PSB Toys- Hand Knitted Dolls for Young Girls

Handmade Knitted Dolls for Young Girls

Handmade doll that is made by one of the loical atrisan artists

Do you remember having a knit doll that you are able to dress up and dress up with? Dolls have been around for years where many memories have been created. This timeless toy has been around for over a century in the lives of young girls around the globe. Here at PSB toys located in Mississauga, our mission is to provide the highest quality toys for young women to enjoy and dress up with while doing much more! Our store is located right in the middle of the GTA in Mississauga right next to Square One shopping centre. These dolls are targeted towards young girls aged 8-14 years old.

What opportunities do we have for you?

PSB offers more than just toys, we also have a feature toy with perks for buying these toys. These perks when buying the featured product are, meeting the artisan artists that handmade these toys. They will be at our store on the release for a meet and greet. The meet and greets are a full event, with games you can play to win new and exciting prizes only at PSB toys. Make sure you don’t miss out on a great event that is always a welcoming environment here at PSB toys.

Whats our mission at PSB Toys?

One of the examples where you are able to accessorize the dolls with clothing of your choice.

The mission for PSB toys is to provide our customers with quality hand-knitted toys that are one of one, this means that each child would have a toy that only they have. This provides the exclusivity factor of having something that nobody else has and something that isn’t overly popular. These high-quality toys are intricately made by our Canadian craftsmen. These toys are 100% made locally by artisans. These craftsmen provide us with high-quality toys that are made with materials that are intricately chosen to make sure the quality control on these toys is high.


This ensures that we have a product that separates us from the mass-produced toys that you see at retailers like toys r us, Walmart, etc. With that being said, our toys are all different from each other and are never alike. Because our toys are handmade, they are expected to last a very long time with no flaws. We offer free repair for these toys and if you do not want to have them repaired you can get a store credit refund. 


PSB Toys membership

What is the PSB membership you ask? This is a membership you sign up for that allows you to have so many different perks like exclusive offers. Early access to products, special events for the release of a new toy with the artist who created the toys will be at the event! This membership also offers early discounts that haven’t been out yet which make for the perfect early shopping for gifts. Here at PSB Toys, we also offer a point collection system with rewards for our members. Each dollar is equivalent to 5 points. Being redeemable at 500 points for anything in the store. You can take advantage of these offers by clicking the link below to subscribe! 

Social Media Presence

PSB has an increasing brand and following on social media so make sure you check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and newly created tik tok! These channels provide cool new videos with our toys, informative posts. Also to show what these toys really mean. Posting newsletters about what’s next in our company! The newly created tik tok page has so many cool new videos that anyone can watch ranging from how the toy is made. The new features on the toy and how to use these features. Consider PSB toys a local business for your next toy needs! Make sure to subscribe to the pages and sign up for a membership to take advantage of these amazing and new perks! Visit the PSB toys website today for more blogs and posts. 

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