Organic sugar-free brownies now on campus!

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate!

We all have our cravings, we all have somewhat of a sweet- tooth; and you would lying to yourself if you say you didn’t! As much as we love having cookies, pies, brownies, pastries, and cakes; there’s no denying that they are in fact sugar-infested snacks which are not the most healthy eating options. But! What if I told you that you no longer have to deny your cravings for sweet snacks to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Healthy

With the positive trend going on about living healthy lifestyles; eating healthy isn’t just popular among athletes and models anymore.  In this day and age, almost everyone is trying to eat healthy now. We are all switching to sugar-free and more organic foods, and over-all reforming ourselves to live healthier lifestyles.

Healthy food vs Tasty food

There has always been a huge misconception between delicious food and healthy food. It’s somewhat become a cliché that healthy or organic food can’t be tasty, sugar-free snacks can’t be savory. However, this is not true. At PSB café we are offering sugar-free bakery goods, along with a vast menu with various organic food offerings that are most delicious snacks you could ask for.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves having sweet bakery goods, yet unfortunately, are always trying to avoid them due to health concerns; well, do we have something special for you!

Introducing our New Sugar-free Brownies

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our sugar-free brownies. Our new sugar-free brownies are made specifically to cater to your taste. You could not ask for a more scrumptious snack on campus.

Our brownies, along with being delicious, are NOT bad for your health. As the word suggests, our new brownies are 100% sugar-free. We have no added sugar or added artificial flavors in our brownies. The brownies are 100% organic and are made from organic flour, organic sugar-free chocolate chips and organic brown eggs. Our new sugar- free brownies also happen to have a high nutrition value, which is why you could use them specifically as an energy bar as well to kick-start your day.

Catering to student needs

With the ongoing stressful lives of college students, we always need something to sweeten up our day. For some individuals, a simple brownie could lift up your spirits and help kick start your day. PSB cafe is trying to accommodate all of their customer needs. As we recognize that students have limited budgets, our brand new sugar-free brownies are priced at just $3.49 only. We are also offering a special meal package, where our sugar-free brownies will go hand in hand with our signature coffee for the affordable price of just $4.

Convenience and availability

We at PSB cafe think of it as our responsibility to provide students at Sheridan with the best and fastest services. We have opened up branches of our cafe in all of Sheridan’s campus including the Davis, HMC, and Trafalgar campus. For all our campus branches we have set-up pick up ordering system using our mobile app. In our mobile app, we have set up a system where if students enter their student IDs, a discount code is provided to them for majority of our products.

In our stylish new dining area, we are also offering high speed internet facilities. That way our students would also be able to sit down and study, all while also enjoying our scrumptious new sugar-free brownies.

Where to find us?

Our cafe branches are located near the cafeterias at all of the Sheridan campuses. For our recent opening at the HMC campus, we are situated in A building on the first floor. Moreover, you can also find us at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page under the name of ‘ PSB Cafe’. Our mobile application is also now available and fully functional.



Sugar-free brownies on campus in Mississauga

Sugar-Free Brownies

We all love desserts and chocolate every while but some of us might think of it as a bad thing, but what if it wasn’t a bad thing at all! What if you could eat all the dessert and chocolate without badly impacting your health!

We are currently in the summer in Canada, Mississauga where thousands of students from all ages and backgrounds come to gain education and make something useful out of themselves. Mississauga is considered a great city for students especially because of its on-campus accommodation! Where most students stay during their studies. Students usually tend to have a problem when it comes to food whether it’s junk or not. Lots of students at this time are becoming more aware of the importance of taking care of their health and maintaining their bodies in good shape. Nevertheless, everyone likes some dessert or chocolate every now and then as a snack to get you through studying. But at the same time to keep you fit and healthy. That’s why we have opened our branch on campus in Mississauga selling sugar-free brownies for students.

Why are sugar-free brownies not bad for your health.

Our brownies are made specifically to maintain a good health while enjoying life. We want to give students the relief of eating whatever they want without having to worry about their weight or health. Our Sugar-Free Brownies will not impact the health of your teeth at all because as we all know, sugar is not a good friend with teeth. However, our brownies will spare you all that bad conscious of eating chocolate and desserts. We wanted to give diabetic people or those who can’t eat lots of sugar the pleasure to taste a very delicious and rich brownie all while staying safe and not impacting their health negatively.


We understand your needs as a student.

PSB cafe understands our customer’s needs and we try everything we can to accommodate their wants and needs that’s why we decided to open our branch just outside the campus with a minute walk to reach us. We also understand that our students have their own limited budgets and that’s why we made it affordable to everyone. For only $3 you will be able to enjoy our sugar-free brownies on campus and to eat something not only delicious but healthy too. At PSB we take pride in serving our students as fast as possible as we know that students don’t have much time to wait in the line that’s why we have dedicated many services to help with this, we have a separate cashier for students to serve them faster, we also have online ordering and online payment so you will only need to come to pick them up and be on your way.

Dine-in services and High-Speed WiFi.

At PSB cafe we have dine-in services for those who are looking to sit somewhere while enjoying a healthy delicious Sugar-Free Brownies. We also offer high-speed Wifi and quit places to dine to accommodate all student’s needs.

Our ingredients.

All of the ingredients that we use in the making of our sugar-free brownies on our on-campus locations in Mississauga are healthy and organic, such as; Organic flour, Organic sugar-free chocolate chips, Organic brown Eggs, and our secret ingredient that is of course organic as well.


Brownies were considered to be the favorite baked good in the US. The recipe came to light in the 20th century. There are many myths about how it started. One story says a woman baker was making a cake and forgot to use baking powder so it didn’t rise properly. Then she decided to cut it in rectangles and give it to the people. After that people fell in love with it. (1)