Wearable Fitness Apparel Technology in Mississauga

What is PSB Apparel?

Looking for wearable fitness apparel technology in Mississauga? PSB apparel is a line of fitness clothing with built-in sensors. Not only can you improve your workout, but you can also make new friends!

Wearable Technology On Fitness Apparel Items Mississauga

What is considered wearable fitness apparel technology?

This technology has sensors built into fitness apparel. The sensors can monitor your heart rate, speed, and the number of calories burned. This can ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout. Along with that, this apparel is not only a great workout tool but also very stylish! Connect with all your friends through the PSB Fitness App and share your progress. Moreover, it can track your fitness goals and improve your form. Ensuring you are not at risk of pulling a muscle or pushing yourself too far. In fact, the sensors send an alert to your phone if you are at risk of injury.

What kind of wearable fitness technology does PSB apparel offer?

The wearable fitness apparel technology includes sensors built into the clothing. Users can connect their clothing to the PSB Fitness app. This allows users to track their progress and workout in the correct form. As a result, you can gain professional fitness advice on your current progress. PSB fitness enables notifications straight to your phone allowing you to take charge of your workout. Above all, this wearable fitness apparel technology in Mississauga is one of its kind!

Wearable Technology On Fitness Apparel Items Mississauga

What kind of clothing does PSB Apparel have?

PSB Apparel offers a line of different clothing items. These items have built-in wearable technology. This technology can track every movement. From heart rate to speed all the way to exact form. Moreover, these include track pants and sweatshirts. Not sure how to perform a specific workout? Uniquely, PSB fitness will walk you through the workout. For example, the PSB Apparel Trackable Trackpants can improve your squat form. The app will monitor your progress and give you further guidance. The first PSB fitness launch includes:

Athos | Sport Chek PSB Apparel Trackable Trackpants $48

Athos | Sport Chek PSB Apparel High-Intensity Sweatshirt $58

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Nonetheless, the PSB Fitness center located in the heart of Mississauga has many different colours and style options!

Where can I get PSB Apparel?

PSB apparel is available to purchase in the PSB Fitness building located in Mississauga. It is offered in many different styles, colours and sizes! In addition, they are also available on the PSB Fitness website.

What are the benefits of PSB Apparel?

With PSB apparel, you can be your own personal trainer! Get workouts that are designed for you. Correspondingly, PSB apparel is connected through the PSB fitness app, you can now build your workouts according to your body type and fitness goal. For instance, want to focus on your abs? The PSB apparel sweatshirt will tell you exactly what area to work out. You can use it during any type of exercise including our Passive Gymnastics Class.

What other features does PSB Apparel have?

In addition to tracking your workout, PSB Apparel helps you set new goals. At the same time, you can share your progress with your friends or family and share it on your social media platforms. You can also follow your favourite influencers and follow thier workout plan. This is a great way to connect with your peers and make new friends! Above all, PSB apparel creates personalized workouts based on your body type, goals and eating habits.

Now, for a limited time only, get a free 1-week membership to the PSB fitness centre with the purchase of any PSB Apparel item. Come join PSB Fitness and improve your fitness game today!


4-D Climbing Wall at PSB Fitness

Fitness is embracing the body that pushes our physicality toward a better shape. On the other hand, art is the display of the inner soul and celebration of creativity. From Spring 2021, PSB Fitness center proudly combines the beauties of fitness and art together with a 4-D climbing wall in Mississauga.

Photos by Garrick Kwan

PSB Fitness

Located in downtown Mississauga, PSB Fitness provides the full experience of a professional gym with all tools, gears, and trainers. Our gym philosophy is base on performance, happiness, and self-esteem that will help improve your physicality and lead to your dream body shape. Applying that philosophy with the talents of Sheridan College, we represent the art that strengthens your muscle and your – a 10 meters climbing wall made from 4-D printing process. 4-D Climbing Wall at PSB Fitness Mississauga is a pioneer in modern art that applies to traditional workouts.

Why climbing wall?

Wall climbing is a fun activity that enhances your durability and strength. This activity requires the harmony of all your 6 main muscle groups. As the result, all of the muscle grows sustainably, gradually, and prevents you from imbalance your body for overexercising one or a few groups of muscle. Furthermore, our 10-meters-tall wall will push you to your limit of endurance and grid. Your cardio and lung functionality are improving through the process. Consequently, lower the risk of you getting chronic diseases.

Although wall climbing is a physical exercise, it also improves a lot of life aspects. Firstly, the climbing wall needs attention and slight calculation toward which step or handle you should move to. Secondly, your flexibility is put into the challenge with every angle of our wall. Lastly, exercising as a whole is a good stress-release methodology.

4-D Material

4-D printing is truly a forward step of 4.0 technology that brings our lives to a better future. The mold for printing steps/handles are wasted collected from Sheridan college. This also encourages recycle activities within the school as well. The carbon material for printing is also soft that it safe for impact. Equally that you only need a helmet and safety rope without the heavy uncomfortable elbow and knee protection. Furthermore, the wall itself is the sightseeing with different colors and surfaces that will help you create an awesome check-in on social media.


PSP Fitness Mississauga hopes to see you soon!