Reduce stress and get fit with YogaPlus at PSB


YogaPlus to Reduce Stress and Get Fit

Reduce stress and get fit to help improve the body and mind with YogaPlus. It combines elements of fitness with your workout and includes weights, cardio, or circuit training. Through our app, access live and pre-recorded videos online from anywhere. Therefore, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home.

Through yoga, you improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

It has been a struggle for most during this pandemic. This has affected us negatively for months. But not having to think about that for a few minutes helps improve your mind and body. Our online YogaPlus sessions are perfect for those looking to free their mind, as well as focus on their physical and mental state.


See what others have to say

I love the online meditation sessions because I can focus on breathing instead of repetitive thoughts that my mind loves to obsess over; no matter how foolish or how important these thoughts are. So, I signed up and I have no regrets. These sessions are easy to get access to and using the app is a snap. I can watch videos and practice meditating from anywhere. These virtual sessions allow me to have a few minutes to enjoy “peace of mind”. - Jack

“I used to think yoga was for hippies and bearded men who wear dresses. It wasn’t until I found out that yoga could solve my eating problem, that I tried it. I heard that self-control is like a muscle and could through meditation. The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. I have tried a combination of yoga and weights. When I started the poses and transition to weights, it was intense. I thought I was going to pass out a few minutes in. Yoga takes practice but PSB has made me obsessed! Like a muscle, self-control can grow, but overworked. If self-control is like a cell phone battery, meditation charges it back up.”

Through YogaPlus, I lost 10 pounds and I feel and look amazing - Melissa

Various yoga styles

We offer Vinyasa and Hatha styles to help with mental state and strength.

Access from anywhere

With the PSB app, you can take classes at home.


Experienced instructors

Professional instructors with years of experience in yoga and fitness

Does YogaPlus sound like something that's for you? Then sign up today for a free trial offer!

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YogaPlus and Meditation

Nutrition Coaching

Virtual and in person classes

Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga

The best Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga! At PSB Fitness, we believe that meaningful relationships can be built in everyday places. For this reason, our mission is to provide our members with as many networking opportunities as possible. Hence we have come up with two programs which helps us provide our members with a bang for their buck.

Referral Program

The gym serves as one of the best places to network. Networking, however, proves to be easier when you are in a comfortable environment. This atmosphere can be something that you as a member can get rewarded for!

Being in an atmosphere with people who share similar goals increases motivation in individuals.


Moreover, exercise helps increase endorphins. This helps alleviate one’s mood. Combined, these two factors leave our members at the perfect learning stance post workouts. Members can retrieve benefits by joining our podcast program. Since want to create an atmosphere that enforces maximum learning and physical and mental growth for our members, we have therefore designed the program to be held after workouts. While we are happy to provide our members with net-workout benefits we encourage members to further enhance their experience. Luckily, PSB has a referral program to help you AND your family/friends make the most of their workouts, not only when it comes to your health, but also in your career.

Instructions for Referral Program
Instructions for Referral Program
Need advice on your new business venture? Join our podcast!

For every friend/family you refer, you get the chance to be a “talker” at our podcast system. The normal podcast system allows for members to be listeners to the  influencers or entrepreneurs invited. However, with our referral program, for every friend or family member a PSB member refers, you get the opportunity to be a “talker” at the podcast. This allows you to share any business or networking goal you might have. You could also get professional insight to it, all while being in a more laid back, net-workout environment.




Rewards Program

We are ever so grateful for the loyalty our members show to PSB. We would like to take every possible chance to appreciate their dedication. As a result, PSB has come up with a Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga. Our is especially designed to reward our members for beyond rewards earned from points.

You can collect points through various means:

  • Tracking number of hours spent on machines by integrating machine usage on our app

    Gym Network with Reward Programs Mississauga
    How to Earn Points

We want to be able to encourage our members to use machines directed at different focus areas. This helps ensure members achieve optimal health and fitness.


  • Refill water bottles through water fountains.This will also make you a supporter of our CSR campaign!

Make an eco-friendly decision to reduce the use of plastic, leaving a positive carbon footprint.


  • Take part in competitive programs affiliated with different businesses where winning team gets points

Get the possible chance to create various connections with companies. This could be beneficial to your career growth.

Redeem their points through various reward options including

  • a month’s free membership
  • protein shake
  • merchandise from our store


For more information on points rewarding system, please refer to our app’s rewards program section or ask one of the employees at the front desk for help.

You can download our app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Certainly, we want the best for our members and are always open to any feedback they have to offer. Therefore, we encourage members to fill our feedback section.

Mississauga Gym with Optimized Smartwatches

Intro to PSB Fitness

Nowadays, technology is very prevalent within our society and almost everyone you see has at least one technological device on their person; despite this, Gyms usually do not include any forms of technology. You are probably wondering, how do the two correlate? Well, it should be noted that Gyms are having a difficult time linking the aspects of fitness and technology together, as shown within this article; however, we have found ways in which the two mix. Allow us to introduce ourselves, the Mississauga gym with optimized smartwatches, PSB Fitness. Below, you will gain insight as to how our company works and the benefits of choosing us for your gym. This will show you the backbone of our company, while also showing how we have changed the idea of fitness to fit a more technological age.

A Mississauga gym used to signify that PSB Fitness is an in-house operation; meaning, people come into the business

What you Need to Know

PSB Fitness is a gym that integrates technology to make the. We aim to try and stray from the basic ways in which gyms are run. At PSB Fitness we have found the best way to do this. Our way of integrating technology is through optimized smartwatches, as we believe this is a strong way of attracting college students, like yourself, towards a more health-conscious lifestyle. We have thought of this is through developing an application that can be integrated into any smartwatch. The application acts as the backbone to how the user works out at our gym. We believe this is a stronger method than the generic gym method, as it is a more optimal way of preserving energy and provides a stronger workout routine for one’s body type.


The application that integrates with the Mississauga Gym with Optimized Smartwatches:

The application PSB Fitness has developed can be integrated with any smartwatch, making PSB Fitness the “Mississauga gym with optimized smartwatches.” This application allows any owner of a smartwatch to use our app for the most comfortable and optimal experience with PSB Fitness, as it streamlines the user’s workout routine. This helps the user realize their most optimal routine; ergo, they repeat that workout time after time. Smartwatches already carry applications such as Apple Music and Spotify, giving us the idea to allow for the link between a user’sA person using an optimized smartwatch PSB Fitness account and their Apple Music or Spotify. The end goal is to help each user of the app and smartwatch to realize their most optimal routine and stick towards it. This can be achieved via a smartwatch and application. If you would like to learn more about our app, please visit our PSB Fitness Digital App page.


Some benefits of the Mississauga Gym with Optimized Smartwatches, PSB Fitness:

The smartwatch allows for the ease of multiple functions. These functions include the monitoring of calories burned, the listing of what machines to use, and a built-in trainer. As mentioned previously, the smartwatch will vibrate when it realizes that the optimal amount of calories have been burned; the user realizes that spending more time on the machine will only lead to a lessened energy level. Moreover, the application does a preliminary quiz, which dictates the user’s body type. A result of this is that the app dictates what workout machines the user should use. Furthermore, a problem newer entrants face is the sense of elitism within the gym, PSB Fitness aims to mitigate that as much as possible. As such, we have decided to implement a personal trainer so anyone can have a good workout.


Join our Mississauga Gym with Optimized Smartwatches Today!

As PSB Fitness believes in saving your time and energy, we urge you to come to streamline your workout routine. Firstly, after signing up at PSB Fitness, you will receive a link that leads you to the downloading of our application and provides brief instructions as to how to set everything up. To conclude, come join us today and optimize your workout! Woman using optimized smartwatch at Mississauga gym

Technologized Networking Gym in Mississauga

PSB Fitness

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives over time, affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, including fitness. Despite the foregoing, no gym has successfully utilized technology to its full potential; opting instead to incorporate generic elements that can be found anywhere. As a result, our mission was to break away from the norm and provide a modern experience to our clients in a simple but innovative manner. We would like to introduce the vastly superior and technologized networking gym in Mississauga known as PSB Fitness.

Technologized Networking Gym in Mississauga

PSB Fitness aspires to realize the wonderful relationship that exists between technology, people, and the act of working out in order to reimagine what a gym and its purpose should be. Essentially, we want to help you progress physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and professionally at our gym. We also want to make it easier for you to do so with our multi-purpose, interconnected PSB Fitness Digital app. To learn more about the relationship between technology and fitness, feel free to visit this article.

Everything You Need and More at Your FingertipsPSB Fitness App can be accessed from any mobile device.

The PSB Fitness Digital App, which serves as the gym’s central control system and technology foundation, defines PSB Fitness. To put it another way, the PSB Fitness Digital App is the “brains” behind our operations. While rivals also provide digital fitness apps, none of them are incorporating their app into the gym’s core operations or functions. PSB Fitness Digital App has an advantage in this area wherein it is a multi-purpose app that automates workout routines, including machine availability, for a technologically enhanced experience at the gym or at home.

Personalized for Your Needs-

Get custom exercise plans, workouts, and routines based on your specific needs and desires. The PSB Fitness Digital App will track your progress and set goals for you in order to provide you with the most up-to-date advice on how to stay in shape. All methods and means are tailored to you specifically in order to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience. These customized regimens will be simple to follow and accessible through the app. Due to the effects of Covid-19, the specific regimens can also be followed at home via virtual workout sessions; those that do not require equipment.

Integration With our Technologized Networking Gym in Mississauga-

The PSB Fitness Digital App is fully integrated with our technologized networking gym in Mississauga. All gym-related procedures and processes are automated as a result of this. As such, the availability of all equipment and machines will be denoted as vacant or occupied; with the up-to-date status available through the app. To take it one step further, if the user is short on time or does not want to wait and have their body cool down, they can take advantage of a feature called “Stay in Motion.”

Through this feature, preprogrammed workout regimens are available for selection by the user based upon the availability of machines and equipment. Following their confirmation, the app will book all machines and equipment at the necessary times to ensure a continuous workout. An example being how the app will book the legs machine at 1:30 pm since the user will be working out on the arms machine from 1:15 to 1:30 pm. Overall, everyone will receive a proper workout with no waiting time, as well as enjoy the ability to reserve equipment and machines up to one hour in advance.

Connectivity and Networking-

To provide a unique experience, the PSB Fitness Digital App encompasses several key capabilities to perform as a multi-functional app. Firstly, it allows for integration with Spotify, Apple Music, or Audibles depending on the user’s preferences. It also provides live podcast streams, as well as updates and news about the gym’s activities, events, and other information. Furthermore, it allows user to use the app, in the same manner, they would a social media app; wherein messaging and social media functions allow for like-minded people to collaborate and work out in groups; creates an environment that encourages meeting new people while exercising, allowing for opportunities to expand one’s personal and/or professional network. To learn more about this aspect of our gym, please visit our page dedicated to Networking.

Meeting New People and Networking.

Join Us Today at Our Technologized Networking Gym in Mississauga

PSB Fitness is a unique gym because it allows for the fostering of a collaborative, interactive, and streamlined workout experience. This is possible by our multi-functional app that is available upon signing up at our gym. Come join us today and let’s Net-Workout together!

Fitness and Community: PSB Fitness Grand Opening

New Fitness Community: PSB Fitness

Brand New PSB Fitness/Recreational Center opening in the 2 locations of Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion campus in Mississauga and Davis campus in Brampton. Providing with facilities for instance like Weight Training with end of the line equipment, Spa, Day Care, Rehabilitation center, Virtual Classes with trained professionals so you never miss your session and On-site training with professionals in field with over 5 years of experience in fitness training and nutrition at an affordable price as compared to other leading fitness brands. Be a part of a community which goes beyond the realms of just physical fitness and well-being. Choose one of the two conveniently located PSB fitness locations for students and general public.


Location: PSB, Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga (Near Square One)


The Location is at the heart of Mississauga downtown right beside bus terminal. The PSB fitness center will open in the new building of expanding HMC campus. Providing with students a convenient location to access their fitness and well being needs in their very own campus providing students a recreational facility to connect after classes. Not to be confused, the facility is open to general public as well. With Mississauga Square One bus terminal you are always just 500 meters away from catching your bus home.

                                           Location: PSB fitness, Sheridan Davis Campus, Brampton (Near Brampton Gateway Terminal)


The location is at the central south west part of Brampton. Come and feel the city of Brampton with this new location opening in the  Sheridan’s Davis Campus. Located near the Shoppers World mall and the Brampton Gateway terminal, it is a conveniently located location that serves everyone. With the residences filled with majority of students who are not only from Sheridan College but are from various colleges, PSB fitness Brampton provides recreational facilities to connect with other fellow students from various colleges.


What we offer (Both locations and all the facilities are accessible on same membership) are as follows-

  • Convenient location

    • Students- as the facilities reside in the campus itself consequently making it easier to accommodate physical fitness and well-being into their already busy schedule.
    • General public- as both locations are located have malls, convenience stores, food stores located all around.
    • Public transport is easily accessible with multiple bus stops just outside the campus.
  • High Quality  Fitness Low Price

    • End of the line equipment at reasonably affordable prices.
  • Community

    • Be a part of community. Socialize with peers beyond textbooks.
  • Training done right

    • Experienced trainers and nutritionists with more than 5 years of expertise in fitness and nutrition.
    • Free Physical training
  • Virtual classes

    • Virtual classes available to accommodate all requirements.
  • No extra Costs

    • We do not charge on top of our packages, everything is included.


Visit or for additional information. our representatives will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.

All your queries will be answered. Subscribe to our newsletter for exciting offers. We are excited to serve you.



Oxygen Supplementation Gym in Mississauga

Oxygen supplementation training (hyperoxic training)

All of us breathe oxygen all the time and use more oxygen when we exercise. Of this air we breathe, about 20% of it is oxygen. After raising this oxygen level, you will experience some health benefits.  In other words, increasing the oxygen level allows you to breathe in more oxygen with each breath. Thus, your body has more oxygen to get energy faster. Raising your oxygen level for exercising is called oxygen supplemental training or hyperoxic training. Above all, you will experience higher energy levels, sleep, quality of life, and you will not get tired as easily while exercising with oxygen supplementation. Although oxygen supplementation is beneficial, you will have trouble finding oxygen supplementation gyms. However if you are looking for an oxygen supplementation gym in Mississauga, it can be found at the Sheridan College HMC campus.

Oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness
Oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

What can oxygen supplementation do for you?

Oxygen supplementation training has helped many athletes such as yourself in reaching exercise goals easily. Thus, you can exercise at higher intensities, get to your exercise goals faster and get a much better-looking body quickly. Therefore, you can impress your friend and family as you show them how fast you reached your goals. You will even see benefits in your overall health. Thus, you will run or swim with ease. Combining this with a healthy diet will make you look muscular and become fit in no time. There have been scientific studies conducted over the years that show that oxygen supplementation training. They show that you can even get your heart to work more efficiently as you continue to use oxygen supplementation. However, one of the only places you can experience oxygen supplementation in Mississauga is at PSB Fitness.

PSB Fitness, an oxygen supplementation gym in Mississauga

We are the only gym in Mississauga that offers oxygen supplementation training. At PSB fitness, we provide oxygen supplementation training along with personal trainers. For instance, we provide special oxygen supplementation training rooms as well as regular training rooms. In addition, these oxygen supplementation training rooms have additional oxygen pumped inside to increase the level of oxygen available. Further, these rooms also include carbon dioxide scrubbers. These quickly remove any carbon dioxide that people breathe out. This allows for the air in the room to have a high concentrate of oxygen (50%). Thus, you can train faster and better. Oxygen supplementation training rooms will include over 15 varieties of gym equipment. These range from common exercise equipment such as dumbbells, bench press, exercise machines, cardio machines, and foam rollers for post workout. Our experienced private trainers are here for you.

Other features

Not only do the workout rooms offer oxygen supplementation, but our yoga studios also offer oxygen supplementation for your maximum benefit. These rooms offer Zumba, meditation, mindfulness, cycling classes and many more. If you want a change of scenery, you can visit the outdoor areas which also offer yoga. All these areas have flexible schedules, you can book ahead on our website.

Medical monitors are included which monitors your performance and overall health. These ensure your best work out every time at PSB fitness. To do this, the monitors help in determining your performance and whether you are exercising too hard. Additionally, we have inhouse student nurses along with professional nurses. Thus, you can get medical treatment while meeting other students.

Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation
Fitness trainers using oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

Our indoor pools at PSB fitness offer fun swim and private swimming lessons. There are 2 lanes open all the time for drop in swimming. Additionally, you can find a separate smaller pool that offers oxygen supplementation training. Our change rooms and pools will have lockers available for you to use.

Other services

We offer self-improvement outside fitness such as seminars. Our seminars will let you learn to improve your physical and mental development. We offer resistance training seminars, self-development seminars and mindfulness seminars. Therefore, taking these courses give you boosted confidence and health.

With our partnership with Sheridan, an accredited healthy living course allows Sheridan College students to take an elective to learn about health living. Also, if you are a student at Sheridan studying to become a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you can apple to PSB fitness for a COOP opportunity. This way you can network, get paid and learn while working.

Yoga trainers using oxygen supplementation in Mississauga at PSB Fitness

Our inhouse nutritionist can offer you customized food and exercise plans. These are based on your physical health, hobbies, and interests. Therefore, you can enjoy tasty food while being healthy.

You can purchase our fitness wearables to track your health and your goal progress. Further, this information, your personal trainer can adjust your workout plan. Additionally, your nutritionist can adjust meal plans based on your information.


Membership options

Premium O2 membership

Full facility access

Includes three 1-Hour sessions each week

Two weekly session with nutritionists

Starter kit which includes a gym bag, water bottle, protein bars and healthy snacks.


Enhanced O2 membership

Full facility access

Two 1-hour sessions per week

A weekly session with a nutritionist


O2 membership

Full facility access

One 1-hour session a week with a personal trainer

A monthly session with a nutritionist.


Oxygen supplementation getting oxygen into lungs

You may purchase additional personal trainer sessions as needed. Additionally, you may also purchase towel service for $2.99, you may pick up towels at the front desk. Additionally, virtual packages are available for you to learn virtually about different exercises, proper forms, nutrition and much more.

Protein bars at PSB Fitness
Protein bars at PSB Fitness


Oxygen supplementation Gym with an exclusive shop with nutritionists

Our PSB shop offers shirts, supplements, protein powder, protein bars, Gatorade, and swag. For these supplements and protein, speak to our nutritionists if you want to know which are best for you or if you want protein powders mixed based on your diet.

For information about the coop offers, visit to learn more.

Sign up now on and experience your 1-week free trial today at an oxygen supplementation gym in Mississauga!



Written by Jason Chow (Group 6)

YogaPlus and Meditation Online Mississauga

Introducing YogaPlus and meditation online sessions now offered at the new PSB fitness located at the HMC campus Mississauga. These sessions are available through the PSB fitness app when you signup. Through the app, members can access recorded videos and join live classes. So, no need to worry about driving to the gym. With the PSB fitness app, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. And thanks to the app, it makes accessing YogaPlus and mediation sessions easy and stress-free.

PSB offers a wide range of classes for every fitness level. So, if you are a beginner or pro, we have what you need.

Benefits of YogaPlus and Meditation

During this pandemic, it has been a struggle for most. Dealing with rules and wearing masks all day. Because of this, we can’t spend time with family and friends or go to our favorite restaurant. This has affected us negatively for months. But, not having to think about that for a few minutes helps improve your mind and body. Our online YogaPlus and meditation sessions are perfect for those that are looking to free their mind, as well as focus on their physical and mental state.


Meditation session


About online YogaPlus and meditation

When you log into the PSB app, members search for either the meditation or YogaPlus sessions. Through professional instruction, trainers guide you through these sessions. For meditating, they suggest finding a comfortable, seated, or lying-down position. They would also suggest lighting your favorite candle or moving to a quiet room. Our instructors take you to a world of peace and freedom from negative thoughts with a calm voice and relaxing music.

YogaPlus adds most other elements of fitness to your workout. This includes weights, cardio, or circuit training. Instructors take you through each routine by showing the correct position and lifting techniques to avoid injury. So, we at PSB offer a range of meditation and yoga styles. The most popular being mindfulness and mantra meditation and Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

Is meditation and yoga for you?

  • Through meditation, you gain a new way of looking at stressful situations
  • Improve strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Reduce negative and harmful emotions
  • Control anxiety and stress
  • Increase attention span
  • Meditation can be practiced anywhere
  • Yoga can promote healthy eating habits and weight loss

Does YogaPlus or meditation sound like something that’s for you? Then sign up today for a free trial offer!

Meditation online session
Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during the lockdown in self-isolation.

What we offer

  • Experienced instructors

PSB has professional instructors that have years of experience in meditation and yoga.

  • Various yoga and meditation styles

With so many styles out there, we offer mindfulness, mantra, and spiritual meditation. For yoga, there is Vinyasa and Hatha.  So, this gives members choices depending on what their needs are. With these styles, you become more focused and aware, which helps with your mental state and strength.

YogaPlus online session
YogaPlus circuit fitness
  • Easy access

After registering with PSB fitness, members then download the mobile app. Members have full access to recorded videos and scheduled classes which they can watch at any time.

What have others been saying about the YogaPlus and meditation online sessions:

After a nice online YogaPlus session, I feel a balance in life, mind, and body (because sometimes it gets out of control, especially during COVID). This may be short-lived for now but eventually, I will be able to expand my mindfulness… hopefully!

“I used to think yoga was for hippies and bearded men who wear dresses. It wasn’t until I found out that yoga could solve my eating problem, that I decided to try it. I heard that self-control is like a muscle and could be strengthened through meditation. The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. I tried the yoga and weights combo. When I started the poses and transition to weights, it was intense. I thought I was going to pass out a few minutes in. Yoga takes practice but PSB has made me obsessed! Like a muscle, self-control can grow, but it can also be worn out. If self-control is like a cell phone battery, meditation is what charges it back up.”

Through YogaPlus, I was able to lose 10 pounds and I feel and look amazing- Melissa

YogaPlus weights

I love the online meditation sessions because I can focus on breathing instead of repeated thoughts that my mind loves to obsess over; no matter how foolish or how important these thoughts may be. So, I decided to sign up and I have no regrets. These sessions are easy to access and using the app is a snap. I can watch videos and practice meditating from anywhere. These virtual sessions allow me to have a few minutes to enjoy “peace of mind”. – Jack

More information:

Like to learn more about yoga and meditation? These articles on the benefits of yoga and meditation would help give you an idea of the benefits offered.

Interested? Get a one-week free trial on the app when you sign up with PSB fitness. Not a member, no problem. Sign up on the app and get a two-week free trial.

Learn more about PSB fitness and what we have to offer. The following links will get you there:

Virtual and in person gym with online app