Gym with App Connectivity in Mississauga

Consider this simple fact:

Statistic proving gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga are popular

Gym with App Connectivity


Yes we know, it’s no common secret that apps have taken over lifestyle. We don’t hate it though, in fact, we love it. This is exactly why our facility, PSB Fitness is operating as the sole gym with app connectivity in Mississauga.


What does that mean for your gym app?


Simply put, when you work out in our facility, you will have full access to our nutrition plans, on-app training tips, equipment operating guides, online points rewards system, full schedule compatibility, and smart recommendations through advanced data analytics.

Not to mention of source you can book any class with us or scheduling a PT appointment whenever you want wherever you are. User Engagement was a topic brought up a lot when we discussed the app functions. Naturally, the app also works as a social network.

You can share the things you’ve learned, goals you’ve accomplished, and even foods you’re trying out all on your app network, that connect you to those looking to expand their learnings for the same reasons.

App connectivity in Mississauga on an apple watch

Growing your network by following those that go to your facility and engaging with them directly online is what allows you to learn and discover.

Our premier gym in Mississauga is where we tested all the app functions and therefore is proven to be fully compatible with Sheridan’s scheduling. By linking your Slate account with the app, you can allow the app to learn about when you have class and derive smart recommendations regarding what activities and when might interest you.

The cool thing about this app feature is that the more you engage with smart recommendations, the smarter the recommendations get.

By using machine learning, PSB Fit App recognizes your interests and offers you refined solutions better suited for your tastes and personality in all of its offerings.


Getting Started – Looking for a gym with app connectivity


Perhaps you landed on this page while you made a search for gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga. Currently, our flagship location is the only location offering app connectivity. Download the app on any platform and use your base SLATE credentials to get started.

Once you’ve opted in, follow the required steps to qualify your body data so the app can start generating recommendations and offerings right away.

Inputting your goals, body metrics, food preferences, and workout commitment will allow the app to get you started.  These foundational recommendations at the Mississauga facility are top

Once you’re in, you manage and change the app’s privacy settings so your data is present the way you want.


Advanced App Features


Somethings that might not be apparent right away but will make your lives easier include:

  1. Goal Comparisons – Compare past progress and previous progress, displaying the brief history of activities and food consumption between time periods. Great for making accurate conclusions about the was a certain activity or nutritional diet affects you personally.Gym App connectivity in Mississauga with rewards
  2. Point System connectivity – Ability to collect points for meeting various goals and daily objectives. You set the objectives here. Use the QR scanner on the app, to ‘check-in’ on a machine at the gym. Start tracking progress to earn awesome rewards!
  3. The activity follows up – After completing a goal, the app will display areas of improvement in exercise form and nutrition. These are some factors to watch out for during the next activity.
  4. Reminders – You can use personal historical data to customize valuable information which is show pre-workout.



Our gym with app connectivity in Mississauga where ever you are, whenever you want to use it. It has become grounding that has helped us bring more unique services to the students in the area. All while being the leading source in achieving results.

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Gyms with body tracking devices in Mississauga.

PSB Fitness is a gym with body tracker devices in Mississauga.
The image shows how a body tracer would look like and how it reads data.

Body tracker devices are revolutionary when it comes to working out and exercising. This is because most physical activities need the right posture, energy, and position to perform properly and benefit from it. Body tracker devices help people with all of this information by gathering intel from a workout and providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve the posture of the body while doing a particular exercise. These devices help people to do the gym properly and making it easier to gain muscle quickly. Gyms with body tracker devices in Mississauga are very few. You can tell yourself when you’re doing the most training in the day or when you’re restless.  PSB fitness is one of the gyms that provides body tracker devices in Mississauga. There are a variety of body tracker devices that are available in PSB Fitness, such as, Motiv rings, Fitbit zip, etc.

Why should gyms use body tracker devices?

A fitness tracker is a device that a person should wear every day to keep track of different body parameters. A fitness tracker can aid in the self-monitoring of one’s activities. It assists in the setting of health targets such as achieving a simple daily aerobic activity target, burning a certain number of calories per day. Even drinking a certain number of glasses of water a day. A 3 axis accelerometer in a wearable sensor constantly tracks the body’s motions. The data is collected continuously while the tracker is on and powered up. Allowing the tracker to determine if the person is walking ahead, moving quickly, or even standing still. It divides the movements into various operations and then produces additional data based on this information. The app shows the consumer how many steps they’ve taken, at what level, their pace, and even how many calories they’ve burned.

Benefits of body tracker devices!

Body tracker will boost morale by displaying how far an individual has progressed toward a target. It’s easy to use and makes calculating multiple parameters a breeze. The desire to constantly track how much of a goal has been reached is a positive motivator for someone who is trying to lose weight. Individually worn fitness trackers may also aid observational trials involving a greater group of participants. The number of people who can be tracked in a laboratory is small, but researchers can analyze the data obtained for a much wider target population using wearable fitness trackers. Wearable body trackers will make it easy to gather vast quantities of data for testing. The machines have the ability to transform how empirical fitness experiments are performed. A healthy diet plan is very important for a person who workouts.

PSB Fitness is a gym with body trackers in Mississauga!

Body tracker device used in PSB Fitness

This is Fitbit 4, the body tracker device used in PSB Fitness.PSB provides its customers with Fitbit Charge 4. The Fitbit Charge 4 has a smart touchscreen panel, well-crafted menus, GPS built-in, and the best-in-class software that can conveniently be used and personalized to record a wide variety of activities instantly and efficiently. Fitbit is one of the best devices available in the market. The device can accurately measure heart rate. Women can follow their cycles and fertile windows through the Fitbit application and see where they are in their cycle from their own handles. The Charge 4 is the first Fitbit tracker that measures how hard you were working on a restful heart rate depending on your age. All of these characteristics make Fitbit Charge 4 the perfect body tracker device for fitness, and available in PSB Fitness. 



Wearable Fitness Apparel Technology in Mississauga

What is PSB Apparel?

Looking for wearable fitness apparel technology in Mississauga? PSB apparel is a line of fitness clothing with built-in sensors. Not only can you improve your workout, but you can also make new friends!

Wearable Technology On Fitness Apparel Items Mississauga

What is considered wearable fitness apparel technology?

This technology has sensors built into fitness apparel. The sensors can monitor your heart rate, speed, and the number of calories burned. This can ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout. Along with that, this apparel is not only a great workout tool but also very stylish! Connect with all your friends through the PSB Fitness App and share your progress. Moreover, it can track your fitness goals and improve your form. Ensuring you are not at risk of pulling a muscle or pushing yourself too far. In fact, the sensors send an alert to your phone if you are at risk of injury.

What kind of wearable fitness technology does PSB apparel offer?

The wearable fitness apparel technology includes sensors built into the clothing. Users can connect their clothing to the PSB Fitness app. This allows users to track their progress and workout in the correct form. As a result, you can gain professional fitness advice on your current progress. PSB fitness enables notifications straight to your phone allowing you to take charge of your workout. Above all, this wearable fitness apparel technology in Mississauga is one of its kind!

Wearable Technology On Fitness Apparel Items Mississauga

What kind of clothing does PSB Apparel have?

PSB Apparel offers a line of different clothing items. These items have built-in wearable technology. This technology can track every movement. From heart rate to speed all the way to exact form. Moreover, these include track pants and sweatshirts. Not sure how to perform a specific workout? Uniquely, PSB fitness will walk you through the workout. For example, the PSB Apparel Trackable Trackpants can improve your squat form. The app will monitor your progress and give you further guidance. The first PSB fitness launch includes:

Athos | Sport Chek PSB Apparel Trackable Trackpants $48

Athos | Sport Chek PSB Apparel High-Intensity Sweatshirt $58

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Nonetheless, the PSB Fitness center located in the heart of Mississauga has many different colours and style options!

Where can I get PSB Apparel?

PSB apparel is available to purchase in the PSB Fitness building located in Mississauga. It is offered in many different styles, colours and sizes! In addition, they are also available on the PSB Fitness website.

What are the benefits of PSB Apparel?

With PSB apparel, you can be your own personal trainer! Get workouts that are designed for you. Correspondingly, PSB apparel is connected through the PSB fitness app, you can now build your workouts according to your body type and fitness goal. For instance, want to focus on your abs? The PSB apparel sweatshirt will tell you exactly what area to work out. You can use it during any type of exercise including our Passive Gymnastics Class.

What other features does PSB Apparel have?

In addition to tracking your workout, PSB Apparel helps you set new goals. At the same time, you can share your progress with your friends or family and share it on your social media platforms. You can also follow your favourite influencers and follow thier workout plan. This is a great way to connect with your peers and make new friends! Above all, PSB apparel creates personalized workouts based on your body type, goals and eating habits.

Now, for a limited time only, get a free 1-week membership to the PSB fitness centre with the purchase of any PSB Apparel item. Come join PSB Fitness and improve your fitness game today!


Fitness and Community: PSB Fitness Grand Opening

New Fitness Community: PSB Fitness

Brand New PSB Fitness/Recreational Center opening in the 2 locations of Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion campus in Mississauga and Davis campus in Brampton. Providing with facilities for instance like Weight Training with end of the line equipment, Spa, Day Care, Rehabilitation center, Virtual Classes with trained professionals so you never miss your session and On-site training with professionals in field with over 5 years of experience in fitness training and nutrition at an affordable price as compared to other leading fitness brands. Be a part of a community which goes beyond the realms of just physical fitness and well-being. Choose one of the two conveniently located PSB fitness locations for students and general public.


Location: PSB, Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga (Near Square One)


The Location is at the heart of Mississauga downtown right beside bus terminal. The PSB fitness center will open in the new building of expanding HMC campus. Providing with students a convenient location to access their fitness and well being needs in their very own campus providing students a recreational facility to connect after classes. Not to be confused, the facility is open to general public as well. With Mississauga Square One bus terminal you are always just 500 meters away from catching your bus home.

                                           Location: PSB fitness, Sheridan Davis Campus, Brampton (Near Brampton Gateway Terminal)


The location is at the central south west part of Brampton. Come and feel the city of Brampton with this new location opening in the  Sheridan’s Davis Campus. Located near the Shoppers World mall and the Brampton Gateway terminal, it is a conveniently located location that serves everyone. With the residences filled with majority of students who are not only from Sheridan College but are from various colleges, PSB fitness Brampton provides recreational facilities to connect with other fellow students from various colleges.


What we offer (Both locations and all the facilities are accessible on same membership) are as follows-

  • Convenient location

    • Students- as the facilities reside in the campus itself consequently making it easier to accommodate physical fitness and well-being into their already busy schedule.
    • General public- as both locations are located have malls, convenience stores, food stores located all around.
    • Public transport is easily accessible with multiple bus stops just outside the campus.
  • High Quality  Fitness Low Price

    • End of the line equipment at reasonably affordable prices.
  • Community

    • Be a part of community. Socialize with peers beyond textbooks.
  • Training done right

    • Experienced trainers and nutritionists with more than 5 years of expertise in fitness and nutrition.
    • Free Physical training
  • Virtual classes

    • Virtual classes available to accommodate all requirements.
  • No extra Costs

    • We do not charge on top of our packages, everything is included.


Visit or for additional information. our representatives will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.

All your queries will be answered. Subscribe to our newsletter for exciting offers. We are excited to serve you.



Passive Gymnastics Mississauga

Active and passive gymnastics in Mississauga are a perfect way to get better and faster results!


Physical exercise is not only good for the body but also for the mind with a good diet. When you exercise, your body generates chemicals that generate a feeling of well-being; it improves the quality of sleep.  Also, mild depression and low self-esteem can be treated through exercise. Another benefit is the feeling of pride and accomplishment in reaching your goals regardless of whether it is to lose weight for health, beauty, elasticity, or breaking personal or public records. These are some of the benefits of using passive and active gymnastics in Mississauga while you are training; not only to get better and faster results but also to keep healthy with less effort. Knowing this, you can start changing your life right now through our personalized training programs.

By losing weight you are not only improving your physical appearance but you are also significantly reducing the probability of suffering from diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc. The constancy of the exercise and will allow to have a stable weight as well as to age better externally and internally. One of the best examples is osteoporosis, which can occur on our way to old age; thanks to the constant practice of exercise it reduces over time. It happens because of the strengthening of the bones.

All gyms offer active exercises that have been touted for decades for their benefits on the body and mind. Lately, the benefit of mixing them with passive gymnastics has surfaced.

But what is passive gymnastics?

Medicine uses passive gymnastics in Mississauga as a technique that works through electrostimulation. This means that it generates electrical impulses, through conductive electrodes, which go directly to the muscles. In this way, the signal sent by the brain for the muscles to move simulates active exercise; the stimulus becomes contraction, strengthens the tissue, and eliminates the liquids retained in it. In other words, better results with less effort!

This way to work the organism, in addition to being harmless, simulates certain work that is done when training. There is also a machine that uses the same method to mobilize the joints, but with therapeutic benefits. It can be an addition for all the people who carry out some sporting activity during the week. In this way, during the weekend they will rest but will continue to stimulate their muscles. This way they will be able to continue training from home, but not in an intense and arduous way like the other days. All our training programs follow this structure to do not create extreme pain the next day.

Each stimulation session lasts 30 to 45 minutes and can be applied in different areas. These can be the buttocks, hips, stomach, legs, and arms. After each part receives contractions for a period, this is when muscle toning and firming occurs.

It can be used in these parts because these are the areas where the muscle needs to be strengthened the most.  Also, it is where the most are sought to define the tone and increase the elasticity of the skin. Likewise, they are the parts of the greatest flaccidity and the ones that are most worked on in slimming processes. Both to eliminate cellulite and to drain the facial and body lymphatic part.

Passive gymnastics

Benefits of doing gymnastics passively while practicing sports or exercising

  • Doing passive gymnastics in Mississauga brings several benefits both for athletes and for people who need therapy. Here I tell you some of the advantages that this type of exercise produces.
    • Increases muscle tone, burns fat and fights to sag.
    • It is recommended as a postpartum treatment as it is a tonic stimulus and increases consistency.
    • Muscle stimulation serves to rehabilitate inactive areas.
    • It removes the muscles and prevents them from atrophying after being inactive for a long time.
    • Improves and favours blood and lymphatic circulation within the body.
    • Faster results in terms of muscle reactivation
    • Free of harm and contraindications within 90% of the population
    • Prevents rheumatism due to it has anti-inflammatory effects.
    • It combats the stiffness of ligaments and the lack of flexibility in muscles.
    • Calms muscle aches
    • Relieves the symptoms of heavy legs
    • Helps prevent cramps
    • It gives relaxation massages.

PSB Fitness: Nutrition Coaching in Mississauga

Nutrition Coaching in Mississauga

PSB Fitness: Eat Fit & Stay FitNutrition coaching Mississauga

Why PSB Nutrition Coaching Mississauga?

At PSB nutrition coaching Mississauga our most important goal is to ensure that our GYM enthusiasts are healthy at all times. Apart from lifting weights and running on the treadmill there is more to do for a better body and healthy mindset. For the purpose of educating people about diets we have Nutrition coaches to help people lead a healthy lifestyle. Coaches will be available on the PSB app to provide nutrition advice, one on one training, fitness and health tests through sensors. Clients are allowed to have video calls by scheduling a meeting. PSB offers user-friendly App that is easy to use and has all the information shown on what to eat and what not to eat along with many other services. One of the most sought-after service being offered is the “Yoga and meditation” service which helps in reducing stress and calming your mind. Definitely a Stress buster!

To know more check out

Power of Nutrition Coaching and Exercise

Both nutrition and coaching are equally important and combining these two pillars gives a lot of advantages. Nowadays, people try to reduce weight by not eating enough food and that is extremely unhealthy. But instead combining exercise and nutrition together helps in getting a lean body at the healthy level. A healthy diet and exercising three times a week helps in achieving a health life later in the future. At PSB Fitness nutritionist give customers online checklist that is setup in order that consists of four questions that they have to follow for three days every week. The questions are:

  • Were you active for 30 minutes 3 days last week?
  • Were the suggested fruits and vegetables consumed?
  • Protein and diary products consumed?
  • Four types of exercises practiced? If yes, how many sets?

These questions are asked so that the nutritionist can see how the client is doing.

Benefits of healthy nutritious diet

  • Memory improvements
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Strong bones
  • Getting good sleep
  • Provides nutrients, mineral & vitamins
  • Strong immune system
  • Reduced stress 

The benefits mentioned as shown above are just few of them. Want to know more in addition to the ones provided? click on this link:

Causes of not eating healthy

Quarantine overweight is a thing

The root of being healthy is making sure that the mind is at the right place. Mental health plays a huge role in everything a person does on a daily basis. Mood disorders is a real thing and it happens by not eating healthy. The motivation to go to the gym comes by pushing themselves and to do that having a good mindset is the most important thing. Having a good mindset can be achieved only if a proper diet is planned accordingly. Being at home during the pandemic has got people go through a sedentary lifestyle phase which has resulted in people making poor lifestyle choices. Gym’s being closed has made people gain a lot of weight and that in the long run could lead people to go through malnutrition accompanied by clinical complications. Few of them are:

  • Decline in Mental Health
  • Anaemia
  • Constipation
  • Muscle atrophy

Working up the right diet

Nutrition coaching Mississauga

Working out is just a small part of being healthy but eating right is what helps in staying fit. Effective results can only be achieved by prepping meals but unfortunately a lot of people struggle with doing that. At PSB fitness there are nutritionists who help in setting up the right meal based on the right body type. Every body requires certain number of calories and at PSB fitness there are nutrition coaches who are trained to advice people what to eat, when to eat it and what not to eat. Diet plan is made and designed completely on what the end goal of the customer is. For example, if the customer wants to have a beefy body the nutritionists then suggest food based on that.

What PSB nutrition coaching offers

  • Nutrition coaches: Certified coaches who plan meals accordingly.
  • Trainers: Certified trainers who will guide you towards the right path to achieve the body you desire.
  • App: Easy to use app for customers.
    • App offers meal plans set by the nutritionist in detail. For example, the amount of meals to eat per day, glasses of water needed to consume before and after each meal etc.
    • On the app there is a folder where people have the opportunity to take a picture of themselves prior to starting the diet and this is done to see the progress that is being made
  • Self-defense training: PSB fitness offers Mixed Martial Arts training along with animal movement techniques twice every week. In order to demonstrate skills acquired there are healthy competitions held every quarter.

Membership Details

Basic Membership: $29.99

  • Access to one location
  • No commitment period
  • 1 hours/week with nutritionist
  • Access to entire facility

PSB Black card: $49.99

  • Access to all location
  • Unlimited App benefits
  • No commitment periods
  • 1 hour/day with nutritionist
  • 1 hour/day with trainer
  • PSB bag and bottle

Note: Initiation fee of $24.99 upon billing.