Organic sugar-free brownies now on campus!

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate!

We all have our cravings, we all have somewhat of a sweet- tooth; and you would lying to yourself if you say you didn’t! As much as we love having cookies, pies, brownies, pastries, and cakes; there’s no denying that they are in fact sugar-infested snacks which are not the most healthy eating options. But! What if I told you that you no longer have to deny your cravings for sweet snacks to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Healthy

With the positive trend going on about living healthy lifestyles; eating healthy isn’t just popular among athletes and models anymore.  In this day and age, almost everyone is trying to eat healthy now. We are all switching to sugar-free and more organic foods, and over-all reforming ourselves to live healthier lifestyles.

Healthy food vs Tasty food

There has always been a huge misconception between delicious food and healthy food. It’s somewhat become a cliché that healthy or organic food can’t be tasty, sugar-free snacks can’t be savory. However, this is not true. At PSB café we are offering sugar-free bakery goods, along with a vast menu with various organic food offerings that are most delicious snacks you could ask for.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves having sweet bakery goods, yet unfortunately, are always trying to avoid them due to health concerns; well, do we have something special for you!

Introducing our New Sugar-free Brownies

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our sugar-free brownies. Our new sugar-free brownies are made specifically to cater to your taste. You could not ask for a more scrumptious snack on campus.

Our brownies, along with being delicious, are NOT bad for your health. As the word suggests, our new brownies are 100% sugar-free. We have no added sugar or added artificial flavors in our brownies. The brownies are 100% organic and are made from organic flour, organic sugar-free chocolate chips and organic brown eggs. Our new sugar- free brownies also happen to have a high nutrition value, which is why you could use them specifically as an energy bar as well to kick-start your day.

Catering to student needs

With the ongoing stressful lives of college students, we always need something to sweeten up our day. For some individuals, a simple brownie could lift up your spirits and help kick start your day. PSB cafe is trying to accommodate all of their customer needs. As we recognize that students have limited budgets, our brand new sugar-free brownies are priced at just $3.49 only. We are also offering a special meal package, where our sugar-free brownies will go hand in hand with our signature coffee for the affordable price of just $4.

Convenience and availability

We at PSB cafe think of it as our responsibility to provide students at Sheridan with the best and fastest services. We have opened up branches of our cafe in all of Sheridan’s campus including the Davis, HMC, and Trafalgar campus. For all our campus branches we have set-up pick up ordering system using our mobile app. In our mobile app, we have set up a system where if students enter their student IDs, a discount code is provided to them for majority of our products.

In our stylish new dining area, we are also offering high speed internet facilities. That way our students would also be able to sit down and study, all while also enjoying our scrumptious new sugar-free brownies.

Where to find us?

Our cafe branches are located near the cafeterias at all of the Sheridan campuses. For our recent opening at the HMC campus, we are situated in A building on the first floor. Moreover, you can also find us at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page under the name of ‘ PSB Cafe’. Our mobile application is also now available and fully functional.



Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC

Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC and Davis locations

Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC
Healthy lifestyle snack, by Foodie Factor, 2016,

You are a healthy-style student living in a crazy rhythm of the twenty-first century? If yes, you at the right place. Today we are always seeking fresh and organic snacks. It should be sugar-free, high nutrition and so on. Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC is there to help you find the best option for active students with a constant lack of time.

Nowadays, a positive trend to be healthy became more and more popular. Therefore, now, not only athletes or models monitor their diet, but most of the conscious generation. And the main idea is not just to lose weight, but to stay healthier and keep good health as long as possible.

Organic fast food at Sheridan ruins delusions

Unfortunately, it is a popular misconception that healthy food cannot be tasty. Many people think that healthy or organic – is mean insipid and savourless. However, we are in a hurry to dispel this prejudice.
And, yes, healthy food can be tasty. Moreover, it can be very and very delicious! PSB Cafe is a great example! In our place, you can find an extensive menu of nutritionally enriched food from highly qualified products. Additionally, we offer various delicious sugar-free snacks from only organic ingredients to your taste.

It is sugar-free, lactose-free, flour-free, vegetarian, and vegan menus at our disposal. We all are different with the different preferences, so you can choose any type of snack you would like to, but the one feature that unites all of them is that they are always fresh and organic with any exceptions. PSB Cafe is pleased to satisfy your hunger and improve your well-being thanks to the high nutritional content of our products.

Introduction of new sugar-free brownies

Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC
Sugar-free brownie, by Ella Olsson, 2019,

PSB Cafe is happy to introduce to you the new product! At your request, our chefs have developed a sugar-free organic brownies recipe! Hooray!
Brownie just melts in your mouth! You have to try it! Also, there is a special offer for all Sheridan students – try our new sugar-free brownie and take free coffee. Meanwhile, we are happy to stay in touch with you. Therefore, you can write to us on any social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and ask us for any snack you would like it to appear on our menu. Later, our chefs will be developing special healthy, high nutrition, and sugar-free recipes, which you will find at our organic fast food cafe.

Acquaintance with  Sheridan College

We choose our locations in the best, in our opinion place – in college. PSB Cafe considers this place the best because the students are the leading shape of the enlightened and deliberate population. Accordingly, we are happy to introduce our Organic fast food at Sheridan College. We fully understand your requirements and needs and capable of providing relevant services.
Fresh, healthy, high quality, organic and fast – all that you want, you will find here. We are happy to interact with you, Sheridan College Student!

Where to find us?

Organic fast food at Sheridan HMC and Davis locations.

We are locating in Davis and Hazel McCallion campuses at Sheridan College.
At HMC location, you can find us at the food court on the first flour. Our unique future is that you can place orders both indoors and outdoors. Besides, in the warm season, you can sit outside on the terrace of our cafe.
At Davis, it is two locations, one at the food court on the first floor, and the second one is a pop-up sample in the form of the big coffee cup near the lake. At this place, you can take the order with you (we provide comfortable and safe wrappers) and enjoy the beautiful nature near the lake.

Quick sugar-free brownies energy bar in Mississauga

New Sugar-free Brownies

Are you looking for healthy and quick energy bar on campus? Are you worried about too much sugar in your favorite desserts? Are you searching for small package and not pricey organic snack? Our latest product which is sugar-free brownies energy bar will come into this summer. It will be the first café of sugar-free brownies in Mississauga.

sugar-free brownie cafe

The new sugar-free brownies café will be launching our products in Sheridan campus in Mississauga this summer. The place is just near the cafeteria and you will easy to find us. For the past few years, students pay more attention to their health and focus on fresh and organic ingredient in food products. This convenient snack is for students who do not have much time to cook and are looking for a quick energy bite to meet their requirements. When you feel hungry, our sugar-free brownie is the best “to-go” snack on campus, why not pick one in your break time.



Energy bar with low calorie

 sugar-free brownie

We use organic and fresh ingredient to make our sugar-free brownies. The most important ingredient is unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar alternatives. We will use natural sugar alternative to 1:1 replace normal sugar to achieve the goal of no sugar. The nutrition of our product is only about 73.9 calories (1). Our sugar-free brownies will fill you with low calorie. In addition, the energy bar is also fit for people who have diabetic concerns. It is your best choice for student who are on diet, go to the gym daily and want to avoid sugar or just the class break time.


The rise of “To Go” Meal


In recent years, the studies show that an increase consumption in low-calorie, low sugar and low salt food products. The popularity of sugar-free products and quick energy bar increased rapidly as well. There are about 227 restaurants and café who are selling sugar-free brownies in Toronto (2). However, none of them are doing business on campus. We are the first café selling sugar-free brownies mainly for college students. We care about our students who live this fast-paced life, quick meal, quick pay and quick learning. Therefore, we designed this product for students who want to save time and need a quick meal.


A Convenient and quick method of payment


Our sugar-free brownies café offers both online and offline sales. For in store sales, we are on the first floor of HMC A building, just near the cafeteria with the highest number of visitors. You can clearly see our large ads board just beside the dinning area. We accept cash, credit, debit and mobile payment. The express checkout of online order will save you more time, more quickly if you are in a rush and looking for a quick meal. Once you order it on our website or App, we will pack it for you as soon as possible. You can just come and quickly pick your order.


Special offers and limited discount on our new sugar-free brownies!

sugar-free brownie, quick energy bar

Our sugar-free brownies will be placed in Sheridan HMC campus A building, just near the cafeteria on August 10th, 2020. The price of our low-calorie energy bar is only $3.00! The first 10 customer will get free brownies on opening day. We will also offer 30% off membership cards on the first week of our café. The numbers are limited only 20, first come first serve! If you subscribe and share our sugar-free brownies energy bar on both Facebook and Instagram, you will get 10% coupon.


Grab your phone and download our apps, don’t miss our latest news.

To learn more about our Cafe: click here Sugar-free brownies on campus in Mississauga