Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!

Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!

PSB toys are has always being there in bettering your children’s childhood. Where we have provide variety of product like handmade toys, smaller to bigger size product, and having to provide warranty of 2 years for those toys to you, to have hazel free worry about the quality and replacement. if even kids breaks the toy couple hundreds of time, we have got your back always. This time is no exception PSB toys has again come up with an new innovation which will help you in lighting your child’s future and will increase their concentration.



this innovation not only provides your child with fun, joy and cheerful time, but also gives them real life experience to tackle and think out of the box. Another benefit to this is it help children to stay concentrated throughout their play/work period, along with this it can be seen that because of increase in concentration students are able to performance better in cultural activity and study which will result better grades , Continue reading “Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!”

Interactive Board Game for Teenagers

A new interactive board game for teenagers has been a hit in 2021. Guess What, a game that involves thinking under pressure while trying to come up with an image or word helping to create moments of excitement as well as education for everyone. Teenagers have raved about this board game, saying that it has also helped their communication skills both verbally and non-verbally and as well it helps improve bonds with others. Unlike other boardgames that just focus soly on strategy, Guess What focuses on developing various mental and cognitive areas. This interactive boardgame for teenagers will be a game changer, it was awared game of the year in 2021. We’ve had plenty of suggestions for board games over the years but this game was hands down the best!

Teens playing a game

Many people have been struggling to find a board game that truly meets what they want. Board games are an easy way to encourage healthy brain development in kids, teenagers have found one that stands out from the competition. This is a trivia game classic that almost anyone can get involved with.  Other games like Monopoly or Guess Who only incorporate one aspect of competitiveness. Guess What incorporates various skills such as:

  • Illustration tools to express the players thoughts
  • Deck of cards with written and visuals
  • Score tracker for teams

Some Benefits of playing Guess What

  1. Board games offer a learning opportunity. Simple games like Guess What help players when it comes to coordination and identification of colours and images.
  2. Boosting their language skills, Guess What has helped many school aged kids work on language skills they’re struggling with.
  3. Sharpen a player’s focus, when played by teenagers it can help lengthen their attention span as they focus on finishing the game.
  4. Guess What is also a great way to unplug. The absence of technology that is required to play board games makes them special as a great way to connect with others.

The interactive board game for teenagers,Guess What Boardgame can be found at various toy stores such as Toys’R’us and as well Mastermind toys.  They can also be found on Instagram and twitter with the handle @guesswhat!

Find Guess What here:


Mastermind Toys:

Teens playing a board game
A small group of friends sitting at a table, playing with a board game and enjoying time together.

Other Fun New Interactive Board games for Teenagers we Recommend

Dominations: Road to Civilization The game challenges players to take a civilization and use their knowledge and mastery to build camps and cities. The board game is simple at every turn, you place a tile and collect knowledge based on that tile and the adjacent tiles. What happens next is where it gets interesting, do you use that knowledge on new cities? Do you construct a monument? Do you develop mastery in certain skills to give yourself a future edge? The game has a lot to offer over its two- to three-hour runtime.

It is a great choice for players who are looking for a deep, challenging game. The colorful tiles and 3D monuments that stand above the camps and cities really give the game a sense of scale. More information can be found here

Apples to Apples consists of two decks of cards: Things and Descriptions. Each round, the active player draws a Description card from the deck, then the other players each secretly choose the Thing card in hand that best matches that description and plays it face-down on the table. The active player then reveals these cards and chooses the Thing card that, in his opinion, best matches the Description card, which he awards to whoever played that Thing card. This player becomes the new active player for the next round. This game has also won several awards such as 2003 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Japanese Game Winner.


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Finding a A GUESS game that involves a physical item without technical traits can be difficult in todays world. Technology has rapidly taken over communicational based activities. Especially since all forms of communication and physical activities have been moved to an online/virtual platform due to the pandemic. Younger generational children have suffered the most, particularly in their social surroundings. Try the GUESS GAME!!!


As a result, children lost their ability to socially interact. Most children also developed low cognitive growth because they did not have in-person experience while learning. This in effect affects children to become slower in their developmental stages. It can prevent them from excelling and learning based on their appropriate age group criteria.



Guess Game

The “Guess game is a physical interactive game. The game gets participants to interact physically by playing a game which involves the use of recyclable cards and our cognitive minds. This guessing game can be played by children within the ages of 5 and 14 years.


The goal of this cognitive-based board game is to raise awareness about the development of young children and the impact that Covid-19 has on their learning. “Guess What?” is a new unique game that is both instructive and exciting to play. This is because it allows the younger audience to interact and discover new things, as well as assist in problem solving and thinking skills in a youngster.
The Guess Game seeks to address the issue of children adopting to online and technological games due the effects of the pandemic by bringing people together and encouraging people to interact with each other again.


Get the MOST out of Guessing

According to the Sharp Health News, socialization plays a significant role in the development of kids. Hence, limited socialization affects the development of kids. Covid brought about limitations on how effective kids can socialize. Also, most kids adopted to technology and social devices in order to connect with each other.

The Guess Game also focuses on the cognitive development of children. Guessing is a way of training your cognitive mind to be more responsive to clues and hints.

We believe in the Value of Family and Friends.

Moreover, We believe in creating memories with our kids. Cherish and believe in the excitement parents have when they witness a systematic growth in their kids especially their ability to analyze and grow cognitively. The social life of humans is what creates the unforgettable memories of families and friends. Any form of limitation in our social lives can cost our relationships a lot.


According to the Sharp Health News, socialization plays a significant role in the development of kids. Hence, limited socialization affects the development of kids. Covid brought about limitations on how effective kids can socialize. Most kids had to adopt to technology and social devices in order to connect with each other.

Furthermore, The Guess Game creates an atmosphere for social development. Development of social skills is a key goal the Guess Game seeks to achieve at the end of every game. To see the increase in the engagement and communication among people.

We Sell High Quality and Harmless product.

This card game is a hundred percent recyclable and safe for kids of all ages. These cards games are made from refined recycles. They have gone through due process to cause no harm to children and the environment.

Finally, card games over the years has built a great reputation for itself. It is known for having great cognitive effect for people and increased social skills of many. An advancement in the game for children will equally help children benefit from this game.

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