Relax, Socialize or Study: PSB Cafe.

Relax, Socialize or Study, PSB Cafe is where you want to be.

Are you looking for a Cafe to Relax, Socialize or Study? Well you need to look no further. Sheridan College is announcing the grand opening of its new PSB Café at its Sheridan College at the Davis Campus. The new location is conveniently located in Student Union building, a central and prime location for easy access by all students all over campus. Newly opened PSB Café is the place to be this summer, full of energy and luxury it is definitely a place to check out if you and your friends are looking for somewhere new to relax and have a good time at the heart of Sheridan College.



Cafe to hangout, relax and study at Sheridan College:

If you are looking for somewhere on campus to study relax or hangout with your fellow peers, you need to look no further. Sheridan College’s PSB Café offers a relaxing and inviting environment for you to sit back and do what you need to do to get through a hectic and busy school year. While you are here, try out one of our famous cold coffee beverages, perfect for those hot summer days or just as a morning pick me up any time of the year. PSB Café is the perfect place for you, with comfortable cubicles to sit in a group for a catch-up session or to work on a school assignment. The Café also offers comfortable individual seating areas featuring lounge chairs for anyone who just wants to curl up with a cup of our famous iced coffee and relax, Socialize or Study

Relax, Socialize or Study  Relax, Socialize or Study


Excellent Service!

PSB Café offers service straight to your table! Enjoy the luxury of placing your order and then going to sit down if you are planning to stay at the café, while our team of friendly and welcoming staff will bring you your order directly to your seats. This will not only improve on the overall quality of the order, but also improves the customer experience in our café drastically.



PSB Café also offers self service coffee making stations where you are able to come and make our own custom cup of coffee if you are in a hurry and are just stopping by for a quick cup of Joe! PSB Café’s overall goal is to combine efficiency and convenience for its customers. Creating a more seamless hassle-free experience for our customers because we know that the life of a student can be enough hassle as it is.

Cutting Edge Technology!

PSB Café is also introducing for the very first time at Sheridan College a fully functional self-service station. These self-service stations will allow customers to order on their own, instead of having to wait in line to make their orders. This is also going along with our mission of creating a more seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers, allowing us to keep up with current trends and allowing our customers to have a truly customizable experience. By using our self-service kiosks customers are able to not only save time but they are able to create and customize their orders to their own unique specifications. They are able to place that quick coffee order or create their own unique coffee of their dreams.

PSB Café also has its own App! Yes, you heard it right an app! In a continuous effort to increase customer satisfaction and experience we have now introduced an app to our services to help reduce wait times for orders and also provides the customization options to create your order as you would at the Café itself. The app also gives you access to our in-store promotions and coupons for the café as well. Currently our active promotion is that you will get a FREE drink with the purchase of 5 other drinks. The PSB app will track your orders and drinks and once you reach the 5th drink will automatically load a coupon directly onto the app to be used for your FREE drink.

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