Oxygen Supplementation Gym in Mississauga

you Oxygen supplementation training (hyperoxic training)

All of us breathe oxygen all the time and use more oxygen when we exercise. About 20% of the air your breath is oxygen, increasing this percentage of oxygen in the air will provide you many benefits. When we raise this amount of oxygen, it is called oxygen supplementation or hyperoxic. When people take more oxygen, they experience higher energy levels, sleep and quality of life. Oxygen supplementation training is not currently offered in Mississauga, however it can be found at the Sheridan College HMC campus

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the air allows your body to take in large amounts of oxygen for each of your breaths. As you exercise, your body uses more oxygen to provide energy for your body and while removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from your body. Oxygen levels in your body will drop as your exercise as it is used, causing you to breathe harder and more often to remove CO2 and get more oxygen into your body. Hyperoxic training will allow your body to get more oxygen more quickly and you will not get tired as easily.


Hyperoxic training has helped many athletes such as yourself in reaching exercise goals easily. You will be able to train much faster and at higher intensities each workout. So, you can improve your weightlifting, get to your exercise goals faster and get a much better-looking body quickly. You can impress your friend and family as you show them how fast you reached your goals. You will even see benefits in your cardiovascular health as you run or swim with ease. Combine this with a healthy diet and you will be looking muscular and fit in no time. There has been scientific studies conducted over the years that show that hyperoxic training can even get your heart to work more efficiently as you continue to use it. One of the places you can currently visit to try this is at PSB Fitness in Mississauga.

PSB Fitness offers Oxygen supplementation training

We are the only gym in Mississauga that offers hyperoxic training. You can find us at the Sheridan College HMC campus. At PSB fitness, we provide hyperoxic training along with personal trainers. We provide special hyperoxic training rooms as well as regular training rooms. Hyperoxic training rooms have additional oxygen pumped inside to increase the level of oxygen available. These rooms also include CO2 scrubbers that quickly remove any carbon dioxide that people breathe out. This allows for the air in the room to have a high concentrate of oxygen (50%), allowing you to train faster and better. Hyperoxic training rooms will include over 15 varieties of gym equipment which ranges from common exercise equipment ranging from dumbbells, bench press, exercise machines, cardio machines, and there will be foam rollers for post workout. Our experienced private trainers are here for you.


Not only do the workout rooms offer oxygen supplementation, but our yoga studios also offer oxygen supplementation for your maximum benefit. These rooms offer Zumba, meditation, mindfulness, cycling classes and many more. If you want a change of scenery, you can visit the outdoor areas which also offer yoga. All of these areas have flexible schedules, you can book ahead on our website.

Medical monitors are included which monitors your performance and overall health to ensure your best workout every time at PSB fitness. These monitors help in determining your performance and whether you are overexerting yourself. There are inhouse student nurses along with professional nurses that allow you to get medical treatment while meeting other students.







Indoor pools at PSB fitness offer fun swim and private swimming lessons. There are a few lanes set up for laps all the time for you to conveniently swim any time during opening hours. There will be lockers available for use at the pool and in the change rooms. You can find a separate smaller pool that offers hyperoxic training.


Other offers

When you aren’t exercise and want to improve outside of fitness, you can visit our seminars offer which work on your physical and mental development. Some of these courses include resistance training seminars, self-development seminars and mindfulness seminars. You will have a sense of boosted confidence and health which will help you with your family and career.


With our partnership with Sheridan, an accredited healthy living course allows Sheridan students to take an elective to learn about health living. Also, if you are a student at Sheridan studying to become a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you can apple to PSB fitness for a COOP opportunity. This way you can network, get paid and learn while working.


Our inhouse nutritionist can offer you customized food and exercised plans based on your physical health, hobbies and interests. This way you can enjoy your food while being healthy.


You can purchase our fitness wearables to track your health and your goal progress. With this information, your personal trainer can adjust your workout plan and your nutritionist can adjust meal plans based on your information.


Membership options

Premium O2 membership

Includes three 1-Hour sessions each week, with two weekly session with nutritionists. In this package, you will be provided a starter kit which includes a gym bag, water bottle, protein bars and healthy snacks.




Enhanced O2 membership

Two 1 hour sessions per week, and a weekly session with a nutritionist



O2 membership

One 1 hour session a week with a personal trainer

Monthly session with a nutritionist



You may purchase additional personal trainer sessions as needed. You may also purchase towel service for $2.99, you may pick up towels at the front desk. Virtual packages are available for you to learn virtually about different exercises, proper forms, nutrition and much more.

Our PSB shop offers shirts, supplements, protein powder, protein bars, Gatorade, and swag. Also, you may speak to our nutritionist regarding supplements and protein powders which are chosen and mixed based on your diet.


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