Matching outfits for you and your little friend!

Ever wish you had a sibling to match with? Well now you can match your outfit with your favourite doll!

Our local toy store, PSB Toys now makes dolls that come with matching outfits for you and your little friend. These are perfect for children longing for a sibling, or even for kids that are really into fashion! Our unique toy store is located right in the heart of Mississauga and features small range toys that are sure to help you stand out. Made by local designers and artisans, you can support your local community, get to know the hands that made your toys, and show off your unique tastes and styles.

Unique toys that are ethically sourced!

Did you know that most big brand name toys are made in third world countries by little kids? These children are probably around the same ages as the kids these toys are meant for. These child labour practices are incredibly unethical because these children often work in unsafe conditions for very little money. When you purchase from these toy brands, you are supporting their practice of using children to mass produce thousands of products for just a few cents.

When buying our toys, you can avoid supporting these unethical practices.

Our toys are incredibly unique and made by local artisans and designers. As opposed to most toymakers, our products are not mass produced in third world countries; instead, we offer a smaller selection of each product, allowing kids to show off their individuality through their toys. This way, you don’t have to worry about having the same toys as every other child in your school. Stand out amoungst your friends with the latest limited edition toys! 

We encourage you to make the world a better place by supporting your local community instead of these large brands that continue to use unethical child labour practices.

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locally sourced dolls
See here just some of the many dolls available at our store.

With our Newest Toy, You can Have a little friend and match with them as well!

Our newest toy line features dolls of all colours, sizes and genders that come with 2 sets of clothes – one for you and one for your new friend! We were inspired by a young girl that always wished to have a younger sibling. We came up with the idea to create a doll that looked like a smaller version of her so she could dress and match with her doll to fill the void of a little sibling. 

If you love fashion and dressing up, this is the doll for you! Our dolls are well-crafted and made with quality resources. You won’t have to worry about having the same toys as the other kids in school because our products have the unique benefit of being unique themselves. We can help give you an elite appearance towards your friends with our luxurious toys and clothes. You can also become familiar with the people and the hands that made your toys, giving them a more intimate and special quality.

So don’t wait! Add our toys to your Christmas lists and hurry before your favourite styles and toys sell out!

Alice and her new little buddy!
this image shows one of our very first customers, Alice with her favourite new doll she can match with.

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