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effective fidget toys that help relieve anxiety and stress

Looking for effective and unique fidget toys?

First, a little history…

Back in 2017, fidget spinners became the most popular and sought-after toy in the market. A lot of people in different age groups find it very satisfying and enjoyable to use. The global craze about this specific kind of toy opened the door for more fidget toys in the market especially since it claimed to help relieve anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions.

The fidget toys offered in PSB Toys’ are not just about the famous fidget spinners. We offer handcrafted and customizable toys. Customers will have the chance to create their personalized and unique fidget toy by picking which sensory attachments they wish to have.


How do fidget toys help relieve anxiety?

anxiety-releaving1. Elevated Focus and Productivity

A toy like a fidget spinner is very easy to use and using it does not require much attention. Because of this, users can still do their work/schoolwork with more focus and concentration because the satisfying movement and sensory of the toy can help calm users down.

2. Mind Stimulating

Having control of how a specific thing works is not only satisfying but also helps stimulate the brain. Some ways that can help stimulate the brain is by completing puzzles or by having a puzzle-like feeling for a toy (e.g., fidget cube)

3. Portability

Having something you can bring anywhere and can fit in ones’ pocket is of the best quality of fidget toys. Consequently, these types of toys are especially helpful for people who have anxiety or any other mental condition because they could get triggered anytime anywhere and they need something easy to use and very accessible.


Fidget toys available in PSB Toys

Fidget Spinnersanxiety-relieving fidget toy

This type of fidget toy is usually made out of metal or plastic and has a ball bearing in the centre that promotes the effortless spinning movement of its multiple lobes. This type of toy claims to help promote calmness among people who experience anxiety, ADHD, and autism.

Chewable Straws

chewable straw anxiety-relieving fidget toyFlexible straws that are not only reusable but also chewable! This type of straw is safe for use for both kids and adults who have challenges when it comes to oral motor and sensory. Overall, these fidget straws can help strengthen oral muscles and stimulation.

Six-Sided Fidget Cubescube anxiety-relieving fidget toy

Customized and unique sensory attachments are used on each of the six sides that personally satisfy customers. Some of the famous sensory and motion sides of a fidget cube include – breathe, flip/switch, glide, spin, roll, and click.


What do experts think?

In an article, Dr. Pilar Trelles, a psychiatrist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, says that fidget spinners/toys do help improve focus and calm a person down. In addition, these types of toys offer a better and less harmful way of exerting nervous energy. However, it should be noted that these toys are just a temporary and short-term solution for anxiety and that it is best to seek help and treatments from professionals.

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Fidget Spinners 101






Fidget spinners became a huge trend in 2017 as teenagers began to use them frequently at school as fun toys. The popularity of the toy grew through social media as it became a craze on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit. Teenagers would post TikToks of different tricks that could be done with the fidget spinners while other fans of the spinner toys have formed forums on Reddit where they discuss all topics relating to the fidget toys. They would also collect special editions or collectible spinners, and also sell to their peers through online E-commerce stores.

The Benefits of a Fidget Spinner

Little child, boy, playing with two fidget spinner toys
Little child, boy, playing with two fidget spinner toys to relieve stress at home

Fidget spinners are sensory toys that have two to three side lobes attached to a central disc which allows you to spin the toy in your hand. They also come in the form of a fidget cube shaped like dice and have buttons, gears, switches, and spinning disks around the six sides of the cube.

Many believe that fidget spinners help to provide relief for people that suffer from conditions like ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety. The fidget sensory toy is said to help children and adults focus and/or become calm in situations where they need to release nervous energy. The toy distracts users from anxiety and soothes children with sensory issues.

For children, the fidget spinner boosts focus and concentration and also reduces anxiety. The toy provides a calming effect which ultimately helps to improve children’s productivity and learning in the classroom. For adults who have a habit of fidgeting use these small discreet toys instead of fidgeting with things that cause distracting noises such as clicking a pen.

PSB Toys carries a wide variety of fidget spinners with different brands. Our spinners are quite affordable with prices ranging from $5-$150 depending on the brand. For fidget spinner collectors, we carry collectible spinners such as action hero spinners, sports team spinners, and cartoon spinners. Our product personalization will help you find the most unique and special toy, great for a gift.


Fidget spinners are made out of plastic and metal, therefore should the toy break, it may shatter into pieces and become a choking hazard for young children. Some fidget spinners also contain small flat batteries, if swallowed can cause burns to the esophagus and intestines.

Battery-operated fidget spinners may become a fire hazard by bursting into flames when being charged. It is recommended to use the charging cable that is supplied with the toy and monitor the device as it is being charged.

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Important Things to Consider when Purchasing a Fidget Spinner

  • Durable Material

It is recommended to go with a fidget spinner made of either plastic, metal, or fiber. These materials are very durable and strong as the toy is lightweight and may fall and break.

  • Appropriate configuration for the User

Standard fidget spinners have two to three side lobes. If you are purchasing the toy for someone, it might be best to have them choose which one may suit them better. Where the toy is for those with ADHD or anxiety, the design should be chosen by the user. Additionally, consider the shape and comfort for the user as spinners may cause finger rashes from rough discs.

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