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Marvel's LogoThe Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest, most popular superhero franchise at the moment. Adapting comic books that have affected the lives of millions of children and making their dreams come true. To believe in sacrifice for the greater good and never giving up. And then MCU phase 4 changed everything.

It started off with the typical sequence of the heroes always win and never kill, even the bad guys. Which was okay, fun, hopeful and all that. But then, in real life, sometimes, the bad guys win, there is a lot of collateral damage always, and the heroes might start turning bad. Reality, and the fact that hard core Marvel fans are now not kids, helped them develop more mature, emotional movies and tv shows and it helped them explore multiple new ideas.MCU phase 4 first release

MCU phase 4 tackled multiple topics that people didn’t expect Marvel would. WandaVision, phase four’s first release, tackled grief, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier tackled racism, She-Hulk tackled some feminist issues, Ms. Marvel introduces a new Muslim, Pakistani- American Teenage superhero which tackles inclusivity, Moon Knight that is based in Egypt and tackles Egyptian mythology, and finally, Black Panther Wakanda Forever that tackles death and life.

As a hard-core Marvel fan, I believe Marvel has done a great job and made a great decision to dig deeper into the characters and storylines. I loved each and every release and maybe watched some stuff more than once. MCU phase 4 couldn’t have been better in my opinion. In spite all that, some people still didn’t like most of phase four. They didn’t feel comfortable with how personal and intimate some shows were, and how some movies didn’t have enough depth. Moreover, specifically with Thor Love and Thunder, I loved how they had some scenes that were very new and strange for a superhero movie and I loved the cinematography of it all, when there are a lot of people who hated specifically that.

Overall, people will always view art in their own objective point of view and according to their own personal experience. Marvel phase five is starting this year and I couldn’t be more excited for what to come. All Marvel movies and tv shows can be found on the Disney+ app and website here:

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End of the Black Panther franchise?

The future of Black panther seems uncertain with Director Ryan Coogler and Disney announcing their new live-action series “Kingdom of Wakanda”. It is set to be streamed on Disney+.

kingdom of wakanda black panther series
Marvel Studios

Ryan coogler announced a 5-year television deal between Walt Disney and his company. This collaboration will be working on Black Panther’s series “Kingdom of Wakanda”. His company Coogler’s Proximity Media has been c0-responsible for past movies. There are a lot of questions regarding the future of the franchise. The biggest question is who will be the new King in the series?

Is Black Panther 3 on the cards?

Ryan has expressed interest in directing the third installment of the film but feels that the franchise is currently a lot bigger than him. He couldn’t further comment as nothing is confirmed yet. Currently, his attention lies undivided on the series as doesn’t want to multitask with writing and direction.

Letitia Wright, lead star of Black Panther 2 said in an interview that a sequel is already in the planning but after a brief hiatus. This combined with the fact that the movie Wakanda forever ended with a message that read “Black panther will return” excites fans of the franchise.

In late October 2022, producer Nate Moore said that they were floating ideas around for the pipeline of a potential third film. Nate dint gives out other details as nothing is confirmed yet.
Marvel Studios put out a list of releases for the next 2-3 years, we won’t be seeing the next Black Panther movie for a while.

Will there be another new King in Black Panther 3?


Black Panther New movie
Marvel Studios

This is open to interpretation as it could mean that there could be a sequel with Letitia Wright in the lead. It could also be that late King T’Challa’s son Toussaint will take over as Black Panther. In a storyline like this, Letitia Wright who plays Shuri might remain the head of Wakanda.

One thing that fans can be sure of is that the makers would wrap things up with the third part. This will also put an end to a lot of unanswered questions about different characters and the storyline. We might see some of the newer characters making an appearance in the Disney+ series as well.


watch wakanda forever online
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Watch “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” now on Disney+ for 11.99$ per month or save on subscription costs by paying $119.99 per year.


By Nikhil Shenoy

A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast Review on The Lo-ki Raft

An Adventurers Guide to a Podcast Review

Heyyyyooooo! Welcome one and all to “From Adolescent to Adult: The Maturely Immature Adventures of a Polish Guy Named Pat.” On today’s adventure, it’s a bird… It’s a plane… No, it’s Pat’s way of introducing you all to one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe podcasts out on the web.


A Marvel of an Imagination

I’m sure we’ve all been there a few times before. A late-night hangout with some friends, some drinks, snacks, and out of the blue, you find yourself deep in conversation about a topic. You enjoyed yourself so much that the next thing you know hours have gone by.

That’s exactly what I feel like when listening to Rob and Cody on the Lo-Ki Podcast. The “less than expert but more than casual fan” as they like to say, review all kinds of cinematic material from the MCU. They begin their journey with the 2021 TV series on Disney+, Loki. That’s basically it, just two dudes sitting around talking about MCU stuff. It’s very lo-ki… Yes, I know what I did there. Sorry, not sorry.


“A fine day to you my super friends! I’m Rob and that’s Cody. And we’d like to welcome you to The Lo-Ki Raft, your slightly buoyant lifeline to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

– Rob, The Lo-Ki Podcast, various episodes.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast Review

Podcast Review

The chemistry between Rob and Cody is at the forefront during each episode. You can tell they are close friends. They poke fun at one another, finish each other’s sentences, and on occasion, make each other laugh hysterically… And it’s contagious. I honestly feel like I’m with them just shooting the **** while they discuss the movies. It’s not a play-by-play retelling of the movies but just two friends talking about what they thought of certain characters and some major points in the film/tv series.



There’s More than Marvel Cinematic Universe Stuff?

After the discussion, they have segments like, “The Raftees”. This is an award segment that gives out awards for both good and, what Rob likes to call, “hot steaming pile of dookie”, things of that episode’s topic of discussion. Bold predictions, where they use their more than average knowledge of the MCU to make some predictions about future upcoming MCU things. Deep dive, where they each pick one character from the film/tv-series and do a deep dive on them. They flesh out more details that the average person would not know. And finally, their ratings. Both Rob and Cody rate the episodes or movie out of 100. They keep a record of all their ratings so they, and us, know where each piece of content stands in relation to one another.


Easy Listening!

What’s good about these episodes is that they are really easy to follow and listen to. Most of the time I’m listening to them while driving or doing chores around the house. It’s not paramount that you listen to each second intently. You just have it on in the background as if you had music playing. It’s great!


The End of the Review

I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to the Lo-ki Podcast from their beginning days. Seeing them evolve into what they are now brings a huge smile to my face because Rob and Cody are not doing it for the money or for fame. The duo just wants to spread some MCU knowledge around and always hope that their content brings a smile to your face. The one thing that I am jealous of is the fact that you new listeners get to experience them from the very beginning and not have to wait week to week as I do. You can binge their entire 44-episode library, which gets an episode added weekly, in one go!

I’ve left a link to their podcast here so go check them out!

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