Multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness

Training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness

Taking your first step into the world of martial art can be scary. Some people may find martial art training to be very hardcore and scary. Others might be dizzied by the number of martial art options available. Yet, most people still want to learn martial art since it’s one of the best methods of self-development. This traps beginners in this awkward stage, where they want to learn a martial art but cannot decide which. If so, instead of forcing yourself to choose one martial art, why not learn multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness?

So why should you learn and train multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness?

1. Train multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness builds you a well rounded physique

How you think you look when training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness

As most people know, practicing martial arts, in general, can boost your overall physical health. However, each martial art style can prioritize a certain aspect of physical fitness.

For instance, Boxing is an upper-body-focused sport where your chest, back, and shoulders are worked on heavily. Therefore, Boxing can not only grant you explosive arm power, and speed but also improve your muscular endurance.

On the other hand, Muay Thai needs you to use more lower body techniques, like kicks, knees, and teeps. Aside from glutes and quads, Muay Thai also focuses on developing your core. In Muay Thai, a strong core is vital for unleashing powerful kicks while maintaining your balance. In another word, Muay Thai training not only improves your mobility and balance but also gives you a gorgeous six pack!

Unlike Boxing and Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) focuses much less on striking power. Instead, in BJJ, you have to stretch muscles and areas that are often ignored in your everyday life. As a result, your body becomes more flexible, fluid, and limber. Who WOULDN’T want to be more flexible?

Training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness and combining them will let you enjoy even more fitness benefits. While training, you’ll also build yourself a more complete and well rounded physique.

I’ll give you a great combo for FREE: Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Both martial arts complement each other well since both need and help you to improve flexibility and core strength.

2. Train multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness helps you develop an adaptable mindset

Training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness helps you strengthen your mind and overcome your fear

What’s more, training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness lets you enjoy the different mental benefits of different styles.

Boxing focuses on consistency and discipline more than any other martial arts. In Boxing, mastering a basic technique like a jab can require years of rigorous training. Because of this, Boxing teaches us that progress requires patience and discipline. Even during the dullest periods of your journey, you must have the patience and self-discipline to push yourself through. That is one of the key lessons of Boxing.

Muay Thai, on the other hand, teaches you how to be physically and mentally tough to blast through obstacles. For instance, to build rock hard legs, fighters must undergo intense conditioning drills to create microfractures in their shins. This forces the fractured bones to repair themselves and become denser than before. While their bones strengthen, the fighters themselves have to learn to overcome pain and fear of injury. As amateurs, you won’t need to go through such hardcore training. Still, there are many ways for Muay Thai to help you strengthen your mind to overcome your fear.

Training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness will allow you to learn different philosophies of different martial artsMeanwhile, BJJ’s philosophy is about yielding and adapting to external forces rather than opposing force with force. In grappling, smaller fighters can sometimes easily ‘overpower’ bigger fighters. This is because, in BJJ, you shouldn’t always try to overwhelm your opponents with strength and power. Instead, BJJ teaches you to be flexible so that you can use their strengths against them.

By training multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness, you’ll learn about different mindsets and when to change between them. For example, some situations would require you to be tough to meet a force head on. However, sometimes it’s better to be adaptable and yield to the opposing force.

3. You can pick whichever one you want to pursue

As mentioned above, some people find the sheer number of martial art options to be very confusing and intimidating. Besides, you have to sign up for a gym, buy training gears, etc. This makes learning martial art a huge mental and financial commitment. Not to mention, the martial art you pursue should suit your personality and your goal.

Therefore, instead of committing to one right away, why not try out multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness first? Trying out different martial arts will help you define your goals, passion, and path better.

You might try Muay Thai and realize you need to work on your core strength and overall balance. You might also try Boxing and realize that you prefer the BJJ philosophy more.

Regardless, learning multiple martial arts at PSB Fitness is good for you in many ways. It will clarify your expectation for each martial art and help you pick the best path. Not to mention, they’ll teach you important self defenses skills too!

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