4-D Climbing Wall at PSB Fitness

Fitness is embracing the body that pushes our physicality toward a better shape. On the other hand, art is the display of the inner soul and celebration of creativity. From Spring 2021, PSB Fitness center proudly combines the beauties of fitness and art together with a 4-D climbing wall in Mississauga.

Photos by Garrick Kwan

PSB Fitness

Located in downtown Mississauga, PSB Fitness provides the full experience of a professional gym with all tools, gears, and trainers. Our gym philosophy is base on performance, happiness, and self-esteem that will help improve your physicality and lead to your dream body shape. Applying that philosophy with the talents of Sheridan College, we represent the art that strengthens your muscle and your – a 10 meters climbing wall made from 4-D printing process. 4-D Climbing Wall at PSB Fitness Mississauga is a pioneer in modern art that applies to traditional workouts.

Why climbing wall?

Wall climbing is a fun activity that enhances your durability and strength. This activity requires the harmony of all your 6 main muscle groups. As the result, all of the muscle grows sustainably, gradually, and prevents you from imbalance your body for overexercising one or a few groups of muscle. Furthermore, our 10-meters-tall wall will push you to your limit of endurance and grid. Your cardio and lung functionality are improving through the process. Consequently, lower the risk of you getting chronic diseases.

Although wall climbing is a physical exercise, it also improves a lot of life aspects. Firstly, the climbing wall needs attention and slight calculation toward which step or handle you should move to. Secondly, your flexibility is put into the challenge with every angle of our wall. Lastly, exercising as a whole is a good stress-release methodology.

4-D Material

4-D printing is truly a forward step of 4.0 technology that brings our lives to a better future. The mold for printing steps/handles are wasted collected from Sheridan college. This also encourages recycle activities within the school as well. The carbon material for printing is also soft that it safe for impact. Equally that you only need a helmet and safety rope without the heavy uncomfortable elbow and knee protection. Furthermore, the wall itself is the sightseeing with different colors and surfaces that will help you create an awesome check-in on social media.


PSP Fitness Mississauga hopes to see you soon!