PSB CAFEPSB Cafe in Sheridan college has charm of its own.

Coffee has been around for a while and has a long history of being calming and stress-relieving. There are various variations of brewed and beaten coffee available in PSB cafe  nowadays with chosen additions. Coffee enthusiasts and foodies can be found anywhere, so we took advantage of the chance and opened a PSB café to meet the demands of the students for snacks and coffee drinks. Additionally, it helps students unwind and enjoy their hectic, routine lives while also satisfying unexpected hunger. Make your day as rapidly as you can by adding the snacks. . There are many shops opened in and around the location, but ours is the one which has USP of its own like for example- serving the best coffee in town, providing good quality and taking note of the fresh products.


    : One can unwind in this lovely aesthetically cafe while sitting down because the space has a certain vibe. The surroundings are peaceful, and when you’re with pals, the scene is enhanced. It might happen more as a result of your presence. The thought of drinking coffee while researching and talking is definitely worthwhile. With the stress of studying gone, one can enjoy themselves without feeling under so much strain. The day is made easier, and it moves along without any bumps. The magnetic interiors are merely an added feature that helps to create a positive and energising atmosphere.


CATERING TO HEALTH-CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALS: Coffee delves into the atmosphere that it provides to the college students and makes it a coffee hub. Where a lot of students hop just for a cup of hot brewed coffee. There are things designed for health- conscious people too. Menu has a lot to offer.INGRIDIENTS THAT MAKES COFFEE HEALTHY AT PSB CAFE

PERSONALIZED SERVICES :Preparation for it starts way early one can think. And a lot of people throng and everyone is served with love. The coffee is flavourful and strong and has the most choiced and hand-picked ingredients.STUDENTS ENJOYING COFFEE WHILE MAKING NOTES AT PSB CAFE

Students take the notes manually and while doing the task; and having coffee makes everything easier. One visits it again and again just for the sake of comfort and love it renders.





Divine Cupcakes PSB Café

Who doesn’t love cupcakes ?

Everyone’s eyes light up at the sight of our freshly baked yummy cupcakes. These tiny treats are perfect for brightening up every occasion and cheering up the house. Cupcakes are the most loved dessert of people out there. From luscious toppings and colorful confetti and bewitching buttercream frosting to that moist and scrumptious cake is all that makes up divine cupcakes at PSB Café.

divine vanilla cupcakes in pink frosting at PSB Café
Frosted Vanilla divine Cupcakes PSB Café at Sheridan College Davis Campus

Enjoy premium quality assorted heavenly cupcakes at PSB Café for affordable prices with your friends located at the  Sheridan College Davis Campus. These babies are not only delicious but can also be carried effortlessly. Therefore the students can carry them along on the way to their classes or during the breaks/dispersal.

we offer a lot more !!

The café suitable for breakfast and lunch time and everyone’s favorite divine cupcakes are available all time to relish. The café also offers a vast menu that includes donuts, sandwiches, burger, ice-cream, etc. Make sure you don’t miss our multifarious coffee menu.

PSB Café is having a divine cupcakes for your every mood !!

Adored by every age, these pretty little pieces of happiness have become the pop culture of culinary world. The PSB café offers versatile cupcakes that ranges from sweet to savory. We have a plethora of flavors and textures to match different mood.

different divine cupcakes at PSB Café
Cupcakes for every mood at Sheridan College Davis Campus

Having a bad day? just cupcake it away !!

Feeling low ? just grab a cupcake !!!

Celebration time? go get a cupcake treat box !!

Forgot Friend’s present ? grab a birthday cupcake box!!

Cupcakes are always a great gifting option for any occasion any day any time. That’s why they more popular than the traditional piece of a cake.

Our Choco nutty cupcakes are unbeatable ! Moist base having filled with hazelnuts and dark chocolate ganache topped with nuts make it simply irresistible.

heavenly cupcakes with chocolate and donut at PSB Café
birthday special cupcake
frosted heavenly cupcakes at PSB Café
French Vanilla Cupcake
divine cupcakes frosted with chocolate at PSB Café
Choco Nutty Cupcake









Our classic Birthday special cupcake box is a big thumbs up !! And not to forget our all-time bestseller – French Vanilla cupcakes.

well, choosing one can be a task but not with us !! We allow you to mixNmatch.

Enjoy exploring the wonderful and palatable divine cupcakes at PSB Café.

Craft guilt-free memories with divine cupcakes at PSB Café

Crafting memories and upholding pink health are paramount for a balanced life, therefore, we are committed to provide you with the best of quality along with a tranquil ambience to rejoice in. For us the health of our customers is of utmost importance, accordingly we ensure that all our products are free from preservatives and artificial colors. We make sure everything is shipshape to maintain proper hygiene. Not only this ! PSB Café also offers Lactose-free ice cream  . The Healthiest Latte is also served in our café along with gluten-free cupcakes .

 latte coffee
Latte Coffee at PSB Café
lactose free ice cream
Lactose Free Ice Cream at PSB Café Sheridan College


Cupcakes are a lot more than just tasty treats, it represents our happy moments. The aroma of coffee with yummy cupcakes and good friends is all you need. So come to our café for outing with your friends and enjoy our appetizing food and make memories.

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Next time when you will be hunting for the divine cupcakes, stop into PSB Café because its not just a café but a quaint brunch spot Sheridan college where friends meet, unfold the stories & make memories that will stay in hearts forever  and relish our divine cupcakes !!

Eat cupcakes 



Healthiest Latte Sheridan College

Cup of Latte on a pile of books

Lattes are very popular in Sheridan college, especially among students. In fact, latte is the most popular type of coffee drink on campus. And let’s be honest, there’s so much school work and deadlines, so we all need something to keep us going. What better way to do that than with a good cup of coffee? It’s like a big hug in a mug, am I right? But what exactly is a latte? What can you do to make it your vibe? And there are so many options, how can you then find the healthiest latte in Sheridan College? In this article, let’s explore all that. So, grab a glass and get ready to learn all about the wonderful world of lattes.

What is a latte anyway?

A latte is a coffee drink that’s made with espresso and steamed milk that creates a thin layer of foam. Baristas usually use the milk foam to make beautiful designs, perfect for Instagram pictures. You can have a latte with added flavorings or without, and you can enjoy it at anytime and anywhere. Most students love their morning latte to start a busy day. It’s the go-to for some in the afternoon when they can’t stay awake in a long (and boring) class.  Others would rather have it in the evening to relax and treat themselves after dinner.  

The struggle to find the Healthiest Latte In Sheridan College

two people sitting at a desk in Sheridan college, with a cup of healthy latte, laptop and books on the table

If you’re a student in Sheridan college, you know it’s a major struggle to find coffee shops that actually sell the healthiest and freshest latte drinks.  Most of the latte drinks are loaded with unhealthy artificial junk. Only a few coffee shops in Sheridan college actually care about using natural ingredients. Some spots have basic ingredients, while others have the real thing – actual fresh coffee beans and organic milk or its alternatives. Choose wisely!

Once you’ve picked your location, play it smart when customizing your drink. Trust me, your body will thank you. If you want something that is low in sugar, you can choose an alternative flavor like cinnamon or honey. Researchers say flavors like these are good for you.

Pro tip for healthy latte seekers – before you order your latte, check out the nutritional info that some coffee shops have on their menu. You don’t have to play guessing games with the calories in your latte and you can easily pick the healthiest for you. 

Choosing the healthiest latte of them all in Sheridan College?

  1. Find a café that uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients
  2. pay attention to portion sizes and nutritional info, and
  3.  be sure to customize your latte so it’s just how you like it.

One coffee shop that’s well-known for offering some of the healthiest and most delicious latte options in Sheridan College is the PSB Café.

PSB Café

The PSB café is a modern alumni-owned café founded by two PSB graduates- Jessie and Matt. It is located right on campus, at Davis and HMC campuses. With our emphasis on high quality and natural ingredients, customizable menu and nutritional information, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for the healthiest latte in Sheridan college.

Coffee shop with a woman inside
PSB Davis Campus
A latte shop with the healthiest in Sheridan college
PSB HMC Campus

Be sure to try out our signature masala chai latte made with matcha powder, espresso, unsweetened almond milk, and all natural honey. It has numerous health benefits, making it one of the healthiest latte drinks in Sheridan college. One great factor about our lattes (and our entire menu) is that you can customize it just the way you like it. If almond milk is not your vibe, you can choose to have full cream milk, soy milk or even oat milk. You can even choose to replace the matcha with cinnamon or ginger powder if you are not really into matcha.

We also offer a variety of flavors, and you can choose whichever one you like. You can request a smaller size, medium size, large or extra large if you’re feeling up to it.


the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your latte, so don’t be afraid to get creative, make it your own!

Our café is also an excellent space for students to work, socialize or unwind throughout your busy academic schedules thanks to the warm and dynamic atmosphere, comfy seating areas, and free Wi-Fi access. And the best part… our prices are very affordable! So, the next time you’re craving a latte and looking for the healthiest latte in Sheridan College, head over to PSB café and you’re sure to find a delicious and nutritious drink to satisfy your cravings.


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Custom fitness program near Sheridan College Mississauga

Company Logo

Health is Wealth. Get Back On Track with Our New Custom Fitness Program That Is Perfect for the Busy College Life

The New Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga

PSB Fitness has implemented a custom fitness program for college students that is available in Sheridan College Mississauga to make sure all our clients reach all of their fitness goals without having to sacrifice too much time or money. Moreover, PSB Fitness understands that many of you have a busy schedule with juggling school and work. With this in mind, we deliver a custom fitness program that is accommodating to your budget and schedule.

Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga offers flexible operational hours and online services so that you can get a quick workout session in between classes or meetings. Our custom programs are carefully and perfectly designed to ensure it has everything a gymgoer needs so that you don’t have to stress about searching for a piece of certain gym equipment, a specific fitness program or a service. Whether you are a total newbie or a gym fanatic, this custom fitness program accepts all clients of any form of talent and is willing to help you at any stage of your fitness journey, making PSB Fitness the perfect place to be!

Meet Our Team

Jessie and Matt, are the two co-founders of PSB fitness. Both have graduated from the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College and have accumulated extensive knowledge in all things fitness-related. In fact, Jessie has 7 years of valuable experience to bring to PSB Fitness from being a physical fitness instructor at one of our main competitors, GoodLife. Moreover, Matt specializes in one-to-one personal training with over 5 years of experience and has a loyal clientele list of 15 clients where he provides personal recommendations and tips on nutrition, wellness, exercise, customized workout diets and plans, and many more!


Custom Fitness Programs for College Students in Mississauga
Custom fitness trainer working with a client
Custom Fitness Programs for College Students in Mississauga
Custom Fitness Training Program

Custom Fitness Training Programs for College Students

What sets PSB Fitness apart from regular gyms is our personalized fitness and wellness training programs that are well-organized and satisfaction-guaranteed. For instance, Matt is one of our reputable personal trainers’ who cater to many different fitness needs and goals. Due to his patience and expertise, many past clients had a positive experience with his personal training session. Depending on your online questionnaire results, PSB will recommend a service package that will help you reach your desired goal including muscle gain, weight loss, cardio endurance and many more, while also taking into consideration of your budget.

Services and activities in our Custom Fitness Programs near Sheridan College Mississauga range from low-intensity to high-intensity workout routines so that you can feel confident that your personal time is spent wisely and productively. Throughout this program, you can track your progress and results online and there are in-depth tutorials, feedback and instructions available digitally and you can access all of them through our mobile app. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen today!

Why College Students Join the Custom Fitness Program?

We completely understand and empathize with how draining and hectic college life can start to get. Some are attending full-time classes, some are working and while some are managing both. Moreover, we know many of you want to incorporate fitness into your routine but don’t have the time or patience to find a specific gym activity or service that is unique to your situation.

Don’t worry, we see you and we are here for you. For that reason, let PSB Fitness do all the heavy lifting for you. Our online questionnaire is one of our most innovative online services that are easy to navigate and user-friendly which will custom match you with a certain fitness program/service that is related to your fitness needs, budget, skill set and preferences. All you have to do is answer a series of fitness, situational and wellness-related questions and we do the rest for you!

Services and Amenities

PSB Fitness offers an array of services and amenities for our Custom Fitness Program for College Students 

  • Personal or Private Training and Nutrition and Wellness Consultation 
  • Online Questionnaire 
  • Customized Training Packages 
  • Knowledgeable Fitness Experts and Trainers
  • On-site Nutritional Supplements, Protein Drinks and Snacks, Smoothies, Fruits and Vegetable, Vending Machines
  • Fitness Activities and Programs for Building Cardio, Muscles, Weight Loss and Strengthening Core- Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Rock-Climbing, Kick-Boxing, Zumba, Cycling, Aerobics
  • Massage Chairs and Secluded Steam Rooms
  • Virtual Lessons and Tutorials 
  • Online Workout Tutorials and Budget-Friendly Meal Plans
  • New and Improved Gym Equipment- Treadmills, Bikes, Weight Benches, Squat Rack, Dumbbells, Cardio Machines, Ellipticals, Yoga Mats and many more
  • Locker Rooms, Shower Facilities, Towels
  • PSB Fitness Mobile App

Benefits of Custom Fitness Program for College Students:

  • Safe, Clean and Secure Atmosphere 
  • Exclusive Deals or Perks for Students 
  • Judge-Free Zone 
  • 24/7 Operational Gym 
  • Close Proximity 
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Customized Consultation Session
  • Detailed Summary Report To Track Progress and Areas of Improvement
  • Resting Stations and Social Spaces 
  • Assortment of Fitness Activities for Any Fitness Level
  • Virtual Lessons and Tutorials Available for At-Home Workouts
  • One-to-One Custom Training


We want to make this process as seamless as possible. This is why PSB Fitness provides flexible payment options so that you can jump-start your fitness journey! Applicants can pay online or at the reception for our all-inclusive membership or extra services with cash, credit card, PayPal, cheque or debit. We also have payment plans available where you can pay in full, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. Typically, our PSB Fitness Membership Packages cost $35.99/per month and our extra services range from around $18.99-$23.99/per hour.

How to apply for the Membership?

There are many ways to sign up for our all-inclusive membership program. You can visit the PSB Fitness location and a customer service representative can help you get started or you can apply online directly through our PSB Fitness website Lastly, you can message us directly to our social media handles @psb8digital on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we can provide the necessary support and decide the next course of action

Special Promotions

  1. Member Rewards – Students who achieve a B or above GPA during their academic semester may be eligible to receive complimentary items, a 15% discount on their monthly fees, or a free day visit
  2. Point-System Contest Program – By visiting the gym services you accumulate more points and increase the likelihood of your name being drawn in a raffle contest
  3. Promotions during Exam Week – Discounts and giveaways will be hosted during this time
  4. Bring Your Own Gym Equipment– Eligible to receive healthy snacks and drinks or a 10% discount on custom training packages
  5. Refer a Buddy– Both will save 10% on a fitness activity of your choice 
  6. “Challenge the Challenger” Social Media Contest- Take a video or picture performing their favorite fitness workout using PSB Fitness’s gym equipment tagging @psb8digital on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get a chance to win a 6-month free gym membership


PSB Fitness is a safe, customizable and inexpensive fitness center that caters to college students in Mississauga. Currently, we are launching two new gym locations in the beautiful Hazel McCallion and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College!

Check Out Our Custom Program Packages and Get Started Today!

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Fitness and Community: PSB Fitness Grand Opening

New Fitness Community: PSB Fitness

Brand New PSB Fitness/Recreational Center opening in the 2 locations of Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion campus in Mississauga and Davis campus in Brampton. Providing with facilities for instance like Weight Training with end of the line equipment, Spa, Day Care, Rehabilitation center, Virtual Classes with trained professionals so you never miss your session and On-site training with professionals in field with over 5 years of experience in fitness training and nutrition at an affordable price as compared to other leading fitness brands. Be a part of a community which goes beyond the realms of just physical fitness and well-being. Choose one of the two conveniently located PSB fitness locations for students and general public.


Location: PSB, Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga (Near Square One)


The Location is at the heart of Mississauga downtown right beside bus terminal. The PSB fitness center will open in the new building of expanding HMC campus. Providing with students a convenient location to access their fitness and well being needs in their very own campus providing students a recreational facility to connect after classes. Not to be confused, the facility is open to general public as well. With Mississauga Square One bus terminal you are always just 500 meters away from catching your bus home.

                                           Location: PSB fitness, Sheridan Davis Campus, Brampton (Near Brampton Gateway Terminal)


The location is at the central south west part of Brampton. Come and feel the city of Brampton with this new location opening in the  Sheridan’s Davis Campus. Located near the Shoppers World mall and the Brampton Gateway terminal, it is a conveniently located location that serves everyone. With the residences filled with majority of students who are not only from Sheridan College but are from various colleges, PSB fitness Brampton provides recreational facilities to connect with other fellow students from various colleges.


What we offer (Both locations and all the facilities are accessible on same membership) are as follows-

  • Convenient location

    • Students- as the facilities reside in the campus itself consequently making it easier to accommodate physical fitness and well-being into their already busy schedule.
    • General public- as both locations are located have malls, convenience stores, food stores located all around.
    • Public transport is easily accessible with multiple bus stops just outside the campus.
  • High Quality  Fitness Low Price

    • End of the line equipment at reasonably affordable prices.
  • Community

    • Be a part of community. Socialize with peers beyond textbooks.
  • Training done right

    • Experienced trainers and nutritionists with more than 5 years of expertise in fitness and nutrition.
    • Free Physical training
  • Virtual classes

    • Virtual classes available to accommodate all requirements.
  • No extra Costs

    • We do not charge on top of our packages, everything is included.


Visit or for additional information. our representatives will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.

All your queries will be answered. Subscribe to our newsletter for exciting offers. We are excited to serve you.




Easy, Quick and Portable

Organic sugar-free brownies now on campus!

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate!

We all have our cravings, we all have somewhat of a sweet- tooth; and you would lying to yourself if you say you didn’t! As much as we love having cookies, pies, brownies, pastries, and cakes; there’s no denying that they are in fact sugar-infested snacks which are not the most healthy eating options. But! What if I told you that you no longer have to deny your cravings for sweet snacks to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Healthy

With the positive trend going on about living healthy lifestyles; eating healthy isn’t just popular among athletes and models anymore.  In this day and age, almost everyone is trying to eat healthy now. We are all switching to sugar-free and more organic foods, and over-all reforming ourselves to live healthier lifestyles.

Healthy food vs Tasty food

There has always been a huge misconception between delicious food and healthy food. It’s somewhat become a cliché that healthy or organic food can’t be tasty, sugar-free snacks can’t be savory. However, this is not true. At PSB café we are offering sugar-free bakery goods, along with a vast menu with various organic food offerings that are most delicious snacks you could ask for.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves having sweet bakery goods, yet unfortunately, are always trying to avoid them due to health concerns; well, do we have something special for you!

Introducing our New Sugar-free Brownies

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our sugar-free brownies. Our new sugar-free brownies are made specifically to cater to your taste. You could not ask for a more scrumptious snack on campus.

Our brownies, along with being delicious, are NOT bad for your health. As the word suggests, our new brownies are 100% sugar-free. We have no added sugar or added artificial flavors in our brownies. The brownies are 100% organic and are made from organic flour, organic sugar-free chocolate chips and organic brown eggs. Our new sugar- free brownies also happen to have a high nutrition value, which is why you could use them specifically as an energy bar as well to kick-start your day.

Catering to student needs

With the ongoing stressful lives of college students, we always need something to sweeten up our day. For some individuals, a simple brownie could lift up your spirits and help kick start your day. PSB cafe is trying to accommodate all of their customer needs. As we recognize that students have limited budgets, our brand new sugar-free brownies are priced at just $3.49 only. We are also offering a special meal package, where our sugar-free brownies will go hand in hand with our signature coffee for the affordable price of just $4.

Convenience and availability

We at PSB cafe think of it as our responsibility to provide students at Sheridan with the best and fastest services. We have opened up branches of our cafe in all of Sheridan’s campus including the Davis, HMC, and Trafalgar campus. For all our campus branches we have set-up pick up ordering system using our mobile app. In our mobile app, we have set up a system where if students enter their student IDs, a discount code is provided to them for majority of our products.

In our stylish new dining area, we are also offering high speed internet facilities. That way our students would also be able to sit down and study, all while also enjoying our scrumptious new sugar-free brownies.

Where to find us?

Our cafe branches are located near the cafeterias at all of the Sheridan campuses. For our recent opening at the HMC campus, we are situated in A building on the first floor. Moreover, you can also find us at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page under the name of ‘ PSB Cafe’. Our mobile application is also now available and fully functional.



Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC & Davis

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC

Have you been searching for healthier, customizable and easy on-campus meal options?

PSB café is opening on HMC and Davis campus, and is introducing Sheridan’s first Italian Pasta Bar! Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis can be hard to find. Our pasta bar will be a mix n’ match style eatery with dine-in and take-out options! Customers choose their own meal; you choose your size, pasta type, sauce, meat and/or vegetables. For the health-conscious consumer, we understand the need for not just healthy food but for a variety of choices. Making healthier choices doesn’t mean you need to skimp on flavor.

With multiple sizes, an assortment of ingredients, and a cozy cafe atmosphere our quick and quality service could make us your favorite on-campus go to!


Menu Options

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis

Healthy food options at Sheridan HMC

Our build-your-own pasta bar has a spectacular selection of vegetables, meat options, and pasta sauces. We offer a variety of healthy options to fit any dietary need, from gluten free alternatives, to rice pasta and zucchini noodles. We’ve got something for everyone! With distributors frequently shipping fresh, high quality ingredients to our café, we guarantee healthy and delicious meals every time! Additionally, with small to large portion sizes, to go options and dining in, the pasta bar caters to every need.



Sheridan HMC and Davis

Students Sheridan Pasta Bar

Students don’t always have time or transportation to leave campus for food. Breaks in between classes are short! Students have been asking for healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis campuses. We offer fast service that doesn’t take away from the quality of your meal.  Our on-campus location makes it convenient for part-time and full-time students who are on the go or looking for a place to park yourself.  Our café includes campus Wi-Fi, so you’re always connected! Likewise, we offer charging stations at tables and bars you can turn our café into your very own study space. Our intimate sit-down space includes 4 tables and 8 bar stools, an ideal area to eat, study or socialize with your peers.



Do you ever feel you compromise the healthiness of your meal in order to save a buck? PSB café’s Pasta Bar offers competitive pricing, that outshines other off-campus food options, with meals starting at just $8! We understand that as a student your budget is tight, but this shouldn’t mean you fuel your body with unhealthy replacements. The last thing students should worry about is money, you have enough going on! Our focus is on a student friendly price for a filling, fresh and delicious meal.



Student eating healthy pasta

It’s no secret most of us love Italian cooking… Need a quick meal between classes? Pasta! Going on a date? Spaghetti and meatballs! Craving carbs during exams? Rose Linguini with veggies! Need some fresh fuel after hitting the gym? Creamy Zucchini Noodles! You don’t need to choose between a good meal and a healthy one. On campus, our options can seem limited, but the ability to customize and add healthy meals into our daily routine is key! Finally, healthy food options at Sheridan HMC and Davis campuses are here. PSB café is a chill atmosphere, where students can gather between classes, to enjoy a healthy meal, while studying or socializing. With a variety of options every meal at PSB café’s Pasta Bar has a plethora of possibilities!

Don’t just take our word for it, visit us next time you’re on campus! We will be handing out free samples to the first 100 customers at our grand opening on HMC and Davis campus!


Don’t forget to follow us on social media to receive up to date menu items, promotions, contests, and food inspiration!

Furthermore, if you’d like to see something specific on our menu you think is missing, we’d love to hear from you on our social media, with our broad assortment of distributors and ingredients we’re always looking to incorporate new items. If you leave a comment or DM on our page, we will try our best to cater to your needs and wants. We love to interact with our students and customers alike!


We hope to see you soon!


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