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Introducing YogaPlus and meditation online sessions now offered at the new PSB fitness located at the HMC campus Mississauga. These sessions are available through the PSB fitness app when you signup. Through the app, members can access recorded videos and join live classes. So, no need to worry about driving to the gym. With the PSB fitness app, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. And thanks to the app, it makes accessing YogaPlus and mediation sessions easy and stress-free.

PSB offers a wide range of classes for every fitness level. So, if you are a beginner or pro, we have what you need.

Benefits of YogaPlus and Meditation

During this pandemic, it has been a struggle for most. Dealing with rules and wearing masks all day. Because of this, we can’t spend time with family and friends or go to our favorite restaurant. This has affected us negatively for months. But, not having to think about that for a few minutes helps improve your mind and body. Our online YogaPlus and meditation sessions are perfect for those that are looking to free their mind, as well as focus on their physical and mental state.


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About online YogaPlus and meditation

When you log into the PSB app, members search for either the meditation or YogaPlus sessions. Through professional instruction, trainers guide you through these sessions. For meditating, they suggest finding a comfortable, seated, or lying-down position. They would also suggest lighting your favorite candle or moving to a quiet room. Our instructors take you to a world of peace and freedom from negative thoughts with a calm voice and relaxing music.

YogaPlus adds most other elements of fitness to your workout. This includes weights, cardio, or circuit training. Instructors take you through each routine by showing the correct position and lifting techniques to avoid injury. So, we at PSB offer a range of meditation and yoga styles. The most popular being mindfulness and mantra meditation and Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

Is meditation and yoga for you?

  • Through meditation, you gain a new way of looking at stressful situations
  • Improve strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Reduce negative and harmful emotions
  • Control anxiety and stress
  • Increase attention span
  • Meditation can be practiced anywhere
  • Yoga can promote healthy eating habits and weight loss

Does YogaPlus or meditation sound like something that’s for you? Then sign up today for a free trial offer!

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Photo series of stay-at-home fitness during the lockdown in self-isolation.

What we offer

  • Experienced instructors

PSB has professional instructors that have years of experience in meditation and yoga.

  • Various yoga and meditation styles

With so many styles out there, we offer mindfulness, mantra, and spiritual meditation. For yoga, there is Vinyasa and Hatha.  So, this gives members choices depending on what their needs are. With these styles, you become more focused and aware, which helps with your mental state and strength.

YogaPlus online session
YogaPlus circuit fitness
  • Easy access

After registering with PSB fitness, members then download the mobile app. Members have full access to recorded videos and scheduled classes which they can watch at any time.

What have others been saying about the YogaPlus and meditation online sessions:

After a nice online YogaPlus session, I feel a balance in life, mind, and body (because sometimes it gets out of control, especially during COVID). This may be short-lived for now but eventually, I will be able to expand my mindfulness… hopefully!

“I used to think yoga was for hippies and bearded men who wear dresses. It wasn’t until I found out that yoga could solve my eating problem, that I decided to try it. I heard that self-control is like a muscle and could be strengthened through meditation. The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. I tried the yoga and weights combo. When I started the poses and transition to weights, it was intense. I thought I was going to pass out a few minutes in. Yoga takes practice but PSB has made me obsessed! Like a muscle, self-control can grow, but it can also be worn out. If self-control is like a cell phone battery, meditation is what charges it back up.”

Through YogaPlus, I was able to lose 10 pounds and I feel and look amazing- Melissa

YogaPlus weights

I love the online meditation sessions because I can focus on breathing instead of repeated thoughts that my mind loves to obsess over; no matter how foolish or how important these thoughts may be. So, I decided to sign up and I have no regrets. These sessions are easy to access and using the app is a snap. I can watch videos and practice meditating from anywhere. These virtual sessions allow me to have a few minutes to enjoy “peace of mind”. – Jack

More information:

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Interested? Get a one-week free trial on the app when you sign up with PSB fitness. Not a member, no problem. Sign up on the app and get a two-week free trial.

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