritionists, while simultaneous getting the experience. Our experienced graduated are going train students to be personal trainers.  And yes, we will be paying you for these positions. It will be on campus and hours could be flexible according to your school schedule.

Here are the skills you will be leaning. Firstly,  you will learn how to create work out schedules for different types of bodies with different goals. Secondly, help create goals that are achievable. Thirdly, educate anyone who signs up for the membership on how to stay motivated and get that desired success and many more.

Benefits that this program can provide. 

One of the biggest theme I have noticed at Sheridan, students aren’t involving themselves into school activities. Therefore don’t have a social network within Sheridan.

There are so many people on campus, maybe including yourself, that want to get fit but don’t know where to start. Timings are always going to be an issue because that comes with the student status. Right here on campus we are now going to have a proper gym with certified personal trainers. Get more students to be involved in school and meet like minded people. A regular exercise and eating healthy is known to increase focus, feel energic and is a big contributor to your emotional well being.


Different membership plans  (Lower pricings are for Sheridan’s students only)


1 hour session/ week with a personal trainer and an hour



2 one hour sessions/ week with a personal trainer

an hour/ month with a nutritionist


Premium $69.99/ $129.99

3 one hour sessions/ week with a personal trainer

an hour/ month with a nutritionist

A gym starter kit with a bottle and a gym bag included

If you need more information on Oxygen Supplementations, customized work out plans or the new gym elective visit us at:

To Sign for the monthly memberships


Written by Chhavi Kalsi

Hyperfitness Competitive Gym in Mississauga

Hyperfitness competitive gym in Mississauga

Deciding between playing video games and exercising is no longer a tricky option. PSB Fitness is now launching its hyperfitness competitive gym in Mississauga to encourage a healthier and stronger you. Our interactive app will turn you into a hyperfitness athlete to make your daily exercise addictive and exciting. Achieving various workout challenges is converted into Fit-Points to spend on cool products and services.


What can our hyperfitness gym app do for you?

Exercising is beneficial for the body and mind. However, some of us are not motivated enough to exercise. Our Competitive hyperfitness app establishes goals for you to achieve. With our competitive leaderboard implementation, you can compete against PSB Fitness members around the GTA. Also, don’t forget to challenge your friends and family members! You can earn Fit-Points which places you within a rank. Besides, the more Fit-Points you gain, the higher your rank will be. As a result, the top 3 high-ranked members with the most Fit-Points claim high-tier rewards at the gym. We encourage inspiring ways for you to exercise by taking your workout to a whole new level.


Ranking the top 3 is not the only way that you can gain Fit-Points!


We want to help you challenge your body. As a result, various daily challenges are offered to you. Our app will provide you with challenges that depend on the type of workout and muscle desired by you. Completing the task allows you to achieve specific amounts of Fit-Points that you can spend on products and services.


Counting your Fit-Points at Hyperfitness Gym in Mississauga

Gym App connectivity in Mississauga with rewards

Members are offered a gadget called Muscle Sensor once the premium membership is purchased. It is a tool that connects directly with the app through the Bluetooth function. The Muscle Sensor is a harmless gadget that consists of rubber vibrating nodes. You place it onto specific body muscle points to provide feedback based on your activity. The Muscle Sensor guarantees Fit-Point registration for members hyperfitness competitive integrity and fairness when purchasing products.


Non-Premium members who simply want to exercise without having to worry about paying for extra amenities can still earn Fit-Points. However, they will have limited access since they aren’t offered our exclusive Muscle Sensor. Fit-Points are gained using your Smart device’s accelerometer and GPS location to track your outdoor steps/miles. Certain amounts of calories burnt are Fit-Point gainers as well.


What can I buy with my Fit-Points?


We are trying to support you and help you achieve and overcome your hyperfitness competitive gym goals! With Fit-Points, you can buy products ranging from gym supplements to fitness gears and high-tech workout gadgets. For services, you can buy extra lessons such as yoga, martial arts, or sessions with personal trainers and nutritionists.


Other Features


Not only can you use the hyperfitness competitive app at home, but you can also use it at our gym. Also, you are granted easier access to workout videos, audio, and meal planning without the need for a physical consultant.


Additionally, you can schedule an appointment on our app with one of our trainers to instruct you live or physically. Our trainers are also accounted as members in which you can compete with them for fun! You can sign up for our martial arts and yoga classes or talk about the meal plan with our trainers.

Also, the app has a way for you to customize your meal plan. The app is automated to provide recommended meal plans depending on physique goals. For example: If you are skinny and cannot gain muscles, you will have a meal option to dirty bulking.

Woman using optimized smartwatch at Mississauga gym

The app contains an NFC functionality sensor that pairs up with the machines and equipment in the gym. Tapping the app on the machine’s badge enables the equipment to pair up. Also, the app sends calorie and heart rate metrics while the equipment returns the information back such as distance and duration. Besides, your workout data is summarized at the end of a workout in the user’s app. Make sure to tap the app on the badge again.


Also, the app informs you of machine and space availabilities to avoid leisure time.


You will also get a notification alert to remember that it’s time to work out, drink water and eat meals.


Membership options

Hyperfitness Membership

Access to the full facility

Partial access to the app

10 free trial appointments with professional trainers

2 martial arts classes per week



Premium Hyperfitness Membership

Access to the full facility

Full access to the app

Unlimited access to scheduling appointments

Extra Fit-Point rewards




Sign up now and experience a 2-week free trial!

Also, don’t miss out on our exclusive rewards at Hyperfitness Competitive Gym in Mississauga!


Hyperfitness Competitive Gym in Mississauga Locations

PSB Fitness Sheridan College

Mississauga HMC Campus

Brampton Davis Campus

Diet Plans in Mississauga

Diet Plans in Mississauga

Get the most out of your fitness by seeing help and guidance on nutritional diet plans offered through PSB Fitness! For students, friends, family, and the community. Get the most out of your fitness and feel great inside and out.

The PSB diet plans offered in Mississauga allow members the guidance they are seeking on how to eat, move, and be healthy at the same time. While fitness and diet plans can be difficult to maintain in order to be healthy and achieve your goals, PSB fitness reveals some diet plans that members can consider and try! In addition, as it caters to students, stress, anxiety, and depression tend to get in the way. Moreover, other individuals are also faced with stress and anxiety. Therefore, these diet plans will also cater to diet plans that can help reduce and calm members’ stress and anxiety. PSB Fitness educates its members with the diet plans that they can consider, however, if they are still confused they can contact or make appointments with national coaches.

Diet plan


What are the PSB Fitness diet plans to consider?

Plant-Based Diets

The basic principles of a plant-based diet are as follows:

  • Emphasizes on minimally processed foods.
  • Limits the amount of animal or meat products.
  • Focuses on the consumption of plants, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts.
  • Excludes foods like added sugars, and processed oils.

As a result, here are the benefits of this diet plan:

Plant-based diets have the benefits of being environmentally sustainable and reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes, and types of cancers.

Low-Carb Diets

Low-carb diets emphasize consuming high amounts of protein and fat foods. The basic principles of this diet are as follows:

  • Less in calories and helps in reducing weightTypes of Diets
  • Help reduce appetite and blood sugar
  • Types of foods to consider in low-carb diets are high-fat dairy, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fats, eggs, fish, and meat
  • Can help balance mental wellbeing

As a result, below are some of the benefits of this diet plan:

Low-carb diets are beneficial in lowering and tracking carbs. It also helps improve mental wellbeing and helps reduce heart disease and other health conditions.

The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet focuses on foods that could be obtained through hunting and gathering in the past. This diet focuses mostly on eating meats, fish, vegetables, herbs, spices, and healthy fats.

The paleo diet works toward glucose tolerance, maintains blood pressure control, and helps in appetite management.

Low-Fat Diets

Low-fat diets have been popular for many decades just like low-carb diets. Low-fat diets focus mainly on consuming whole-grain foods, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and lentils.

As a result, below are some of the benefits of this type of diet plan:

Low-fat diets help in reducing the risk of inflammation, strokes, and heart disease.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is based on foods eaten mostly by individuals in countries like Greece and Italy. The Mediterranean diet focuses on eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, whole grains, and fish. In this diet, poultry, eggs, and dairy products are to be eaten in moderation while red meats are limited.

As a result, below are some of the benefits of this diet plan:

The Mediterranean diet helps combat inflammation and stress. It has been linked to reduced risks such as heart disease.

Coping with Anxiety or Stress? What diet plan can you follow?

Anxiety and stress are a feeling between many individuals. Moreover, coping with anxiety is a challenge in itself and may require lifestyle changes. Furthermore, diet can help balance stress levels. As a result, PSB Fitness offers tips and steps to consider to bring apart diet plans for individuals coping with stress or anxiety. Step’s to consider are:


  • Eat breakfast with some protein to have blood sugar and have more energy to start your day
  • Consume complex carbohydrates increases serotonin in your brain which allows for a calming effect
  • Drink plenty of water can affect moods and your state of mind
  • Limit and avoiding alcohol can allow individuals to sleep better and consumption of it can interfere with sleeping and increasing stress levels
  • Eat healthy and balanced meals is essential for overall physical and mental health

Health is wealth

Changes to diet are important when coping with stress or anxiety since it can make a difference to your mood or general well-being. Furthermore, lifestyle changes such as sleeping habits, getting regular exercise, and other techniques can also help one in dealing with the stress of anxiety while not forgetting to follow the right diet.

Introducing the Virtual Gym

COVID! PANDEMIC! LOCKDOWN! These terms gained popularity and changed the lifestyle and way of living for many. Virtual gym promoting mental wellbeing and physical fitness is here. Everyone is tired of the global epidemic Everyone had a routine in their life that they were abiding by, but the virus changed everything and ruined their routine. With everything taking place online and gyms closing down, we bring the gym at home for you. You heard that right! Virtual gyms are here.


Who we are?

PSB Fitness Sheridan College
Welcome to PSB Fitness Sheridan College


PSB Fitness, a place that caters to all your fitness and health related needs is an environment where nothing seems impossible. Known for the exceptional service, we pledge to assist the members gain their fitness goals and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. We solemnly believe that working out is more fun and effective when done in a relaxed mood. Keeping that in consideration, the fitness center not only offers virtual classes but also has a buddy workout session program for the students and members for the gym.


To get to know us better, click here


Buddy Workout Sessions

students socializing at the gym
Students exercising with fitness balls while the PSB Fitness App tracks their progress.


As the saying rightly goes that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Based on this we place our faith in providing a community for the members. We also deem that everything is possible when you decide to never give up and because of that positive attitude we refer to all our members as “tenacious beings.” Tenacious being is someone whose dictionary is missing out on the term impossible and place its emphasis on the phrase ‘never give up’. We are not only aiming in fostering a community but also providing ways for our members to benefit from such environment. Moreover, having a friend support will surely yield positive results. For instance, they would not only support mentally but can help with partner exercise as well. Furthermore, having a partner will boost the confidence and competitive spirit. Eventually, helping the member attain their goals. 



Why choose us? 

Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation
Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

As a virtual gym and a fitness center it is aiming to integrate the productive and dynamic workouts online at the members’ convenience who is committed to help their members maintain their goals or get in shape by helping them either shed or gain some weight possess all the qualities it needs to be called an ideal gym, especially in these trying times. PSB aims to help passionate individuals attain their goals. Furthermore, the gym not only suggests the recommended diet plans for the same, but members can also benefit from the trainers and book one for personal training.


Virtual sessions!  

Meditation online session
Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during lockdown in self isolation.

Eradicate depression, promote happiness! Work from home has made everyone so lazy due to the lack of movement.  This is the reason that there is a spike in the cases involving depression and anxiety. Also, it is true that the overall wellbeing encompasses being mentally happy and physically fit. Here at PSB Fitness we take care of both by fostering a community where everyone is supportive and pushes others to be the best version of themselves. Members have the flexibility of picking up the time slots that work form



Where are we located and what we offer?  


Located in Brampton and Mississauga, not only it is an easy commute but also offers a variety of workout and nutritional meal plans to help members lose or maintain weight.




Monthly Membership for virtual gym  – $24.99


Semi-Yearly Membership for virtual gym  – $ 250.00


Yearly Membership for virtual gym – $350.00




sheridan student healthy lifestyle

Referrals- Members can earn up to 20% off if they refer someone to join.


Tenacious stars- Need a little extra motivation? Earn tenacious ‘being’ stars and rewards, be called tenacious star of the week. If someone earns the badge of tenacious star of the week for four consecutive weeks, they can get up to additional 25% discount on next month’s payment. Motivated enough and wondering how to earn? All stars and rewards can be earned by attending all the remote classes that they book themselves for, ensuring that they are working towards achieving their goals by following the instructions of the trainer and the customized diet plan tailored to their needs.


Register your emails to receive emails regarding the events and promotions and get a chance to win amazing prizes.

Sign up here.


Contact us

Have questions or concerns?

Reach us at our email-

or call (905) 459-7533

Virtual and in person gym with online app

Gym with virtual classes and online app

Why choose PSB Fitness? Virtual or In-person

PSB Fitness is a step towards the next generation advance gym. By choosing us, you are one step closer to the future and will be waiting on others to join you in our journey. We offer Virtual and in person gym with the help of our app and smart tech.

PSB Fitness has several smart technologies and equipment to offer. With so many technologies on hand, we believe in integration, not those complicated numbers in your Algebra class, but thanks to that Algebra we were able to make a phone application for you which integrates everything for you and adds it to your online profile. The fun part is you only have to put numbers of your workout in if you are not at the gym, but if you are at the gym, we got you covered.

Our smart machine will pick up your numbers and add it to your workout session automatically, all you will have to do is tap on the machine and push yourself as hard as possible to beat your previous best. That’s right! With your record on our app, you can check your previous best on any machine and earn different trophies and accomplishments on daily basis.

By choosing our virtual and in person gym, you are competing against yourself  every day and you have us here to help you beat the previous you and be better every day with the help of the app and our professionals.



 Monthly pricing;

Regular: $24.99 initiation fee, $29.99/month

Premium: $24.99 initiation fee, $39.99/month

 Yearly pricing;

Regular: $24.99 initiation fee, $349.99/year

Premium: $24.99 initiation fee, $469.99/year


What’s included? What we offer? 

Regular: For regular pricing, members can access the app, 10 free trial appointments with professional trainers and 2 martial arts classes per week. Members will also have partial access to the game in terms of running and calories burnt to gain Fit-points.

Premium: With the premium price, members have unlimited access to scheduling appointments with professional trainers, the Muscle Sensor, PSB fitness protein powder, sets of resistance bands, bottle shakers, and fitness gear (clothing, duffle bags, etc.), and earn extra Fit-points to get quicker rewards each month. Further, they will have full access to the game. Using the Muscle Sensors while working out, Fit-points are guaranteed towards the game when individuals are doing pushups, sit-ups, etc.

*Both Memberships will gain access to the soccer field, basketball court, swimming pool, sauna, and Yoga rooms.

Smart Tech and Mobile App:

Mobile/ Online App

The gym and the online app are strongly synchronized with each other. With the help of the NFC function, all you have to do is tap on the machine at the end of the workout and it will automatically send the summary to your online profile. The app also has a reminder system where it will remind you about the meal plan, working out and any other physical activity, therefore all of this information is stored in the app and has records such as fastest time, longest workout, you highest, your lowest and overall improvement.

You can also compete with your friends if they also go to PSB Fitness.

Muscle Sensor and Virtual App

We want you to keep track of every workout you do, so we can provide you with muscle sensors and you can workout at your home but still have everything on your virtual profile.

Smart Appointments: Members can book a virtual session instead of booking it at the gym and get guidance on any workout matter from our professionals through our app.


COVID-19 Gym Protocols

  • Masks are mandatory at all times
  • Follow the walking marking on the floor to maintain certain distance
  • Once done, members will sanitize the equipment
  • Any flu or fever like symptoms, please take a break and workout from home
  • If diagnosed with COVID-19, please call at your location and let us know
  • Sanitize after every workout from our several sanitizers across the gym

COVID-19 Safety Protocols


Refer a friend and get 15% off on your next payment

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Brampton: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

Mississauga: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5


Contact Us


Phone: (905) 845-9430


Gym with App Connectivity in Mississauga

Consider this simple fact:

Statistic proving gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga are popular

Gym with App Connectivity


Yes we know, it’s no common secret that apps have taken over lifestyle. We don’t hate it though, in fact, we love it. This is exactly why our facility, PSB Fitness is operating as the sole gym with app connectivity in Mississauga.


What does that mean for your gym app?


Simply put, when you work out in our facility, you will have full access to our nutrition plans, on-app training tips, equipment operating guides, online points rewards system, full schedule compatibility, and smart recommendations through advanced data analytics.

Not to mention of source you can book any class with us or scheduling a PT appointment whenever you want wherever you are. User Engagement was a topic brought up a lot when we discussed the app functions. Naturally, the app also works as a social network.

You can share the things you’ve learned, goals you’ve accomplished, and even foods you’re trying out all on your app network, that connect you to those looking to expand their learnings for the same reasons.

App connectivity in Mississauga on an apple watch

Growing your network by following those that go to your facility and engaging with them directly online is what allows you to learn and discover.

Our premier gym in Mississauga is where we tested all the app functions and therefore is proven to be fully compatible with Sheridan’s scheduling. By linking your Slate account with the app, you can allow the app to learn about when you have class and derive smart recommendations regarding what activities and when might interest you.

The cool thing about this app feature is that the more you engage with smart recommendations, the smarter the recommendations get.

By using machine learning, PSB Fit App recognizes your interests and offers you refined solutions better suited for your tastes and personality in all of its offerings.


Getting Started – Looking for a gym with app connectivity


Perhaps you landed on this page while you made a search for gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga. Currently, our flagship location is the only location offering app connectivity. Download the app on any platform and use your base SLATE credentials to get started.

Once you’ve opted in, follow the required steps to qualify your body data so the app can start generating recommendations and offerings right away.

Inputting your goals, body metrics, food preferences, and workout commitment will allow the app to get you started.  These foundational recommendations at the Mississauga facility are top

Once you’re in, you manage and change the app’s privacy settings so your data is present the way you want.


Advanced App Features


Somethings that might not be apparent right away but will make your lives easier include:

  1. Goal Comparisons – Compare past progress and previous progress, displaying the brief history of activities and food consumption between time periods. Great for making accurate conclusions about the was a certain activity or nutritional diet affects you personally.Gym App connectivity in Mississauga with rewards
  2. Point System connectivity – Ability to collect points for meeting various goals and daily objectives. You set the objectives here. Use the QR scanner on the app, to ‘check-in’ on a machine at the gym. Start tracking progress to earn awesome rewards!
  3. The activity follows up – After completing a goal, the app will display areas of improvement in exercise form and nutrition. These are some factors to watch out for during the next activity.
  4. Reminders – You can use personal historical data to customize valuable information which is show pre-workout.



Our gym with app connectivity in Mississauga where ever you are, whenever you want to use it. It has become grounding that has helped us bring more unique services to the students in the area. All while being the leading source in achieving results.

Follow us on our Instagram page and learn more about our services on our website.

Introducing PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness

Welcome to PSB Fitness –
Your place to work out at Sheridan Brampton
and Sheridan Mississauga!

Level Up Your Game with PSB Points

PSB Fitness offers a unique gym loyalty and motivation points system when you work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga. For instance, as soon as you sign up for a new membership with PSB Fitness, you will be rewarded with 100 bonus points.

PSB Points

Firstly, how to you earn points exactly? Well…

  • Check in to work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga PSB locations
  • When you participate in fitness contests
  • Crush your nutrition goals each week
  • Leveling up your game with an Ultimate or Performance membership
  • Adding extras to your membership
  • And more!

Secondly, what can I redeem my points for?

  • Locker rentals at HMC or Davis
  • PSB Pod Rentals
  • Snacks from the premium PSB Vending Machines for after you work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga PSB locations

What are you waiting for? Level up your game by signing up online or with the app now!!

Memberships for All to work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga

Do you want to get the bod you’ve been dreaming of during class? Stop putting your fitness goals on hold because you can’t afford a gym membership – cause we have a membership for every budget.

Listen, even if you are “broke” you are probably still spending 2 bucks per day on coffee, soda, or something else that isn’t good for you. Our $5.99 per month membership (yes – ONLY $5.99) will cost you less than 20¢ a day! Come on – you can’t make the “I can’t afford it” excuse now! Level up! Sign Up!

Still afraid? Don’t worry about it! We aren’t locking you into a long-term relationship – we won’t even charge you for cancelling on us! No commitment, no fees, no fear! Now are you ready to level up and sign up?

What are we going to give you if you work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga?

Ok, in this paragraph we will talk about the “Levels” of membership – cause now that you are ready to sign up we know you are wondering!

Gym Packages

Firstly, Essential Members get:

  • Access to PSB gym equipment
  • 1 Point per reward unit (i.e. check in rewards, contest rewards, etc)
  • Participation in Level 1 gym offers and promotions
  • Use of the shower facilities
  • Free wifi at HMC and Davis

Level me up with an Essential Membership now!

Secondly, Ultimate Members get Essential member benefits +

  • Unlimited classes
  • 5 Points per reward unit
  • Participation in Level 2 gym offers and promotions

This is the level for me – sign me up for this one please!

Finally, Performance members get Ultimate member benefits +

  • Access to PSB Pods
  • Use of the nutrition section of the PSB App
  • Participation in Level 3 gym offers and promotions
  • 1 hour with a Personal Trainer each month you are a Performance Member
  • And 2 Points per reward unit!!

I gotta have the Performance level – Sign me up for this package now!

Manage Gym Life on the go

You know what we hate? When you want to sign up for a gym membership, book a trainer, or cancel and the gym makes you come in to do it face-to-face. Who has the time? Not to mention – breaking up is never easy to do – especially when you don’t want someone talking you into staying.

PSB Fitness App

Manage your entire PSB Fitness membership on the go with the PSB App. Moreover, join us, leave us, book a Pod with us… even buy food from our Premium Vending Machines right from the app.

 Level up with the PSB Fitness App for iPhone or Android Today!

Come to Class between Classes

Jump into the My Workouts section of the app to check out classes that fit into your class schedule so you can work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga. There are lots of options for you to choose from like our “HIIT Class Mississauga or “HIIT Class Brampton. Don’t like cardio? Well, we also have “Pilates Class Mississauga” and “Pilates Class Brampton” for you peeps who prefer a more grounded workout.

You are What You Eat

Did you know that getting fit is 80% what you eat and only 20% about exercise? There isn’t much point in working your butt off (no pun intended) if you aren’t eating right. PSB Fitness offers nutrition counselling services to our members. For our Hazel McCallion members, check out Nutrition Counselling Mississauga; and for our Davis members, check out Nutrition Counselling Brampton.

Learn to Burn during your work outs at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga

Don’t have a clue what you are doing at the gym? Don’t sweat it  – PSB Fitness has personal training services to teach you what you need to know. Our PT packages are affordable and can be booked right from the app. Choose single sessions or packages – whatever fits your budget. If a single session is still too much, get together with your gym pals to book group personal training and split the cost. And yes – you can even do the cost splitting in the app so you don’t have to track your friends down for $$!

Here are what some members had to say about PSB Personal Training:

“If you are looking for personal training near Sheridan College Brampton, the team at PSB Fitness will show you exactly what to do to get the body you want! It’s really the best place to work out in Brampton!”


“I was looking for personal training near Sheridan College Brampton because I live on residence and don’t have a car. There aren’t many gyms on Brampton bus routes, so my options were limited. I wasn’t disappointed by the service I got from the team at PSB Fitness Sheridan College! I didn’t know how to turn on the treadmill when I started – now I have a great routine and perfect form!”

Looking for Privacy when you work out at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga?

PSB Fitness is the only place to work out in Brampton or Mississauga where you can enjoy gym privacy. Check out PSB Pods!

PSB Pod Workout AreaYou have never experienced gym privacy in Brampton or Mississauga like this before! PSB Pods are “cubical” like areas segregated from the rest of the gym at Hazel McCallion or Davis Campus.

Each pod is equipped with a smart TV that can connect to your phone or tablet so you can follow your in app workouts on the big screen or multitask by exercising while you binge your favorite Netflix shows! (Hey we know you are busy – no judgement!)

Walk off your pounds on the treadmill, get in some HIIT with an interval run, use the weight rack and kettle bells to work your muscles, stretch it out on the yoga mat… and if you miss the equipment in the main gym – we have you covered. Each Pod comes with a full exercise band kit that can be hooked up to work like the machines on the main floor. Just go into the Workout section of the app for instructions on how to set up and use the “band machines”.

Where are you supposed to put your gym bag after you work out at Sheridan?

Yeah, we get it. There isn’t much time between classes, part-time jobs, studying and still trying to be social to work out. So, who has time to run between their dorm room or car and the gym to stow away their stinky gym bag? And worse – who wants to carry it to classes? We know locker rentals at HMC and Davis are in limited supply – and we know that trying to get to your locker on the other side of campus is just as impossible as getting to and from residence to shower. We’ve got you covered here too!

Locker Rooms at PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness offers both long and short term locker rentals HMC and Davis.

Just need a locker for the day?

No probs. Book a locker for a buck-a-day via the app!

Want to leave your gym equipment at the gym all the time? Cool – sign up for our monthly locker rentals via the app and never lug around your gym bag again!

Want some more good news – you can even pay for your locker rentals with your PSB Points!

OK – there is something else we hate ALMOST as much as we hate pushy gyms that make you come in for every little thing – and that’s going to class smelling rank!

PSB Fitness offers super clean shower facilities fully loaded with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Worried about foot fungus? Ha! Well, not only do we clean the showers at HMC and Davis locations every 30 minutes, but we also offer disposable shower mats to keep your tootsies free from grungy bacteria. For the ladies (or gents) who long for lovely locks – we’ve got hair dryers and straightening irons on all of our vanity counters.

We aren’t finished!! What stinks worse than feet? Wet towels in gym bags or lockers. Leave em’ home! We’ve got towel service here at PSB Fitness – and it’s only a buck-a-towel! You can pay for that on your app too… with money OR points!

There is really no reason not to workout at Sheridan Brampton or Mississauga! Ready to level up and sign up?

What’s that we hear? Is that your stomach growling?

Snack out when you work out at Sheridan BramptonO.M.G – how much does it suck when you finish a workout and have to run to class with zero time to grab a snack? And let’s not even mention having your stomach growling like an angry lion in a dead quiet room for instance.

Yeah, we get that too. And yes – we have you covered. PSB’s vending machines are the place to get quick snacks at Sheridan HMC or Davis.

PSB Fitness has a wicked selection of sandwiches, salads, fruit, protein bars, healthy snacks and even protein power packets in our premium vending machines for your after-workout hunger needs! Never go to class hangry again!

Guess what else?! You can pay for these purchases by scanning your app and selecting pay with money or pay with points!


After all of this, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Level Up Your Game! Sign up Today!

Free WIFI at HMC and Davis locations


Free wifi at Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus locations