Remarkable Authentic Dolls Mississauga

PSB Toys is known for creating remarkable, authentic handmade dolls from local designers and artisans in Mississauga. Our main focus Is traditional dolls, created using authentic, one of a kind designs and in a limited quantity. PSB toys main selling proposition is to empower children with one of a kind, authentic and exclusive designs. PSB achieves this by selling our products in small quantities allowing individuals to have limited access to toys that most children cannot have. The uniqueness and exclusivity allows children to feel special when they are finally able to purchase and play with our well-crafted designs.

  • Quality

Many toys manufacturers use cheap materials with lousy designs. These toys are not built to last long term, are mass produced, and not fun for children. One of the biggest differences you will notice with our dolls is the quality and design.

Our dolls are built to last by handmade artisans and designers who individually craft each doll with precision and care. This means that when you purchase one of our dolls, you can confidently be the owner of one of a one of a kind doll that will last for a lifetime of memories. Our prices are slightly higher than other toys on the market, but this is reflected from the materials and quality we promise with every doll. Each of our designs is remarkable, authentic and tells a different story. Although the PSB customer base is small, the base is very loyal and has provided amazing feedback on our products.

  • Design

Another thing we noticed about our customers is their interest for fashion.

All of our toys vary in size, and styles giving each child a unique experience and look. This gives our customers the ability to match our dolls with some of their favourite outfits. Most toys on the market are not unique to each customer, which doesn’t allow children to be special and different from their friends.

  • Exclusivity

Lastly, PSB ‘s main focus is to keep our toys exclusive and limited. Considering our dolls are all remarkable, authentic, handmade and individually unique, we our unable to produce large quantities. By releasing smaller quantities, we can take our time, make the best product possible, and keep our toys limited and exclusive.

Although, this means not every child who wants one of our dolls will be able to purchase one right away. We release our dolls four times a year, with each release featuring different styles and designs. We’re sorry for anyone who is unable to purchase a doll. We want everyone to have the PSB experience, but to keep the PSB experience as authentic as possible we must stick true to our identity as a limited and exclusive toy manufacturer.

By releasing our toys four times a year using a raffle method, we feel we give each and every child a fair opportunity to enjoy our dolls. We have hundreds of children who can testify their special experience with PSB Toys and how unique, special and excited you feel when you unbox your first doll. This is why PSB Toys has one of the most loyal customer bases in the industry.

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We wish everyone luck and hope every child will be able to have the PSB experience. Don’t forget, if you want to be unique, choose PSB! Check out our remarkable authentic dolls in Mississauga!

Handmade Authentic Dolls
Each doll is unique and hand crafted. Our dolls are designed to be limited, exclusive and built to last. Sign up for a chance to purchase from our website!


Empowering children
We inspire to put a smile on every child who purchases one of our dolls. Our dolls are remarkable authentic, locally designed and will create a special experience with every child.


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