Gym Equipment Rentals in Mississauga

Gym Equipment Rentals

Now Available at PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness now offers a gym equipment rentals program in Mississauga to assist members with developing good habits.  Maintaining an exercise routine is a key part of a healthy lifestyle.  The program allows members to borrow equipment to participate in virtual classes, maintain their routine, and reinforce good habits when a busy lifestyle makes going to the gym a burden.


What is PSB Fitness

PSB fitness is the premiere fitness center for students in Mississauga.  With 2 convenient locations within Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion and Davis campuses, the new fitness club is designed for busy students looking to improve both their body and mind by developing discipline through exercise, meditation, and martial arts.  Memberships begin at $70/month, and allows access to both PSB Fitness locations, Nutrition coaching, self defense classes, virtual classes and the gym equipment rentals program.

Gym Equipment Rentals in Mississauga

PSB Fitness offers a gym equipment rentals program, allowing members to take home equipment for a specified length of time.  The equipment loan program allows members to maintain their routine and reinforce good habits when a busy lifestyle interferes with their regular work out routine.

Equipment available with PSB Fitness

Equipment available for members to rent at no extra cost includes yoga mats, foam rollers, resistance bands, skipping gropes, light dumbbells and more.  PSB Fitness gym equipment rental program has been designed to allows members to participate fully in virtual classes when they are unable to attend in person.

This program is , currently available to members from the HMC location at no extra cost and ill soon be coming to Brampton’s Davis Campus.  The gym equipment rental program is just one of the exciting new features created by PSB Fitness to help our members improve their bodies and minds.


Benefits of Having a Routine

There are many benefits to building good habits and maintaining an exercise routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Now thanks to PSB Fitness, members can participate in the gym equipment rentals in Mississauga.  The loan program is designed to help maintain your fitness routine and habits by providing the tools you need to exercise at home when life gets in the way.

The having a healthy routine will help manage some of the issues we all struggle with, such as:

  • High Stress. Lacking a routine often means having to face the looming anxiety associated with procrastination.  Avoid having to think “when will I get it all done.”
  • Poor sleep. Without a daily routine in our personal and professional lives, we may constant be playing catch-up with your responsibilities. If you’re always behind on what should have been done the day before, you’re likely also staying awake worrying about what didn’t get done yesterday.
  • Poor Diet. Unhealthy eating (like eating lots of fast food) quickly becomes part of our routine if there isn’t time scheduled for meal planning and grocery shopping. Quick, unhealthy substitutes become the next best food option.  See PSB Fitness Nutrition Coaching for more.
  • Poor physical condition. Working out usually requires some advance planning.  We can overcome the challenges by sticking to an exercise routine, even when we can’t get to the gym, thanks to the equipment loan program.
  • Ineffective use of time. A lack of routine means you simply run out of time, leaving things to the last minute and ultimately uncompleted.

How to develop good habits

While achieving a health, active lifestyle may seem like an unattainable goal, the truth is that living well begins with a series of small, consistent positive actions.   Follow these tips to help set goals to live a healthy lifestyle:

Maintain your routine

  • Start small.
  • Set SMART goals, specific and measurable
  • Make a commitment
  • Get help from your community.
  • Take Small Steps first
  • Stick with it, 90 days to build a habit.



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The PSB Fitness Gym Equipment Rental Program offers members the tools they need to build and maintain good habits.  Never miss a work out again with the help of PSB Fitness, sign up for a free trial today!

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