Fitness Wearables is the Future of Health at the PSB

The future of fitness is now! The world is fitness is evolving faster than ever with the introduction of key fitness wearables. At PSB fitness center in downtown Mississauga, this new innovative technology is being utilized. Above all to deliver the utmost of its capability by creating an experience that cannot be replicated.

Despite all the efforts have your workouts been returning poor results?

Are you lacking in any real measurable progress?

It’s time to workout smarter not just harder.


A man utilizing the capabilities of his fitness wearable.


The Future is Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearables offer accurate personalized data on the individual wearing them. With this information, many fantastic apps can create workouts to ensure maximum gain. But at PSB this goes even one step further. The data collected and provided from fitness wearables can be utilized by your personal trainer. After that, the trainer has the opportunity to use this information. In addition to your personal goals and ambitions to make a tailor-made workout experience. This ensures that all your hard work and effort provide maximum returns.

What PSB Fitness Center can offer you

There are many goals for fitness. For instance, you have individuals who are looking to gain muscle or lose weight. Moreover, there are more specific goals per individual. With the many varieties and differences out there one method or technique does not fit everyone. Despite all of the trends on social media that promise results not everything will be effective. PSB fitness in Mississauga can help inform your decision so that your workout is best for you. Therefore a plan specific to your needs is needed and a facility to handle those needs.

Trainer working with client to develop a custom fitness plan

At PSB there are 15 varieties of gym equipment, perfect to handle any requirement placed upon them. Alongside the equipment, there are many extra programs. There is an indoor pool, with private lessons if required. A studio perfect for yoga, Zumba or meditation classes. A nutritionist is on-site to provide guidance for creating a healthy diet. There is even a state-of-the-art oxygen supplementation room. Even providing fitness wearables for rental so that everyone can benefit from the new technology. Everything you need for a better healthy life is available at PSB. Therefore a better

Trainers will determine what activities and diet are best for you. Based on your fitness data relayed through the fitness wearables. Therefore your precious time is not wasted on trying out new fads and trends that will not give you the results you are seeking. Instead of pouring all your efforts into the fundamental exercises/activities which are best for you. For example, someone looking to lose weight will be guided towards cardio workouts.

Pricing for PSB Fitness Wearables Program

With all the advanced features, PSB fitness does not charge premium prices. In fact, PSB fitness wants its clients can maintain their health. Therefore creating an affordable program is key. The secondary prices are set for non-Sheridan college students.

Base Price – $39.99 or 79.99 per month

  • One 1 hour per week with a personal trainer
  • One 1 hour per month with a nutritionist

Med Price – $59.99 or 109.99 per month

  • Two 1 hour per week sessions with a personal trainer
  • One 1 hour per month with a nutritionist

High Price – $69.99 or 129.99 per month

  • Three 1 hour per week session with a personal trainer
  • Two 1 hour per week session with a nutritionist
  • An included starter kit outfitted with
    • Gym bag
    • Water bottle


Above all, to ensure that Sheridan’s students can start their healthy lifestyles. PSB is offering a free one-week trial to all Sheridan students. Students should utilize the facility to the fullest. Meet with fellow students and explore their own passion for fitness. Fitness wearables will be available for rental.

In conclusion, the world of fitness is moving towards wearables. Come to PSB to be part of the future!

In addition to find the best fitness wearable for you. Visit PC Mag

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of fitness wearables. Visit us at PSBDigitial

Thank you and stay fit!

Gym with App Connectivity in Mississauga

Consider this simple fact:

Statistic proving gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga are popular

Gym with App Connectivity


Yes we know, it’s no common secret that apps have taken over lifestyle. We don’t hate it though, in fact, we love it. This is exactly why our facility, PSB Fitness is operating as the sole gym with app connectivity in Mississauga.


What does that mean for your gym app?


Simply put, when you work out in our facility, you will have full access to our nutrition plans, on-app training tips, equipment operating guides, online points rewards system, full schedule compatibility, and smart recommendations through advanced data analytics.

Not to mention of source you can book any class with us or scheduling a PT appointment whenever you want wherever you are. User Engagement was a topic brought up a lot when we discussed the app functions. Naturally, the app also works as a social network.

You can share the things you’ve learned, goals you’ve accomplished, and even foods you’re trying out all on your app network, that connect you to those looking to expand their learnings for the same reasons.

App connectivity in Mississauga on an apple watch

Growing your network by following those that go to your facility and engaging with them directly online is what allows you to learn and discover.

Our premier gym in Mississauga is where we tested all the app functions and therefore is proven to be fully compatible with Sheridan’s scheduling. By linking your Slate account with the app, you can allow the app to learn about when you have class and derive smart recommendations regarding what activities and when might interest you.

The cool thing about this app feature is that the more you engage with smart recommendations, the smarter the recommendations get.

By using machine learning, PSB Fit App recognizes your interests and offers you refined solutions better suited for your tastes and personality in all of its offerings.


Getting Started – Looking for a gym with app connectivity


Perhaps you landed on this page while you made a search for gyms with app connectivity in Mississauga. Currently, our flagship location is the only location offering app connectivity. Download the app on any platform and use your base SLATE credentials to get started.

Once you’ve opted in, follow the required steps to qualify your body data so the app can start generating recommendations and offerings right away.

Inputting your goals, body metrics, food preferences, and workout commitment will allow the app to get you started.  These foundational recommendations at the Mississauga facility are top

Once you’re in, you manage and change the app’s privacy settings so your data is present the way you want.


Advanced App Features


Somethings that might not be apparent right away but will make your lives easier include:

  1. Goal Comparisons – Compare past progress and previous progress, displaying the brief history of activities and food consumption between time periods. Great for making accurate conclusions about the was a certain activity or nutritional diet affects you personally.Gym App connectivity in Mississauga with rewards
  2. Point System connectivity – Ability to collect points for meeting various goals and daily objectives. You set the objectives here. Use the QR scanner on the app, to ‘check-in’ on a machine at the gym. Start tracking progress to earn awesome rewards!
  3. The activity follows up – After completing a goal, the app will display areas of improvement in exercise form and nutrition. These are some factors to watch out for during the next activity.
  4. Reminders – You can use personal historical data to customize valuable information which is show pre-workout.



Our gym with app connectivity in Mississauga where ever you are, whenever you want to use it. It has become grounding that has helped us bring more unique services to the students in the area. All while being the leading source in achieving results.

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High Tech Fitness Program in Mississauga



our high tech fitness programs are based on connections that are established between our machines & your app account.

PSB Fitness is a new gym offering a fresh new approach to fitness. Our gym implements our mobile application to help guide you through your fitness plans. We are providing members with the first ever high tech fitness program experience. Our gym will be offering affordable memberships for students as well as referrals. Also a free app will be included that synchronizes with each member personally. This way you will be able to track track your fitness data & progress. Initially we plan to have 2 locations available to our members at both campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. For further details please visit our info page.


About PSB Fitness


We are presenting a new way of carrying out your fitness activities. At the same time making it easier to track the current progress of your goals. At PSB we invite members to take advantage of technological aspects that we have chosen to implement into our facility. Our facility has also been equipped with the latest weight  &  cardio equipment. By making our app part of your workout you will be able to get live feedback as you exercise.  Apart from in gym features such as scheduling of machines, and cumulative fitness data reports, our app can also recommend you meal plans, and workout routines you can do at home if you wish to maintain your efforts outside of the gym as well. We are building a strong community comprised mostly of students & health conscious individuals who share a common goal.


Benefits of PSB fitness


  • The aspect of virtual reality gives a video-game element in the aspect of exercise, which will result in higher retention rates
  • Do-it-all app that automates gym procedures including the availability of machines.
  • PSB Fitness introduces an online network, where people with similar networking interests are put together. This will form similar groups under the concept of “health buddies”
  • Several subscription options (flat or recurring fee plans)
  • Tech based fitness program alleviates the need for costly personal trainers


Connectivity through app

Using our integrated fitness app, we can provide members of our gym with a unique experience, unlike other gyms before. Not only does our app boast features such as live tracking of fitness data, or simplified status updates of your fitness goals, but it can also be set up to accommodate third party apps such as Apple Music, & Spotify to play your music while you work out in a streamlined fashion. Our app will also recognize which members have similar preferences based on their playlists & exercise patterns to push further collaboration between gym enthusiasts.




Tips for an effective workout

The PSB app will also be able to provide advice on how to do certain workouts correctly. This is useful in ensuring you are getting the full benefit & range of motion from your exercises. This will also help members avoid any possible injury, or discomfort during or after their work outs.

This can help to provide information on the following:

  • Lifting weights
  • Proper stretching
  • Water break reminder
  • Correct time between sets
  • Making sure to maintain proper form







COVID-19 Screening


  •  Masks will be mandatory for members walking around the gym
  • Social distancing protocols will be in effect, & all members will submit mandatory pre-screening.
  • Members will use provided antiseptic wipes to clean off machines after use
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene in facility

For further information please visit this page for details on screening






Our pricing will be based on a subscription rate, and a pay-as-you go rate. We will offer customers the option to customize their membership plan to best suit their needs.



Brampton Davis Campus


Mississauga HMC




For all questions or concerns, please contact customer service at  or visit our info page here