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Good grades for your kids? 

We can help your kids get good grades at school. In a Forbes article, “The Pew Research Center found, nearly 90% of 2,462 teachers said that digital technologies were creating “an easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” (Barret, 2012). Existing in a constantly changing technological world, Generation Z  faced technology as soon as they stepped into the world. The issue is not technology but the usage.

Trouble scoring good grades
Person fighting the distractions

That being said, PSB toys designed a toy by conducting thorough research about the connection between concentration levels and academic performance. A toy built using latest technology for your kids to help build concentration and focus helping them to score good grades.

During the pandemic times, while being stuck at homes kids could not help but stay on devices all day. Because of this, kids were inviting more distraction and so drifting away from their academics. Because of online learning, kids would spend more time on devices than before.

Lack of concentration
Kid trying to concentrate

As a former Monk, “Dhandapani” says: “If you’re practicing distraction for 12, 13 out of that 16 hours, seven days a week, then you’re going to become really, really good at it” (Dhandapani, 2017). Distracted kids tend to score lower grades than undistracted kids.

Kids face troubles in concentrating in school and distract themselves at home to run away from doing homework. As a result,  fall back on their academics.

Concentration apart from good grades

Benefits of higher concentration levels are not restricted to just scoring good grades.

Concentration and good grades
Benefits of building concentration

Concentration toy specifically designed to build concentration and focus in kids while doing any task, may it be studying to achieve good grades. Learning a new skill like playing the piano, learning to skateboard, ice-skate, karate, basketball, tennis etc. Concentration is the cornerstone to all areas of a kid’s life. Benefits for higher concentration levels in kids just not come into use in these areas. But also learning and achieving good grades helps kids build self-esteem, enables quick comprehension, improves memory. And also giving them the skill to think for themselves. This also benefits the kids in the long-run and helps them survive confidently in their future. It also helps the kids excel in the professional world.

Sequence and good grades

Moreover, the concentration toy by PSB toys for your kids is different from a traditional way to help kids build concentration. Because it becomes boring and less fun for the kids. With working parents, it gets harder to sit with the kids and spend time with them teaching them to practice concentration. This is one of the reasons why PSB toys developed the concentration toy to be a fun toy. So, kids are attracted to the toy on their own and do not have to be pushed. As a result, kids would have fun and at the same time build concentration levels.

Sequence toy refers to arranging things or alphabets in order and do activities which involves following instructions step by step. This sequence toy uses technology to keep track of the kid’s progress. It catches when the kid misses a step during the couple of activities for sequencing.

Our research team at PSB toys did a great job researching about the toy and getting it developed by professional IT personnel. Most importantly, PSB team got the toy rolling for a year with parents who volunteered to use the toy for their kids and shared results later which showed improved grades for their kids.

Want your kids to score good grades, try us.

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“The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are concentrated, they illumine.”
Swami Vivekananda

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Concentration Educational Toys in Mississauga

Concentration Educational Toys in Mississauga

Looking for a toy that helps keep concentration in check? That also offers quality for your buck? Then PBS is the toy store for you! PBS is a Mississauga-based Toy store that offers quality handmade toys. PBS also allows for customization, by working with a local artist for commissions. Although the prices and packages may vary depending on Artist requirements. They offer a wide variety of toys for your concentration needs. From fidget spinner to Zooshine it is a great place to shop for your mental games.

PBS Toys Value Proposition and USP

PBS offers a product that helps parents with solving concentration issues. This is done through developing skills such as problem solving and motor. Therefore, PBS offers toys such as Fidget spinner/cubes or Puzzles toys. As they help with strengthening mental processes and allow kids to achieve better grades. Additionally, using these concentration toys can help kids in other aspects of their lives. Such, as being able to learn to focus on the present.

PBS Toys – Concentration Toys

PBS has a variety of educational concentration toys, from fidget toys to puzzle games. These are all toys that help rather curve the fidgets, or help develop skills. PBS aims to help parents by giving them toys that are educational and fun. Some examples of these types of education concentration toys are:

Fidget Cubes

Fidget Cubes are quality toys that offer a variety of fidget options in one toy. Such as clickers, ball rollers, switches, and other fun mechanics. With, each fidget cube comes with hours of entertainment and helps kids keep the concentration they need to keep up with their school activities. PBS offers a variety of colors and designs that will entice kids to pick it up and play with it. These fidget cubes are ideal for the educational setting. They are small enough not to be distracting in class and allow them to concentrate on their work.

Fidget Cube, Dice, Switch, Children, Stud, Toy, Concentration
black and white fidget cube, showing off the flicker mechanic of the cubes multiple fidget options.


Puzzles have evolved from the standard put-together pictures, and PBS is offering a wide variety of them. From basic level 1 difficulty up to level 5, they are a great toy for kids 5 and up. Puzzle games are an excellent way for kids to develop their concentration and IQs because it allows them to practice a multitude of skills like motor, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving. Some of the puzzle toys PBS is offering are from the common Rubik’s Cubes to the more advanced linkage puzzles like Zooshine sets. These mental puzzle games are fun and easier problems that allow kids, to build the skill needs to help with dealing with stressors that would come from the education settings.

Cube, Hand, Boy, Young, Youth, Fingers, Rubik, Puzzle
Boy concentrating on solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle

PBS Offering to our Customer

Here are some special offerings for shopping with PBS Toys:

  • For orders over $60.00 shipping will be free in Canada
  • For Loyalty cardholders:
    • 20 points per $15.00 spent in-store and online
    • $20.00 gift card on child’s birthday
    • Special points day’s during key holidays (Ex. Christmas)
  • Special bonus offering on customers birthday in store and online
  • Curbside pickup and on-hold products for 2hrs

Contacts and Other Details 

Follow PBS Toys Mississauga on social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Also, feel free to read other related source materials here.

Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or concerns.

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Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!

Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!

PSB toys are has always being there in bettering your children’s childhood. Where we have provide variety of product like handmade toys, smaller to bigger size product, and having to provide warranty of 2 years for those toys to you, to have hazel free worry about the quality and replacement. if even kids breaks the toy couple hundreds of time, we have got your back always. This time is no exception PSB toys has again come up with an new innovation which will help you in lighting your child’s future and will increase their concentration.



this innovation not only provides your child with fun, joy and cheerful time, but also gives them real life experience to tackle and think out of the box. Another benefit to this is it help children to stay concentrated throughout their play/work period, along with this it can be seen that because of increase in concentration students are able to performance better in cultural activity and study which will result better grades , Continue reading “Concentration Toys Introduced by PSB Toys!!!”