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About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness was founded by Jessie and Matt, Jessie has been a fitness trainer at GoodLife Fitness for seven years, and Matt is a certified personal trainer with five years of coaching experience. Our fitness centers are located in Mississauga and Brampton, both gym are very close together at Sheridan College’s HMC campus and Davis campus. We aim to provide students with the best fitness services at affordable prices. The concept of PSB is to Work for the grind anytime, anywhere. Customers provide the most professional service. Affordable Gym Mississauga and Brampton.


Why choose PSB Fitness?

PSB Fitness at Gym in Mississauga and Brampton provides customers with basic fitness equipment that can meet the needs of all customers, and these machines are very new and safe. We also provide customers with very professional fitness classes, The two most prestigious classes are yoga classes and dance classes, which are taught by the most professional instructors in the industry. The schedules of these classes are very flexible, no matter when you are free to exercise, you can find a suitable one the most important thing is that our courses are not only available in two gyms. We also provide good enough online courses, when you are on vacation or can not come to the gym in person, customers can also get great online courses. Exercise. The most important thing is that our home pricing is affordable so that customers can enjoy the highest quality fitness services at affordable prices is our constant purpose. Affordable Gym Mississauga and Brampton.


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Home workout tips

Today, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, many people are busy with work and study, and they spend rare rest time staying at home. Many people cannot go to the gym for various reasons, but lack of exercise for a long time will cause Let our body be in a sub-healthy state. If you want to change this, you can try the no-equipment fitness skills that PSB fitness brings to you at home.



Lie prone with elbows bent and supported on the ground, shoulders and elbow joints perpendicular to the ground, feet on the ground, body off the ground, trunk straight, head, shoulders, hips and ankles kept in the same plane, abdominal muscles retracted Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, lengthen your spine, keep your eyes on the ground, and keep breathing evenly. A group of 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds between each group, do about 6 groups in total, plank support exercises the muscles of the whole body, it is better to be able to persist for a long time.



From childhood to adulthood, we have done countless sit-ups. This exercise mainly exercises the abdominal muscles, especially the rectus abdominis, but it must be done in a standard way, otherwise it is easy to cause back injuries, and it will not be worth the loss. Lie on your back, put your legs together, lift your hands up, use your abdominal muscles to contract, swing your arms forward, quickly become a sitting position, continue to bend your upper body forward, touch your feet with both hands, and bow your head; then return to a sitting position, and so on.



The crunch can exercise the abdominal muscles, and the crunch cannot hurt the back, so we highly recommend this exercise. For simple crunches, you can do sit-ups, but you don’t have to get up with your whole body, you can go down by touching your ankles with your hands. Crunches can be tried for beginners who lack exercise and lack of waist and abdominal strength. After the waist and back strength is trained, they can practice sit-ups.

The Secret To Getting Good Grades

The Secret To Getting Good Grades

A 4 step guide to pass your class.

Everyone thinks that you must be the most intelligent person in the world to only get 100% marks but the secret to getting good grades is completely different. What if I told you that you don´t really need to be knowledgeable? It is all about time management. By following these 4 simple steps, I assure you that you will pass ALL your classes.

Reading Time: 4 min 1 sec

1. Get an agenda

I used to hate having an agenda as I believed that having an agenda only added more extra tasks to my day. However, it is the opposite. Once you see how much you really have to do and organize when to have your assignments ready; you will be able to fit more things you can do in a day. Once I had an agenda I noticed that my GPA increased dramatically! I started getting better grades just for completing my work on time.

Here are some agenda recommendations I have for you!:

  • The Happy Planner (My first agenda): This agenda helped me get my grades up dramatically, I got the small size and started slow but by midterms I felt like I did not have enough space and it was too small. It has a LOT of amazing and cute designs for all aesthetics.  Happy Planner
  •  The Home Edit Planner (My current agenda): It is the perfect size, comes with stickers and very organized, not too bulky but durable as well! I am loving this one so far. I got mine from Walmart and it is very cute. Home Edit Planner
  •  Life Planner Erin Condren: A friend of mine recommended this planner, I will try using it next semester! It is bulky but perfect for online classes as I don´t have to carry it around. It looks really professional! Life Planner
  •  Bullet Journaling: Before I started using agendas I tried bullet journaling however I feel like this takes too much time and dedication most college students do not have. However, if you enjoy journaling, writing, calligraphy and decorating; it could could help you relieve some stress and anxiety. Bullet journaling can be very relaxing, there are a lot of videos on youtube how to do it and different templates. Bullet Journal Setup

For IPad users, there are amazing planner apps and aesthetic online planners you can buy on Etsy. Many even include extracurricular stuff like water trackers, extra activities and mental health activities! Etsy Journals for Ipad

2. Be on time

This next step is easy, I dare to say, the easiest step. Go to class, that is one of the best tips I have for you. Being on time and going to class allows you for more study time and many questions are resolved during class. Secondly, most of the time the instructor will talk about your assignments and special implications. Take advantage to ask your questions! Those tiny details make a huge difference in your grades and could be what will save your whole assignment.

Not only you learn material just by listening to your class, but the professor will start recognizing you in class. I have a friend who is a professor and she mentioned that professors notice your commitment to your class. By actively listening and engaging with the class, you are showing how interested you are in getting good grades which will benefit your class performance. Many professors grade in-class activities and even give extra points for participation. Let your professor know that you are passionate about getting good grades and excelling in class.

3. Slate is your best friend

This is the greatest tool that is available for you! Slate is your new best friend that you have to check up on every day. First thing in the morning just log in: check your news, emails, updates and calendar to complete your daily tasks. Maybe you could even start tasks for the next day or next week as well! At first slate looks overwhelming and very hard to use, trust me I went through it. Try to familiarize yourself with the webpage.

All professors also post a section for course schedule where you get to see your due dates for EVERYTHING. This is usually posted under the table of contents in each classroom , in this section you can find course information and weekly outline to access all of the assignments, due dates and weight for the course. Take advantage of that and add it to your agenda. Most of these assignments are also posted in the calendar widget at the right bottom corner of your Slate dashboard as well!

If you want to contact someone from your class, you can go under: class(click your class widget to see the class menu)>Management>Classlist. Here you will find every member of your classroom including the instructor. Once you click the profile of someone you are looking to contact you are directed to an email. This way you can contact anyone in your classroom. This is very useful for group projects! Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor any question you have, you are encouraged to reach out and you are seen as a responsible student.

4. Breathe

Sometimes schoolwork can be overwhelming; you just have to breathe, take a break and take care of yourself.

Being in a good mental state helps a lot and more if you are in a clean space. Whenever finals come, my room is total CHAOS. I feel like real life clutter is also brain clutter moreover, cleaning your workspace helps clearing your mind as well. In conclusion, by removing any unnecessary items in your space, you clear all your own mind clutter. You can utilize tools that are available to you such as mental toys and fidget spinners and work out to release stress as well. (See: Reduce stress and get fit with YogaPlus at PSB).

Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated, eat well and sleep well! It helps your grades to be in a good mental state! If you ever feel overwhelmed remember that there are resources at Sheridan for you to use such as counseling services which can address; anxiety, stress, motivation, relationship issues, financial problems, homesickness, sexuality, depression, and many more issues. Access these counselling appointments are completely free for all Sheridan students! Click here-> Sheridan Counselling Services

Good luck students, you got this. Remember to take your time with adjusting and don´t stress if you don´t understand something. You can always email your professor or reach out to Sheridan tutoring or advisors! Take advantage of the tools that are available for you!

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Virtual Muay-Thai classes Brampton

Since March of 2020, the way we stay active is now completely different. College students were spending their time at the gym to practice martial arts to get a release. Now, they are spending all of their time confined in their bedrooms, expected to study, work out, relax and more. There is a new solution… It’s a new gym in Brampton that offers virtual Muay-Thai classes

Brampton’s PSB Fitness Gym 

A new gym opening at the Davis campus in Brampton, PBS Fitness is a brand new martial arts gym devoted to helping its members grow as individuals. Founded by 2 Sheridan Alumni, they are bringing their fitness expertise back to the Bruins family. 

Live Virtual Classes

To accommodate for the government-regulated restrictions, PSB Fitness offers Live Virtual Classes. In these virtual classes, members can train at home in their preferred martial art form while still being motivated by both the instructor and their classmates. Members can access the live virtual classes in two ways: through the members portal through the website and the PSBF smartphone app

gym instructor in virtual Muay-Thai classes Brampton

There will be no need to purchase any extra equipment for your home either. PSB Fitness offers an equipment loan program that will give each member the necessary tools to train as if they were at the studio. Once a member signs up with PSB Fitness while in lockdown, an employee will contact them to speak about what they would like to get out of their time with the gym. The employee will personalize a schedule that they see fit and recommend the proper equipment to take out for the time being. 


There are so many live virtual classes that PSB Fitness offers. Available classes include Zumba, yoga, pilates and three styles of martial arts. PSB Fitness offers differing times throughout the week for each class, both in the morning and at night. We value our members. We want to accommodate their ever-changing schedules. Click here to see a full list of virtual classes available and their times.

PSB offers three martial art styles to train their members including, Muay-Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing. Our staff is highly trained in each art form to give the purest iteration of the craft. Sounds appealing? Sign up, and enjoy the best of Brampton virtual Muay-Thai classes.


Women practicing Muay-ThaiMuay-Thai, also known as Thai Boxing is Thailand’s national sport and cultural martial art. It originated hundreds of years ago in the 14th century as a form of close combat where the entire body resembles munition.

Muay Thai is known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” because it uses eight points of contact on the body to imitate “weapons of war.” The hands became the sword and dagger. The shins and forearms were reinforced in preparation to serve as armour against strikes. The elbow is used to drop enemies like a mace or hammer. The legs and knees had become the axe and staff. When fighters are battling and attempting to spin an opponent to the ground, the knees and elbows are actively looking and checking for an opening in their opponent. The body works as a single entity.

Moral principles and self-discipline are in Muay-Thai as well. Muay-Thai also instills humility, self-confidence, and modesty in its practitioners. Muay-Thai is a ritualistic art form that integrates essential principles and lessons into its practice. For example, the fighter’s pre-competition homage dance is called Wai Kru. Wai Kru is a practice that shows a student paying respect to his or her instructor who supported them to become Muay-Thai fighters. The ceremony is a show of appreciation for the teacher, as well as the parents and relatives.

So, can you practice Muay-Thai through virtual classes?

Everyone has a unique situation while in lockdown but here is the simplest answer: Yes. As long as you have a 4ft-by-4ft area space where you can move around, you are all set to practice Muay-Thai in virtual classes. The lockdown will be only temporary.  PSB Fitness will be thrilled to welcome all of our members into our beautiful Brampton gym. 

Come and try out virtual Muay-Thai classes!