What Makes PSB Toys so Unique? Mississauga’s very own Handcrafted Toy Store!

PSB Toys, Mississauga’s very own Handcrafted Toy Store.

Looking for the best handcrafted Toy store? PSB Toys in Mississauga sells a small range of products, mainly known for selling well-crafted, handmade toys from local designers and artisans. Located near Square One Shopping Centre in downtown Mississauga, PSB Toys is easily accessible to shoppers from Square one shopping centre. PSB Toys was established 2 years ago in 2019 and aims at promoting local designers and artisans who produce top quality handcrafted toys for children. This makes PSB Toys unique because most kids’ toys are usually mass-produced in large factories overseas in China. This also allows Canadians to help support designers and artisans that come from Canada. This can be meaningful to customers that want to see more Canadian representation in the toy industry, as that market is very much dominated by Chinese and American brands.


DIY HANDCRAFTED TOYSChildren visiting PSB toy shop

This Christmas PSB Toys Mississauga has to offer a new range of DIY Toys that can help family’s build their own toys and increase bonding between them and their children. The new DIY Toys section will include action figures that will be inclusive of all body types, gender and races. No other toy store has action figures and toys of all different shapes, sizes and colours. We want kids to be able to buy dolls that look exactly like them so that they do not need to compare themselves to unrealistic standards. The Toys from PSB Toys also comes with a 2-year warranty. No other toy company in the market offers a warranty that is as long as ours. The longest other companies offer their warranty is 3 months (90 days). We want our customers to have a peace of mind if their toys were to get damaged within two years. Customer service is taken very crucially by PSB Toys. 

ECO-FRIENDLY PSB TOYSKids playing with PSB toys

How are the PSB Toys Eco friendly ? Since the products are handmade, no pollutants go into the air when the product is being made. Most of the materials used to manufacture our products include materials like easily recyclable plastic and biodegradable toy parts.These toys are ideal for families who value saving the earth and purchasing items that do not contribute to global warming. 

This Christmas lets make a change. Let us start promoting our local designers and artisans at PSB Toys. Let us become more inclusive and more eco friendly. And most importantly let us stand out from the rest of the toy stores. PSB Toys Mississauga is unique and here for a change.  

Anxiety-Relieving Fidget Toys in Mississauga

effective fidget toys that help relieve anxiety and stress

Looking for effective and unique fidget toys?

First, a little history…

Back in 2017, fidget spinners became the most popular and sought-after toy in the market. A lot of people in different age groups find it very satisfying and enjoyable to use. The global craze about this specific kind of toy opened the door for more fidget toys in the market especially since it claimed to help relieve anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions.

The fidget toys offered in PSB Toys’ are not just about the famous fidget spinners. We offer handcrafted and customizable toys. Customers will have the chance to create their personalized and unique fidget toy by picking which sensory attachments they wish to have.


How do fidget toys help relieve anxiety?

anxiety-releaving1. Elevated Focus and Productivity

A toy like a fidget spinner is very easy to use and using it does not require much attention. Because of this, users can still do their work/schoolwork with more focus and concentration because the satisfying movement and sensory of the toy can help calm users down.

2. Mind Stimulating

Having control of how a specific thing works is not only satisfying but also helps stimulate the brain. Some ways that can help stimulate the brain is by completing puzzles or by having a puzzle-like feeling for a toy (e.g., fidget cube)

3. Portability

Having something you can bring anywhere and can fit in ones’ pocket is of the best quality of fidget toys. Consequently, these types of toys are especially helpful for people who have anxiety or any other mental condition because they could get triggered anytime anywhere and they need something easy to use and very accessible.


Fidget toys available in PSB Toys

Fidget Spinnersanxiety-relieving fidget toy

This type of fidget toy is usually made out of metal or plastic and has a ball bearing in the centre that promotes the effortless spinning movement of its multiple lobes. This type of toy claims to help promote calmness among people who experience anxiety, ADHD, and autism.

Chewable Straws

chewable straw anxiety-relieving fidget toyFlexible straws that are not only reusable but also chewable! This type of straw is safe for use for both kids and adults who have challenges when it comes to oral motor and sensory. Overall, these fidget straws can help strengthen oral muscles and stimulation.

Six-Sided Fidget Cubescube anxiety-relieving fidget toy

Customized and unique sensory attachments are used on each of the six sides that personally satisfy customers. Some of the famous sensory and motion sides of a fidget cube include – breathe, flip/switch, glide, spin, roll, and click.


What do experts think?

In an article, Dr. Pilar Trelles, a psychiatrist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, says that fidget spinners/toys do help improve focus and calm a person down. In addition, these types of toys offer a better and less harmful way of exerting nervous energy. However, it should be noted that these toys are just a temporary and short-term solution for anxiety and that it is best to seek help and treatments from professionals.

Get your own personalized fidget toy now!


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PSB DIY crafts for kids in Mississauga

PSB DIY crafts for kids in Mississauga

Children visiting PSB toy shop
Children visiting PSB toy shop

Are you looking for a toy that is both cheap and durable and can help your child to grow mentally and help them to become creative? If you want your children’s toys to have such features then you have come to the right place at the PSB toy shop. Our PSB toy shop includes a variety of products and we are now starting a new line of products known as DIY craft toys. Our products are made by experienced local designers and artisans and during the manufacturing time, our DIY craft for kids are tested many times.

These local artists are keeping our art of making the old toys alive in the present where children are spending more time on computers and phones. Our product focuses on things like durability, safety, and quality of the product so that the customer does not have any complaints and it ensures the safety of the children as well.  Our shop is located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga which is near celebration square which means that there is a chance that individuals who are there to explore something might come to our shop to buy some toys for their children

Student playing with PSB toys
Students playing with PSB toys.

“PSB toy shop has the best quality product in the very best price and my child really like these products “PSB customer

Why Choose Us?

The benefits of buying our product are that it is very durable and can last long as it is made by the best local artisans and it will also have good quality as compared to the toys produced in factories. Furthermore, to ensure the safety of the children we won`t be putting anything that can harm a kid. For example, things like sharp tools or hazardous material like glue will not be included in the box for children between the age of 4 to 10 and proper instruction would be given behind DIY craft toys that will mention the safety issue if handed over to children below 10. Apart from that this new line of products will include toys like anime character blocks, craft planes or trains, Beyblade top which can be modified depending upon which part you use to make a Beyblade.

PSB discount offer

Secondly, we will be offering discounts to customers who are buying our craft toys in bulk like a buy one gets one scheme. The customers can order our DIY toys online from our website or can come directly to the stores. Also, Christmas is about to come and people don’t want their children to spend without new gifts so we would be offering several discounts on our product.

PSB anime figure collection
PSB anime figure collection

Our toys are affordable and provide quality?

Our toys are handcrafted which means that they are affordable as compared to the toys being made at the factories. Also, we ensure that proper quality measures are taken while producing these crafted toys. Also, the material used to make these toys are natural which means that it can be recycled again, and hence, it is good for the environment as well. Also, our low prices will help our customers to buy in bulk for their children during Christmas. We want that learning continues side to side with playtime for this new generation.


In conclusion, PSB DIY craft toys provide a beneficial and fantastic experience to children and help them to grow mentally. Also, our product is the best a toy store could offer to its customer at such a cheap price and good quality.  We would love to see you at our store and wishes to have a good chat with you. For more information, you can visit our social media websites on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for our latest information and news. Also, to buy our product either you can visit online or you can directly visit our store at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. Subscribe to our page for more deals and discounts. Hope to see you!